Oh god, what a dead blog! I'm genuinely regretful that I can't find time to stop by here, but what to do!? I travelled from Jakobstad to Sweden, spent a day at home and just got back from a trip to Gran Canaria with Vanessa. It was my first time there and I really understand why Swedes love the Canaries so much - it's relaxed, beautiful nature, warm, safe and people are so happy and friendly. I could actually imagine myself living there, and I don't get that feeling often.

Going to stick around in Sweden now until 13th of January, when I finally return to Debrecen for a few weeks. I'm quite distressed about not having a date for the neurology exam, I wish I could have taken it in September straight after practice... but I just couldn't!! I've been on Neptun (our online site for exam registration, etc) every day, but always miss out when they post new exam dates. So now I'm registered for peds and psychiatry, instead. Will also do those obligatory two weeks of gynaecology practice. So that will be gooood I hope. But damn, so hard to get an exam date for neurology....


Doc... M

We have moved! Today - Out of the ghetto into the city, at last. Into a tiny, very cosy studio appartment right across the swimmingpool complex. Yes to that!

Perhaps even lovelier news are... That I got promoted at work (not playing the Sims) for the first time in my life. The doctors felt as I have been doing well and that I'm ready to take more responsbility at the department... So during my last three weeks at pediatrics, I am now a doctor. In Finland final year students may apply for a license, which is the reason why Dennis and I visited the Finnish embassy in Budapest this summer. I was hired as a student/assistant at first as all other students at pediatrics here, so of course I'm very flattered that my colleagues have found me capable... :)))

I felt like nothing could wipe off my stupid smile on my walk home from work this Friday. Then some idiot around the corner set off a firework and my whole body jumped and I had to search my jacket for "entry wounds", I did stop smiling from that, haha...

This is the one single photo that I've taken this week, by Eleni's command.



Minus 8! Fabulous! Even when biking to work while it's not only snowy and windy but also completely dark he he. So life goes on over here and wow, time goes fast! 6th year will be over in no time :(

Got a trip booked over Christmas somewhere warm mmm and not too rainy I hope and thennnn after that it's already time to go back to Debrecen..!! I miss Debrecen so much!!! So really excited for that because probably some friends will be around there too.

Thinking about getting botox on the glabellar area. Actually tried to schedule an appointment in Stockholm but the days that have suited me (days when I will have to go to Stockholm for other purposes) so far haven't been avaliable HMMM... I'd like to try botox within a year at least but only performed by an experienced doctor...



Geeeez! I biked to the gym tonight which takes about five minutes and arrived with my nose all RED because it's minus 8 degrees C and humid and windy. My bike was covered in frost after just two hours. But damn I had a nice session and the gym was almost empty.

Should I share today's programme? I can share it. This would be "Saturday: back, squats, abs".
- 4, 6, 8, 8, 6, 7 pull ups
- 4 x 12 face pulls
- 4 x 10 pull downs with straight arms
- 2 x (4 x 10) single arm row
- 10, 6, 6, 4, 4, 3, 3 squats (20 - 55 kg's)
- 4 x 10 front squats with just the bar
- 3 x 30 plank/crunches with TRX

So today has been a chill day. I slept until noon because I've been so sleep deprived this week and had breakfast on the balcony because it was sunny and I haven't touched any sunshine since I came here, needless to say it was freezing haha... read some neuro, took selfies and took off to gym. Wowowow what a life!!!!! And check out my new PJ's!


All black ye

Starting pediatrics tomorrow! Looking forward to all those mysterious viruses. My favourite. Actually favourite. But buuu Dennis went to Sweden for a week. All alone HERE, for a WEEK! In other... all good.

Past week in exercise:
Mon: back, squats
Tue: shoulders, hamstrings, abs
Wed: abs, squats with empty bar, 45 min spinning (class)
Thu: restday
Fri: rest/daytrip with work
Sat: triceps, 30 min yoga, jumping lunges
Sun: squats with empty bar, 25 minutes running, abs



My supervisor has vacation today so I took a little sleep in. Gonna have a calm breakfast before I check out if I could possibly join in at the emergency department. Sunrise is happening at this moment, seems like we could get a sunny day today!?



What's up. I did not die yet, but I did move to Finland! Dennis and I are currently in Pietarsaari which is pretty far north and it's cold a-f and everything is expensive a-f. I will go to Debrecen in January to take some exams but my permanent residence will be here in Finland until May, minimum. So we moved out of our appartment on Poroszlay for good which feels saaad honestly and I will miss living there and the university life.

Moving out was really hard because Dennis had already left to Finland and I had a shit virus on and off and finally hard on for almost two weeks... and I had to leave so much clothes behind. Most of it I don't miss but there are a few items that I wish could have FITTED into my suitcase but it was... full... People laughed at me at the airport due to all the clothes that I was wearing and due to the fact that I could barely move my luggage anywhere. A psycho loon. I would have been ashamed of how I looked a couple of years back, but I could not care less and I felt badass for that, haha. Is that confidence or perspective?

So I have two more weeks left at psychiatry here until I start pediatrics and I really look forward to that because then we also change appartment from this one in the ghetto to one downtown.

Soooooo. Hi!


Really now

Today I dropped a book on my phone, which was conveniently lying on a table but sticking out just a little bit, and of course it was hit exactly on that outer edge, creating a catapult backwards which missed my classmate's face. And the screen broke. How many more screens this year??? Catapult??? Really Maria???

Last two days of practice and I'm still hungover since Monday night and I've got a virus and I had pancakes for dinner.



Hilarious weekend at the end of a miserable week. I was so stressed at practice... and sleep deprived. It was horrible. But on Friday we celerbrated Eleni and Saturday night was spent at Tieger's. Felt amazing to be surrounded by friends. Went running today, but I couldn't enter the arena due to an ongoing football game so I went to the stadium... and had to run holding my bag which was just... not convenient at all so I settled at 2,2 km. No problem bringing a bag to the arena but I can't leave it in the grass at the stadium. Still 2k is much better than nothing and altogether I walked + ran 8,7 km.


Shorter, just a bit

Close up pics of my hair. It got sunbleached a bit but I didn't dye it.

You piece of shit

My wallet got stolen today at the hospital, taken from my bag in the cupboard where us students keep our stuff. It was a fake Miu Miu that Dennis sister got for me in Vietnam with money for lunch, MAYBE as much as 4000 HUF inside if counting the coins (abt 130 SEK), a few receipts, my temporary student card and 10 pills of betamethasone for my food allergies. FFS I really liked my wallet. Hope you're feeling miserable every time you use my wallet and everytime you see me you piece of sad shit and mould of this earth.



Have you ever thought about how much dietary protein we waste on bodyhair. Must be ridiculous amounts, at least for someone like me ye. And I just watched it float away in the bathtub.

Can't believe that I still have readers, I love you. I deeply hope you were easedropping on my instagram since I've been posting there but couldn't find time for typing. Got a keyboard for my tablet today and gooooose it's so much nicer to type. Although I had to cut my nails down to be able to type properly as it is indeed very small. I also got it 50% off because the user manual was missing. Yeeeh.

One week of neurology practice has passed... coolio... I worked out 5/7 days, including a crossfit class with Vanessa (we are going back tomorrow)... Dennis finished his gynaecology practice + exam and left to Sweden today... and here I am all alone... postponing my studies just a little bit more for the sake of a hello-there blogpost.

Do you know what time it is - it's time for a good damn cup of peppermint tea.

xxxxx me last Friday after practice lololol


Et now

I left my dalmatian laptop in Sweden and can only blog from my tablet now, which isn't very convenient... but it works. How have you all been?

One day left now to the start of neurology practice - I'm excited and a bit scared, haha. I really hope that I can arrive on time, lay low and finish it punishment free. Yes neurology in Debrecen is that intense apparently.

Good things - was so cosy to have Matilda and Max over. Dennis and I visited the Finnish embassy in Budapest and got the documents ready aaand after almost two weeks of irrgular training I could finally go to gym yesterday. Yes that fits under good things haha.

Less good things - got food poisoned for the first time in my life which was... such an awful experience... that lasted just one day and not more. THANKFULLY I got rid of it quick... I swear that yoghurt is key... Sadly I got sick from food at Leroy so won't return to them anymore since this means they lack hygiene in their kitchen... Oh and I left my new mineralizer from MAC on the train home from Budapest. I realized it when was doing my make up and reached for it... you can't imagine how mad I got, but Dennis can :PPP

Pictures are coming up yay, I have so many and need to sort them through. HUGS.



I WAS IN CYPRUS. Oh my god, I'm in love. With Cyprus, greek food and Eleni's family. I can't express properly,  how happy I am that I was able to visit her this summer. Next up I'm hoping to see her in Sweden in the coming winter. I spent 6 days in Cyprus which was epic and perfect... and now I'm sitting in a taxi on my way to Debrecen... And Dennis!! Who thinks that I'm coming tomorrow haha. Matilda and Max are coming tomorrow however and my life is going to be epic for a few more days before I start my four week long neurology practice in Debrecen. Did I tell you that me and Dennis are moving to Finland in October? More about that later :) before I say bye I just want to share with you that Eleni jogged 4 km non-stop today, for the first time in her life and I'm so proud!!!!



Met up with Sarah and Jessica the other day and we went to the new waffle place by the Eskilstuna river. Very cosy to sit outdoors but the weather turned on us and we finally fled the field (went indoors) to escape the suicidal wasps. What is it with wasps in August...

Felt angry today, could you guess what I did... yees I went on a run. It began to rain but the air was so warm and nice mmm it was such a nice experience and I can't imagine how I would feel any better than I do right now.

A few shitty pics from my phone. I love this lipliner, "Oh Honey" by MAC, so flattering.



Back! Is the part that I dread the most during my workout week lately. At the same time back is what I'm best at, gym-wise, compared to myself with regard to other things that I do at the gym. Rowing is cholera... but I still have this relative excess definition posteriorly. Which I think is pretty cool haha :D see my triceps? Me neither, and I took this photo during last week's tricep-day, also the reason why I nowadays have a gym day each week totally focused on triceps.

Past week in exercise:
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: triceps, chest, butt
Thursday: rest
Friday: biceps, shoulders, legs quad-dominant, abs
Saturday: at home - pushups, shoulder press, 5,5 km run
Sunday: 10 km walk
Monday: triceps, deadlifts (PB 80 kg's! hehe), abs
Tuesday: at home - jumping split lunges, barbell bicep & brachialis curls

Lacking this past week: back, legs with hamstring focus, not enough chest exercises. Ajajaj :) tomorrow!


Hair goalz

Typing on my broken computer screen... broken how... broken á la black spots dalmatian style. I've been doing a lot these days and didn't manage to find so much time for sharing here, but now!

Neither did my hairdresser find any time for me until the next Monday, I've been waiting patiently for 1,5 weeks already to get my hair cut, but time goes so fast that we are almost there.

I've decided that I want to go even shorter. Yesyes, minus another 20 cm. YESSS. We'll see when I return to my long hair again. I can imagine that I will find short hair not only chic, but also very practical and possibly more fun to style. I've collected some girls at instagram that I follow, together they may represent my current hair goals. Dennis is excited for me, haha, he loved it when I cut it off last time.



Photos from a lovely Saturday evening. Now the weekend is already over - whaat! But I'm entering the last week of work for this summer. Feels nice. I have some fun planned these coming days too with a few friends that I'm looking forward to a lot. Going to bed xxx


5/6 weeks

Starting my 5th week at the Oncology Clinic. Aah, how little I knew five weeks ago! I was an egg, now a sticky chicken ready to dry. Is how I feel.

Had the beeeest workout after work today (triceps and butt) and got the beeessst news when I got home. Ahhh I'm having a beer and I'm going to sleep like a... peaceful sticky chicken. Some selfies from the bathroom at work and PEACE.



Pics from today. Wowowoow what a summery day! Utterly unusual here in Sweden unfortunately, so I took it as a sign not to study a single second. Mah-mah-mah. Yes because I'm planning to take the neurology final in two months... Help me.



Past week in exercise:
Fri - REST
Sat - home gym (hamstrings, butt, abs)
Sun - 6 km run, countryside
Mon - REST
Tue - gym (shoulders, abs, deadlifts)
Wed - gym (back, abs)
Thu - gym (chest, triceps, 6 km run on treadmill)
Fri - REST

Five workouts this week, quite sore at this moment and content with that. Lost gains, fear not - I have you back with me almost! OH any my PHONE is also back with me! It broke and I turned it in for service over a month ago... finallyyy.

Löv you

Aaa what a busy week. Very efficient but... days are just disappearing. Dennis has only been home for a week and is going to Debrecen tomorrow and now I won't see him again for 5 weeks... and then for another 5 weeks... ueek WHY. We will be together at times but 6th year is definitely going to be different... more about that later...



Where did the sun go? Typical now that Matilda and her boyfriend are visiting me in a few hours. Prognosis says that it's going to clear up soon, which I'd prefer for we will grill to the thrill of the dill.


Båven blues

Took some pics tonight starting out on our lot, but the sun went down... I was hesitant to continue on the other side of the lake for the sake of exposing my vanity... because all neighbors are in their houses right now... but I decided that I didn't care enough. The lake was at peace after the rainstorm that had just passed by and I felt like... a soft piece of cotton... nice and calm and fluffy, just rowing around by myself.

The bikini is from Sommer Swim and I was dying to get it all spring and summer hehe. Elle top and rayder bottoms in "ontario".