Oh dear!

The summer is coming to an end!? I finished my exams by the end of June, worked at the oncology ward in Eskilstuna for 5 weeks, spent some time with family and friends (and exercised of course ...) and now, at last, although I haven't been longing for it - there's only the Hungarian state examination left before I graduate and get my medical doctor degree. Ho-ly shit!

I have many goals for the coming year which is the main reason to why I've now bought a laptop. My tablet will no longer be enough, I have plans. Today I realised that I didn't stop by at my blog in ages... so if anyone is still out there reading, hi! And whoever implied in the comments that I have a(/multiple?) personality disorder, feel free to educate me further on the matter, how have you perceived me?

Once, when I messaged Leo taxi (airport shuttle service for students in Deb), and signed my message at the bottom, the driver showed up flashing a find-me-sign saying "SINCERELY MARIA".