Don't know HOW I'm going to learn enough for tomorrow's SCT in immunology.

Made Lecsó soup today, something very Hungarian. Soo simple and yummy! Cut fine pieces of an onion, fry together with sausage or bacon, and a little garlic. Meanwhile chop up and add about three pale paprikas, one red bell pepper and three tomatoes. Add salt, pepper and parsley. One dl of rice if you want. Let it cook under lid for 30 - 60 minutes. It will become a nice stew, add water if you want to make it into a soup.

While the soup was cooking I did a mini-workout here in the living room... it took 25 minutes.

6 x
- 10 push-ups (on knuckles)
- 20 sit-ups (jackknife)
- 15 air squats
- 20 lying leg lifts

I feel like I have more energy to squeeze in some knowledge into my head now... much worth the little time it took me. Sorryy I forgot to take a picture of the soup hahah. Doesn't it sound nice though!? Hey when I'm pumped I almost have visible abs!! Hopefully maybe by christmas they will stay visible all day...


SÅ många proov

Not sure how Microbiology went yesterday :O the test was pretty generous difficulty wise, but by now I've found like 6 - 7 mistakes already that I made!! The test was on 50 points so...

Today has been a Hungarian holiday = I slept until 2PM hehe. I read some Djingis Khan invading Persia (yees, bought all the books in the serie about Djinkis Khan by C. Iggulden) in the sun on the balcony... also I made some nice food and Dennis and I went to see Gravity at the cinema. Hmm I didn't like the movie too much, I guess it was OK.

Now... better start reading for the Immunology SCT that we have on Monday. Yikes it's about 250 pages to read :///


Best feeling

When you've been feeling pretty the whole day, and realise when you start to wash off your make up, that you didn't wear any mascara.

Like yesterday, I got ready to party very fast; washed off the mascara that I had worn during the day, and forgot to re-apply before I left the house. Didn't notice until I was back home showering. High fiiive.


Yesterday night was SUPPOSED to be home made dinner (Russian pancakes) and studying... Dinner there was, but then I ended up going to Sofie's place and later on downtown to Rouge... it's simply too demanding to study on a Friday night... not sure how Dennis manages to do that :D


Caught heheh

I got fined for not buying a bus ticket today. 3000 ft, at least wasn't more than that. Eleni and I were running late for Yoga (elective course) so we hopped on to a bus in the last second, and it was packed so I felt like it was too much of a hassle to fight through to the front. Also never once was my bus ticket ever controlled... so I was very surprised to get caught. Well well.

After Yoga I went to gym tonight. Pushed it, I was really tired towards the end. Feels great! :)
Pathology went fine by the way, I really overstudied for the exam. As for BST I think it went good too.

Now I'm going to "continue" studying microbiology for the SCT on Tuesday...

Photos from yesterday:


Ditt nöt!

Today I extracted coconut milk from a coconut, by hand. It took me 10 minutes to open it, with which I finally succeeded with the help of a hammer and a screwdriver. It then took me almost an hour to scrape all the meat out, and squeeze the juice out using a kitchen towel. I got about 1 dl of coconut milk from that, and a messed up kitchen.

At first I felt like this about it:

Then I tasted the food that I made... my first chicken with green curry. OMG. WORTH IT.



So, I studied like 30% of what I planned for this weekend. Hopefully still enough for my pathology SCT on Tuesday, and BST SCT on Wednesday :S

I woke up extreeemely late today, around 2PM. Slept like a log, as we say in Sweden... I think it's because I went to gym on Friday, then unexpectedly to some Brazilian house party with Maria and Eleni, and then to gym again the following morning with Eleni and Bendy. Yes because we decided a long time ago that we should go on Saturday morning. Needless to say I'm still quite sore... what a great weekend though! Friday evening was truly an adventure.

The weather has been amazing this weekend with sunlight and temperatures above 20 degrees C! Dennis and I checked out the botanical garden next to the University this afternoon and it was very beautiful, with the colourful autumn leaves and then the sunset.


Lame hardship

I think that it's sooo hard to take a nice photo at the gym. Firstly it's embarrassing and secondly the gym lighting is very, very pro strange shadows. Also I never bring my phone into the gym unless I need it as timer/stopwatch.

M: Can you help me take a picture?
D: OK.

This was the result (HAHA).



A long day without coffee, until I had coffee this afternoon with a friend and I suddenly felt very smart afterwards... although so far I haven't studied since I got home.

Dennis and I had lunch at the Korean restaurant today and it was sooo good. Some days the food is amazing there, but occasionally that restaurant has pretty poor days too. How come!? Just now I had Vietnamese pork-something that Dennis made for dinner, it was quite nice too...


Pics from last weekend

I know, I'm late with the pics, but here is a summary of my previous weekend. The five of us went to Budapest Fri - Sat! Loooved Budapest, it's now in my top 3 favourite cities :D (Paris, St. Petersburg, Budapest). Sunday Matilda and I met up with Bendy for dinner at Melange. We shared a Zombie 1956.. lol. Try it if you dare...

The last two pics are from Tuesday evening when we celerbrated Woo Sung's birthday at Obester. Dennis got stomach sick... and still is =( he ate some chicken leg thing. We think it's a light salmonella infection...



PMS; very prevalent today...

STOP! If you are a guy reading - PMS does not equal menstrual period. OK? PMS stands for "premenstrual syndrome" and occurs 5 - 1 days BEFORE the menstrual period. It has nothing to do with pain, blood or nastiness as such. Thus, a girl declaring PMS is not providing you with "too much information". Perhaps information that could be rather useful.

PMS is such a strange thing... me, I can really feel it. I sense it like it's not a real part of me... but something inside me that takes control. Like some sort of animal. It almost itches.

Yesterday I looked at Dennis and thought that he was beautiful and started sobbing. Yes, just because I thought he was beautiful. Right now my neighbors are singing some sort of kareoke and I'm trying to upload pictures from the past week... the mouse is double-clicking constantly and internet is acting super slow too. All of this is VERY annoying. How disturbing...