Tick tox

Alas, here is a moment I cannot miss out on. I'm off from work today, currently on the train on my way home from Helsinki. I've applied for a Visa to Russia yehyeh, hopefully travelling to visit my grandmother and other close relatives in April. Sooo looking forward to it... Nothing can go wrong with the application pretty pleeease.

Shopped for a tiny bit of makeup too hihi. Wow Helsinki is amazing for makeup, but crazy expensive.

I'm legit exhausted, have been up since 4AM. It takes 4 hours to go from Jakobstad to Helsinki. Sweet dreams on me. Tomorrow back to work. The photo of me and Dennis between streets of Helsinki, is from last week.



Lone no more! <3 Life and work goes on over here. And gym of course, duh. Today I worked my first extra-shift at the emergency after my standard working day at the cardiology department. Total 8.00 - 21.30. I need the experience, but working over 12 hours like that is not worth the money... How do some people live their life continuously like this? That is the question.