Ohh I met up with some of the girls in Stockholm! Now we won't see eachother again for four months huhuu...

Before I went home today I did a little shopping too..! Wiaa! Just a couple of tops, the majority have candy colours. Feels great.

We had drinks last night. I didn't share this with you I think, but I'm very hooked on eating ice... yeahhh...  I always make ice at home so I can eat it. And that ice in those drinks - daym. I dream about an ice crushing device and lots of lime and raspberries...

I liked my hair today heheh... dutch braids and a side bun. Did not buy this top.


Les Miserables

Privet. You keep coming here and I keep posting nothing... sorry.

I was in Uppsala Friday - Sunday with Matilda, we visited Bazyl. The three of us are close friends from High School and they are both still two of my very best friends. It was great seeing you guyssss you are wonderful people <3 I wish I had not got sick... whyyy such a horrible timing. We played some games, went to Cinema and that kind of stuff. We were all in a party mood but.... UGHH it's just typical me getting sick...



I'm at the "summer place" on the Swedish countryside and this week my cousin is over with his family, from Russia. His son Serafim is crazy cute... makes me want to have one of my own hahah. But believe me I'm not hitting there for AT LEAST five years.

Tomorrow evening I'm going back to tuna town to see Dennis and on Friday I'm going to visit Bazyl in Uppsala with Matilda and perhaps Dennis shall join too.

It's amazing being back home with my family!!


New jeans

Finally found the pair of gray jeans that I've been looking for!

I know my bum and legs are skinny, I lost almost 2 kg's in the last two weeks in Debrecen because of the anatomy exam :S



I realized that I've been awake since 12.30... noon... yesterday. That's almost 32 hours and a personal record by far.

I don't feel extremely fatigued at the moment, but I've had enough proof throughout the day that I am. Very tired. I was going to the train station by bike and I thought that I know Debrecen well enough to delineate and course through a spontaneous shortcut. This was a mistake, because the weather was lousy (micro rain and cold wind) and the shortcut added more than an hour to my speedy trip.

I tried to open the entrance door to Forum at the end where the door is anchored to the walls... for several seconds before I understood... and then I ordered a BigMac at Burger King. Hahaa... and I looked at myself in the mirror... Yes, this person did not sleep. But then I bought liquor at Interspar and the lady almost refused selling it to me because she thought I was not yet 18. Thank you random girl that found my birth date on my student card! So that's not a bad thing... now I know what I can do to appear 3 years younger.

Now look at this pile of paper:

It is old school material. I recycled all of it today. Hell YEAH. At least 5 kg's. Imagine if everyone were recycling their papers and plastics... metals... what a great difference it would do!!

Also, why did I go to the train station? That's because I passed my anatomy. Wohooo. I got the grade 3 (satisfactory) so I feel fine. Actually no I feel great!

And there is a lot of snow in Sweden!!!! See you tomorrow <3



Dennis went home last night and I feel extremely lonely.

Studystudystudy. Makes me sick.

And an entire door-list fell down... on me. A three-part door-list that surrounds a door opening. I like my landlord(s) but when I messaged them with a photo they replied that they don't believe that a list falls down "by itself"... they "don't know what we are doing in the apartment". Actually I think that if a list falls down just after that you've walked in its proximity you are not guilty of damaging property. And this is the third time parts of it have fallen down since we moved here, and this time it even hit someone. I'm lucky it didn't hit my head! I informed them about it as soon as it happened and in a nice way but I got an answer where they are insinuating that Dennis and I are hooligans or something? Then a "please take care of the apartment", but not a word about how it was good that no one got injured, or anything like that.

What a horrible day.

And I'm hungry as hell. Chicken in the oven... at least it smells nice now.

Will I be home too, when I wake up, in the coming Friday?

Tomorrow I'm going to the University, to get a signature, buy my B-chance and sell a couple of books from last semester to some girl...

Something, please cheer me up... I just feel like crying.


Not today

I passed the histology with a 4/5, but failed the anatomy theoretical exam. Dayym! Lazy me! I ended up being short of time to cover all the material so I had to choose on leaving out either the topics on the heart or those containing the development of the urogenital system... I studied the heart. So I knew I had a 25% chance to pick a urogenital topic, but it was too late to deregister or anything like that so I just gave luck a chance. But then I got the prostate and the seminal vesicle. Baahh... so I failed. Fair enough. But I'm confident that I will have time to cover the last material now before my B-chance that I will take in the coming week. This will be my first B-chance :S

My plan was to go to the gym after the exam today but I feel like I've caugt some virus... sometimes when I don't sleep properly I do get that feeling... so maybe if I get a good night sleep I won't have developed a state of disease tomorrow? That would mean me = straight to the gym!



Call me a chicken but I decided to change my exam date to the 10th heheh...



Happy Birthday to me on the 6th of January. Today is Christmas day in Russia and the "epiphany" holiday in Sweden... now I'm close to 0% religious, but somehow it still makes me feel special... I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes. Especially my aunt and grandmother that called me from Russia. Love to everybody.

Every year my birthday has been a relaxing holiday, perhaps a luxury many of us do not get to have for a birthday... well nevertheless, such is not the case today. My father said that I will remember this birthday as the birthday when I studied for my anatomy finals. Haha, it is ture... but I will also remember that I was healthy, young, lucky, happy... I will complete this part of my education and go home to see my family.



Mmh my body feels good... I really needed those 90 minutes at the gym. Sitting down and studying all day makes me ill. By the way could someone please send me a parcel of motivation? Or more like 10 of them... I'm trying... must try harder.......


Girls day lunch

Today I met up with Eleni Bendy Diana and Viola for lunch. We could probably jabber for an eternity had we not been in the middle of an exam period... I hope we can do something together again when we're all back in Debrecen <3

Lunch at Calico Jack a.k.a. "the pirate ship". And me going there... Food was OK. 


Why do we have to go through this!!!?!??!

Ughhh. One second I'm super motivated but the other I just want to drop eveything and do WHATEVER besides studying. Anatomy, histology, embryology. I'm sitting here to put together the pieces, basically learning all the components of a healthy human body... and even though this is what I want to do, I feel like I'm wasting my life... because I dont want to be here, I want to be at home with my family and friends... to relax, have fun and eat good food. That's exactly why I have to suck it up an finish as soon as possible so I can go home on the 11th. I hate studying.


Winter gradient nails

China glaze for audrey, Inglot 969, L'oreal snowinmegeve  - and make up sponge!
Frenchi nail hardener base coat, Seche vite dry fast top coat

Happy new year!!

My new year's eve was really nice =) we managed to reserve a table at a restaurant in the last minute. After the dinner we went to our (my) place to play some games and have snacks. We ended up almost running downtown to get to see the fireworks... it was hard to get hold of a taxi!! The fireworks in Debrecen were great :D worth to mention is that we have a high school friend over from Sweden, Drevin flew here the other day and he is staying with Woosung.

Love you :*