Ohhh I love being back in Hungary, I love everything about it. Kind of had a shitty day due to personal issues but temperature has been over 20, lots of sun and yesterday I finally saw Bendy and Eleni over dinner and drinks. Missed them so so soo much. And finally I can wear my new denim jacket, can you guess how long I've been waiting for thease days...

Tomorrow I have to turn in my lecture book at the neurology department, again, and get that signature so that I can take the neurology exam... next week... eeek.


Because it's time to study


We're at our last days here in Jakobstad right now, and we finally had the last bit of snow for a while, I deeply hope so. Leaving this place with experience, paleness, money, and satiety for cardiology. Infection and oncology is taking the lead for options, I also like emergency medicine and surgery... But the lifestyle.. Not sure! Probably exhausting in a more physical way. Will I find a specialty which feels 100%?

What else? Moscow was lovely, and cold, and gorgeous. City centre is soooo beautiful, unfortunately not so much on the outskirts. Saw most of my relatives there which I'm really thankful for. Want to go back soon again.

What else? Dennis is the best. Except for when we argue, I'm the best no protest.

I am so, so, so excited to go back to Debrecen in a few weeks. Friends, CLIMATE, a life basically haha.