Lazy day / thoughts / whatever

It's a problem that the gym is so close to home now, biking there barely takes more time than walking, this makes me feel like I want to go to the gym every day. So today I didn't go because I wanted to study and I retrospect, I feel very lazy about it. Since last year I've kept an every second day rythm to it, but it seem as I have excess willpower to upgrade that... probably to 4 - 5 - 6 days a week... wish I wouldn't have to wash my hair after every workout... even worse is that I have to eat more in order to not lose weight...

In the autopsy room there was an old man who had died due to liver cirrosis, because he was an alcoholic. Even though the alcohol killed him, he had been drinking almost exclusively red wine, and his aorta was free of atherosclerotic plaques...

So I don't drink alcohol very often but I'm thinking that it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a glass of red wine now and then...

Marianna and I, last Friday:



I didn't make a single post last week, probably because I had a agffb##&h-GOOD week. School was fun and interesting, had dinner with Bendy and Eleni, went to gym on three occasions, went swimming with Julian, went clubbing on Friday night and on a trip to Budapest on Saturday with Eleni and Marianna. Geesh I feel like I will never forget that day, that's how crazy-weird-fun it was. Needless to say, energy is still lacking over here. Today is a study-day, I'm going to try and catch up with clinical physiology (ECG) and read some microbiology before the upcoming test.



What a perfect Sunday. Dennis and I walked downtown in the sunshine, it was about 13 degrees C and loovely. I got him a birthday present (football shoes) and bought a new eyeliner from Lancome since my old one seems to have fallen out of my pocket in the airplane... pricy loss...

Then we walked to the gym, I'm now a member at Cutler, and today's session was great! The gym wasn't very crowded so I played around a bit in the crossfit room. Like it!!



TA-DA Maria! Apparently three semesters of the mandatory Physical Education elective course is enough, and so I have now completed it. This means that I'm free to go to any gym that I wish from this semester! Dennis already bought a 3-month membership at Cutler and I'm considering to do the same...

Tried Cutler out two days ago... the gym is quite new and probably the cheapest option this semester. I don't feel 100% satisfied with the standard of the machines though as almost all are second-hand and not in their best condition... but they do have a lot more stuff than Active Fitness... although there's so much stuff that it's very tight in there... hmm...

March, April, May... then I can decide to go for workout outdoors or another month of membership which will equal the price of one semester at Active Fitness... yes... sorry Active :P

Pic from the exam period in December. Since then I lost 1,5 kg due to virus and laziness. Grrr.

Head mask spa-night

Home-spa evening. Made a hair mask out of honey, cold pressed coconut oil and olive oil. Also a facial mask, minus the olive oil. I'm gonna be glooowing.

The mask will stay in my hair for about 4 - 5 hours to get a little effect from the peroxide in the honey which will lighten the hair a bit. In my opinion it takes at least four treatments for a noticable lightening. Why not just buy lightening hair dye!? Because I only want to lighten my hair a little bit, and that shiet too strong and poisonous and I could impossibly cover my entire hair in dye and wash it out without over-bleaching the parts that got covered in dye first. After all, this hair mask is nourishing, too.

Back before, I tried washing hair masks out with conditioner and hot water, but it took time indeed and at least two washes. By now I've found shampoo (and conditioner) from Alverde that I love!! Most ingredients are from certified organic agriculture and natural essential oils :) most importantly - free of silicones and parabens. I've used their products for over a year now.

Valentine's day

Dennis and I stayed in bed all afternoon/night cuddling and watching movies. Haha :D so far I've "wasted" this whole Saturday by doing nothing, so I'm going to take a trip to the supermarket and buy some yeast, and make pancakes before Dennis returns home from his football (soccer) practice hihi



Just now my mom left with work to Gothenburg and I miss her so much mamaaaaa :'( I'm off to Debrecen tomorrow morning. I'm hoping to be able to pay a visit at home around easter!!


What was supposed to be a meet-up with Matilda and Bazyl turned out to be a small high-school party at my parent's appartment. Most of my best friends from high school made it there :D LOVE TO YOU ALL.


Application noobie

Went to the "big" regional hospital today to drop my CV. People were very complaisant and said things like "this is so nice, we will contact you" and "see you in summer"... wow I really really wish that I could get a job at one of the surgical departments, or at the lab. Please consider me I'm a good kid!!



Down at 37,2 and muuuuch better. You probably aren't interested in the weather here as I am, but it was gorgeous! The sky was clear until about 3 PM when clouds started appearing right above the tree tops, they then descended bit by bit until everything was covered in fog :D or clouds :D while the sun was up though the heat was so intense that everything began to melt!?

I'm up late updating my CV in case that would take me somewhere for the summer. It's a "problem" however, that we have to do as much as three weeks of summer practice in Internal Medicine...

Starting to miss Dennis a lot... haven't seen him since the day we got back home. But we talk every day <3



At the moment my bodytemp is at 38,3. I got quite sick yesterday and haven't hit the summit yet... damn you virus. Everything aching. At least I have some pie (forest berries) left, I made it the other day. Excellent pie, with whipped cream. That's some real medication.


Coffee and chocolate and gossip quality time with the best friend you haven't met in three months!

Stockholm was windy and COLD and awesome :) well seeing Matilda was awesome. I stopped by Karolinska Institutet and joined her for a lecture in Pharmacology, then we shopped for some groceries and made a nice dinner at her house (appartment which she shares with two of her classmates at Lidingö). We had moose steak, oh it was sooo good. Frozen fresh hunted in the forest. Still steak. We had a sleep-in on Thursday morning and went to the Swedish Museum of Natural History to check out their stuffs. Watched a movie about "giants of the ice age" too haha :D Nerd love. I LOVE Nature museums.

I went to the gym this morning with my father and I'm weaker but working out felt really good. Since then we got about 15 cm of snow and by now I'm at the countryside... this means taking winter photos tomorrow with my shitty camera. Yay! :D