Nourishment of das weekend

1. "Joloff", a west African rice dish where the rice is basically cooked on tomatosause, ginger and garlic. It is sooo good!! Bendy came over this Friday and taught me how to cook it. I need to buy a blender and a big pot with a lid to make it my self.
2. World's most perfect avocado!? - which I ATE. Moahaha.
3. Beef and vegetables by Dennis and I today!



KA-SPLASH, half of a face lying on the dissection table (half)face up. I've studied anatomy for six months but I'm still weird with these new versions of dismembered body parts...

Now: hitting the gym YEAHH


New camera

Maybe you guys noticed that there are pictures here again, hehe! I bought a new camera. For me a simple compact camera is the most convenient... it's easy to transport and I don't really have a need for extravagant picture quality. I've had experience with Nikon, Samsung and Canon and my old Nikon was the best by far, even with lower resolution, optical zoom, etcetc(stuff-I-don't-know), so I returned to Nikon. Good choice so far, and raspberry coloured of course hihiii.


Here and there there's some very cozy, small streets in Debrecen; today I tried this one on my way to school from a restaurant. I love exploring pretty places!! Especially big gardens or cozy streets like this one... I could do it forever in a nice weather. Of course I had class so I didn't have time for more than one =(

Today I wore my pink cardigan, I bought it in Sweden... my first in many years. I like it!!



Today they had 50% off at Melange so of course we ran there immediately after our last class. I ordered duck with mashed potatoes and co., oh it was insanely good! I've worn my hair in a side bun today and I like it a lot, have to do it more often...



Is it a dog or a guinea pig? NO it's my physiology book which I've borrowed from the school library. I am apparently allergic to it. Everytime I read out of it I feel like there's a pet in the room. Awkward...


To da gym

Eyy on a main street in Debrecen; semi-shady, asketh thou me. No streetlights at night on this side of the road. Take a right turn there and you'll have INTERSPAR (big supermarket) and Active Fitness. That's where we do our stufff.

A few

Yesterday was hilarious, partying with the Norwegian girls, thanks to everyone for a great evening! Basically we were at a Norwegian's house at first and went out dancing just after midnight. Everyone were really having great fun now before school tunes up, the atmosphere was just so pleasant and joyful and dancefloors utterly packed. Definitely one of my better nights out here in Debrecen!

But (there's a but...) I'm going crazy right now after I've seen my ear in the mirror... my piercing has gotten worse again. Almost as bad as when it was at its worst... this is so saddening. I don't know if it got worse because of the alcohol yesterday or because I got hit on my ear or whatever, it doesn't really matter because altogether my body does not like my stud in there at all. I've been fighting the infection for two weeks now... so just ten minutes ago I actually took it out.

Veery dissapointed. I see so many having helix piercings just fine, I don't understand why it shouln't work for me too... Huhu. I don't know but after two weeks now I just feel like it's a health risk to keep it.

Ehm by the way one of my neighbors is having some sort of kick-ass-huge party right now, 12 at noon. Sounds like they're going to fall through the ceiling any minute now hahah. "Why not, why not."


Some weather :(

Rain all day WINDY and 10 degrees. Nooo! From 27 to 10 in 24 hours and the prognosis... summer is gone.

My hair is growing really long! I was supposed to have it trimmed but then this infection struck my ear so I can't go to the hairdresser for a while. Meanwhile I'm wearing my hair up or to the side 24/7 which is very convenient for school but I'd like some variation too... The infection itself is so and so, going up and down sort of, well how frustrating for a semi-hypochondriac like me!

At least it's FRIDAY already; I only have one class on Fridays which is a Histology practical. M, T, W are not quite as generous (8-18);
Conclusion [Friday] = deserve.



Work out. Ahh. Today I finally bought a gym card for the semester. An hour at the gym felt sooo good! Since I got here I have not been able to keep my 5 days a week schedule... last week I did 3 at the outdoor arena above; gym and running; however not approved! I did this and that got sick did that; lost probably 10 days of proper exercise. Starting my pattern over right now!

I have to say this day was exhausting. I was in school from 8 to 18 and could not have lunch until 15.40 before the biochemistry lecture (at 16). Bo-hoo! Apparently most of us 2nd years suffer from these kind of Tuesdays... sigh. I'm going to sleep now but just before I do that I have to learn 20 words in Hungarian for tomorrow hahah.


The salt

- Heyy wait don't forget the salt!
- Ah yes the salt!

For what then followed I've made a poem.

She grabs the salt
in front of her in halt,
and sprinkles the salt
on her hand.

The salt makes a vault
but the salt has a fault,
the salt wets her hand,
the salt is tequila.


Magyaros pizza

Below is me and Dennis from yesterday. Fun!! But I've caught a cold... School start = viral heaven. Ugh. So today I stay in and order pizza heheheh.


At moment

Going out tonight but don't know what to wear HMMM. I don't like wearing dresses or skirts for dancing, it's a comfort aspect and I don't like thinking about my clothes at all when I'm out, especially not out of comfort aspect..! But then when I see other girls out, wearing dresses, EVERY TIME I'll be thinking so why didn't I wear a dress but then ehhh all my dresses are either very short or very figure-hugging, or both for that matter so again it's not comfortablöö for DANCING. But THEN these girls are also wearing short/tight dresses, so what is the difference WELL the difference be my figure (a compliment that I give myself) which hinders me from going out in tight dresses because me I become too...!?! I'm not comfortable being whatever is that in an environment such as a club. I commonly end up wearing some sort of pants with a short top (for many reasons) but for one thing I don't feel like it at all today and for another it is too hot in Hungary to dance in pants at all! Sweat-disaster I say!

When I think of it I never have clothes for "going out" and always end up going semi-unsatisfied OH but what a surprise Maria maybe it's because you never buy any of this as you sort of never go out in the sense of "going out" HMMM.


Stop by

This is one of the things that I love the most about living in south-eastern Europe - random fruit and vegetable shops! And the crops are sooo much tastier than in Sweden where they are imported unripen and left to ripe in the stores!! This little shop is right between home and the University, I stop by a few times every week :D

Today we had 30 degrees Celcius in the shadow, veery nice!


Nag not swag

Back in Hungary since yesterday! But not quite happy... my cartilage piercing has become infected, now two weeks after I made it. Honestly I regret having it at the moment and I would just take it out (spontaneously feels like the right thing to do?) had it not been that every hit on the net states "DO NOT TAKE IT OUT".

In Debrecen it seems to be possible to see a doctor just like that, if you have a European Health Insurance card. You just have to know where to go and once there, stand in line... No registration, not anything, just find out who is the last person before you in the line and wait for your turn. Being used to the system in Sweden I find this quite peculiar, but today I'm very grateful. Thank you to my landlord and his son that helped me with everything today.

To any student in Debrecen who will ever need to visit a pharmacy after 18.00 or during the weekend; there is one which is NYITVA every day until 22.00, right next to the yellow church! This took me quite a while (and a sweaty bike adventure) to find out today... hahah.

Altogether I'm in a good mood. No party for me this weekend but hopefully in the next..! I cooked a nice dinner this evening and me and Dennis just finished a movie. Lovely!



Had a nice one night stay in Uppsala with some of my goodest friends! Today I also met up with two of my Russian buddies here and we had a "fika". Now I have to buy a sponge for my nails because Valerija wore a gorgeous multi-gradient nail design :3
I ACTUALLY I don't have a sponge. Don't tell me I already have plenty of nail stuff!!



Voici moi 15 years old. Aww... But what is up with my tan, give it back to me! Puberty melanin rush or just some nice weather? No abroad, no tanningis artificialis, but July in Sweden...

And this year!!

Comment #2 (extensive...)

Five things that increase and/or decrease my interest in a male.
- Was my promised (click) setup, on request; however this was too hard to complete.

Overall, my things of importance ratio looks someting like:
Genetics -
I prefer dark hair, fair or lightly dark skin, any eyecolour is charming... Athletic! Preferably taller than me. I investigate the slope of the shoulders, chest structure, posture, hands, nails, hair density, thighs, butt, eyesight... Facially, for common phenotype, generally north/east European (Hungarians included heheh) and Asian appeal to me.
(My boyfriend is Asian [<3]) .

I made a nice collage for you displaying some handsome celebrities of my preference.

Choice of lifestyle -
I want him to have a healthy lifestyle, as I do... He should be muscular and slim (fatless), this is very important! If a guy doesn't even have muscular legs I wonder, what is his excuse not to exercise at all!? Work-out or sports as a major interest is nice but being profoundly interested in anything at all is (usually) attractive because it reflects intellect and curiosity. It is a plus to be all-round educated and interested in literature.

I dislike: Bitten nails. Long beard. Tattoos... 95% of all tattoos are horrible. Some tattoos are nice, but in my opinion any skin is more beautiful without tattoos. Tobacco, a guy has to be pretty flawlessly amazing to catch my interest despite a revealed tobacco usage. But it's not impossible... Cigarettes tops it, here you may (re-)read my opinion concerning smokers (click).
A hobby that doesn't really attract me could be... playing in a band? Please do if you love music, that is great, but personally I'm a bit indifferent to it. Computer games for an interest is very unattractive.

Personality and character -
I'm open for many personalities, I have almost no specific requests. Still personality earns 30% (I would give personality 100% if it was mathematically possible) because it is vital and an absolute demand that he is good-hearted, responsible and trustworthy -  should he ever become more than a beautiful object to me. Oh but in that case he must be intelligent, too...

To any guy that reads this! These are just MY personal opinions and tons of girls disagree with me on many points here. I know that many reading this may think that I am vain and shallow. This is a summary of what I prefer and there are always exceptions and I don't expect any person to live up to ALL my preferences. Please don't take anything personally.