Mission: Hide the keys outside the house until he comes back home

A football, I'll put them under the football.
No, it's frozen to the ground.
In the bicycle basket.
No, what if someone bicycles away with it before he comes home...
To hang in the bush?
Hide in the snow?
An elephant, brown ceramic, has a hole in it.
Kinda close to the door.
Definitely an obvious place for keys if you're out of the house.
But quite discrete now that there's all this snow.
Have to bend down.
The keys fell down into its feet.
He's not patient enough to feel around in the elephants feet.
Need to put them just under the shadow.
Wait, thorns.
Didn't see this coming.
Can't get up.
Gonna tear my precious fluffy jacket if I do.
Stuck in all directions.
Have to... lay down.
And roll away.
Roll in the snow.
Ah damn.
There's a big mess around the elephant and the thorns.
Everywhere else is fresh snow.
If someone observant passes by they are definitely going to look if something could be hidden in that elephant.
Have to dilute the mess.
Make it a neutral-seeming mess.
Should walk around the place.
Kicking snow...
Footprints leading in all directions here now...
Someone was doing all kinds of stuff.
Elephant just happened to be around here.
Ugly prints all over.
Keys hidden discretely.
Mission complete.


What a silly, fishy day. I would have to tell you in sequences, in order to picture fairly. Exhausting.


I hate smokers

Usually not by person. But every smoker is a traitor and a careless bitch.

You're polluting the air and the environment.
You're destroying your own health and adventuring the health of others.
You're one of the greatest expenditures to the tax-paying society.

Any statement in opposition will get the same response from a smoker, "I don't care" or "I don't care enough".

Also you stink and you make good air stink and you force it into people's noses and lungs.

Smoking shows a complete lack of concern and negligence of responsibility.
You let everything suffer for the sake of your poor judgement and that is why I hate you.



Had a surgery in my mouth today, removed gum and bone tissue on the maxilla. Disgusting. Had to do it in order to fit permanent retainers after I remove my braces. It's gonna be... a quiet week.



This day was sooo much fun, what else to conclude. Can't remember the last time that I laughed this much. Or rounded off with a few hours of young thinkers' philosophy. I spent the evening with some of my very best friends today and I couldn't be more grateful, even though someone special was very missed by me. Too seldom can we gather up like this.

Home then Café#1 then Home then Café#2 then Bazyls' then Home and coffee and gossip and beer and jokes and games and talk and yes, even some Grey's Anatomy and - now, 06.50 - sleep. And Matilda is still here! Just a truly precious evening.



I've had a nice and social week but as for this Friday evening, it seems as no one wants to spend it with me... except my parents, which are at the countryside at the moment, whilst I am not.

So I took care of some stuff, like application for the summer's "clinical block-practice" which we Med. students are obligued to do. It's basically some nasty, wonderful basic nursing. Hopefully the big hospital here will accept me!

Sorry, I know most of you readers probably prefer a lot of pictures, I shall try to take more photos.

 Not even this guy. Because he's "too tired". Thanks. And I'm wearing a pomegranade facial mask.



I remember that when I turned 18 I really wanted a great party with looots of people and everything; this year however, well, I don't feel like it at all, still turning 20 I think is a bigger deal.

Right now I feel like... massage. Or pineapple juice. Or seeing Dennis. It's quite a something actually, to see eachother every day and then suddenly not more than once a week.

By the way my mom and I ordered a coat for me today and it's freakinnn lovely.


20 today

The 6th of January 2012 is my 20th birthday. I've had a wonderful and relaxing time with my family, at the beautiful Swedish countryside, where we have our "summer house". I love this place so much. My mom and I went into the sauna and I've played some computer games with my brother; he's also going to bake me a birthday cake. Yeah that's my day basically, haha!




I have so many errands to run!

Errands like having a facial, getting my hair cut, donating blood, finishing my braces off, filling a tooth... (okay, not looking forward to this one because it's expensive + on account of that the filling that I got in Hungary apparently vanished down my intestines!!)

The second round of final exams is coming up back i Debrecen; I wish you kids the goodest of luck. I'm thinking of you. Study hard, it's going to be good.


See it

Haha don't worry, only a fourth of these are mine. As you may see in my previous blogpost, me and a few friends have ordered some nailpolish. Oh-yeaahh. However these photos is of our order from last spring.

Wanna see it?

     1          CG-Snow Globe #842                                         $3.68  
     1          CG-Liquid Leather #544                                     $2.99  
     1          CG-Bermuda Breakaway #674                                  $2.99  
     1          CG-Light As Air #863                                       $2.99  
     1          CG-Fifth Avenue #194                                       $2.99  
     1          CG-Bahamain Escape #678                                    $2.99  
     1          CG-Peachy keen #868                                        $2.99  
     1          CG-Neon Pink Voltage #NO6                                  $2.99  
     1          CCL-Wild at Heart #05A871                                  $3.10  
     1          CCL-Pucci-licious #05AN20                                  $3.10  
     1          CCL-Tru Passion #05A848                                    $3.10  
     1          CCL-Coral Cascade #05A753                                  $3.10  
     1          CG-Afterglow #624                                          $2.99  
     1          CG-For Audrey                                              $2.99  
     7          SECHE-Vite Top Coat 0.5oz.                                 $32.90  
     4          BK-Daniel Stone Pink Marble Dotting Tool                   $5.40  
     1          SRIPPING TAPE-Black                                        $1.99  
     2          Flexbrush Detail Brush                                     $7.90  
     1          Flexbrush Angular Brush                                    $3.95  
Sub Total         :  $95.13
Shipping Method   : USPS Priority Mail
Shipping Fee      :  $62.60
Tax               :   $0.00
Total             : $157.73


Feel so good

Home at last. It's... an amazing feeling.

Spent new year's eve with friends at my place, wonderful to see some of you guys again.

Staying here until the first week of February <3<3<3