Really now

Today I dropped a book on my phone, which was conveniently lying on a table but sticking out just a little bit, and of course it was hit exactly on that outer edge, creating a catapult backwards which missed my classmate's face. And the screen broke. How many more screens this year??? Catapult??? Really Maria???

Last two days of practice and I'm still hungover since Monday night and I've got a virus and I had pancakes for dinner.



Hilarious weekend at the end of a miserable week. I was so stressed at practice... and sleep deprived. It was horrible. But on Friday we celerbrated Eleni and Saturday night was spent at Tieger's. Felt amazing to be surrounded by friends. Went running today, but I couldn't enter the arena due to an ongoing football game so I went to the stadium... and had to run holding my bag which was just... not convenient at all so I settled at 2,2 km. No problem bringing a bag to the arena but I can't leave it in the grass at the stadium. Still 2k is much better than nothing and altogether I walked + ran 8,7 km.


Shorter, just a bit

Close up pics of my hair. It got sunbleached a bit but I didn't dye it.

You piece of shit

My wallet got stolen today at the hospital, taken from my bag in the cupboard where us students keep our stuff. It was a fake Miu Miu that Dennis sister got for me in Vietnam with money for lunch, MAYBE as much as 4000 HUF inside if counting the coins (abt 130 SEK), a few receipts, my temporary student card and 10 pills of betamethasone for my food allergies. FFS I really liked my wallet. Hope you're feeling miserable every time you use my wallet and everytime you see me you piece of sad shit and mould of this earth.



Have you ever thought about how much dietary protein we waste on bodyhair. Must be ridiculous amounts, at least for someone like me ye. And I just watched it float away in the bathtub.

Can't believe that I still have readers, I love you. I deeply hope you were easedropping on my instagram since I've been posting there but couldn't find time for typing. Got a keyboard for my tablet today and gooooose it's so much nicer to type. Although I had to cut my nails down to be able to type properly as it is indeed very small. I also got it 50% off because the user manual was missing. Yeeeh.

One week of neurology practice has passed... coolio... I worked out 5/7 days, including a crossfit class with Vanessa (we are going back tomorrow)... Dennis finished his gynaecology practice + exam and left to Sweden today... and here I am all alone... postponing my studies just a little bit more for the sake of a hello-there blogpost.

Do you know what time it is - it's time for a good damn cup of peppermint tea.

xxxxx me last Friday after practice lololol