Feeling the pressure

I've been experiencing... powerful... sneezes. Yes my sneezings have really been putting effort into themselves.

After I woke up today I fell asleep again... wait, there's more to it... I had a dream that I was back home in Sweden and that there was a dinosaur outside the bathroom window. Some sort of spinosaurus, but without the chinese windpuffer... gold and orange, beautiful. Anyways I happily realised I was in a dream and took the opportunity to control what I did. I broke off a thumb from the dragon (slight alteration) to investigate my abilities, after which it went away... I jumped out of the window and landed perfectly, ignored Jasmine and began to run. I ran so fast! Then desperately tried to fly but it really, really didn't work. I could feel how I was simply unable to.

I learned that I have to believe more in myself... yes somehow I learned that.

Googled "windpuffer" and there is actually a word as such, related to the distal limbs of horses.



Finished about a third of the clinical biochemistry... phew.

Instead of going to the gym today, Dennis and I paid a visit at the track here for some bodyweight exercises. I could feel that my muscles need a rest day... which will be Saturday hehe.


Soft monkey Make Up Tutorial

I just thought it sounded funny. But if anyone wants it?

Have a... have a..

What to eat for breakfast... there's NOTHING proper for breakfast in da house.

An onion for apple...




Allow me to surprise - I completely rescheduled my exam period; now studying internal medicine and clinical biochemistry at once, and taking both next week. Yes!

Today I woke up, visited the gym and spent the remaining afternoon in main building.

Can't wait for the training tomorrow, because last time was so much fun :D



My sixth semester of medschool is coming to an end, there's only the finals left.

Final exam = exam covering the material of the whole course.

Did not perform perfectly these 15 weeks, but reached almost all of my goals for the semester which I have to say that I'm proud of myself for. I've also made time for a lot of fun and more sports than ever since I came to Debrecen. Even visited Sweden for a week.

It all required some puzzling though and a lot of running around to make up for all morning classes that I slept through, in my bed. THANKFULLY in Debrecen we can usually attend the same class that we missed, with another group, at another time during the same week.

Le first exam is scheduled on Wednesday (internal medicine - immunology and rheumatology)!

Weather was bananas after my last class on Friday so...

THE shorts

Took this pic Thursday evening.

Story of my shorts; "everybody's favourite" in high school and what Dennis was looking for when he saw that my class was having PE. HAHA. A shoutout to H&M for quality, lasting me six years so far!

Workout this week:
Sun: Gym
Mon: Muay Thai
Tue: Gym
Wed: Muay Thai
Fri: Muay Thai
Sat: Gym
Sun: Gym?


11 PM dinnah-thyme

After the exam, and after Muay Thai yesterday, Dennis took me to Melange and I had their Cesar salad which was sooo good.

Where can I buy pumpkin seed oil!?



Who says that PMS does not exist? I am not normal, and can say with certainty that I'm having my period in 4 - 5 days.

Three good things about PMS:
1. When you're angry people get scared of you and retreat, THEN return with the purpose to make you happy.
2. When you're sad you are full of self-pity, yet heartbroken for everyone else. Any story is touching and weeping is out of control. People start bothering you with anything that could make you smile.
3. When you're happy, you are VERY happy. There's LOVE and life can only be defined as pure beauty. I want to cuddle in this sofa forever... <333

Once I (accidentally) ate Dennis last quarter of a Magyáros pizza. When he discovered that his last pizza was gone, I started laughing hysterically at my deed. Had to lean towards a wall for support. Then I realised that Dennis could be mad about it, started sliding down along the wall into a sitting position, crying. Not sure if it was a strategic move or if I was truly sad... but I wept. A lot.

It is unfortunate that PMS only lasts for a few hours per month.



Not surprised that I'm lagging behind for the upcoming exam in clinical physiology on Tuesday... men kom igeeen. !!!

Went to the stadium for some running today, BUT it was forbidden to enter. How typical is that now that the weather this afternoon was LOVELY at last. They sealed the area off with plastic tape (red/white tilted stripes) and had guards prohibiting people from exercising all over the stadium. Ööööh. I did not bother asking why... deeply fearing the awkward conversation-to-be in brutally broken Hungarian, ending with three rounds of "my boyfriend at home" and the final escape upon loss of eyecontact.

My journey ended at the gym. Muay Thai tomorrow!

El concerto

DiVino opened up in Debrecen, I checked it out this weekend with some friends and it was very likable. Could relax after a horrible school week! Also went to a classical concert on Saturday evening with Maria V. and Leo. I thought they were going to play Star Wars but turned out to be Strauss.. which was super nice! I've been to ballet some 5 - 6 times maybe, but never to a classical concert before.



Nikon outdoors versus iPhone in a dim locker room xD

Both exams went good today. I'm ALIVE and just started going through the material for tomorrow's exam in neuroscience. Yes that's kind of how it turned out... I'm going to try my best and probably at least pass the course, then if I still feel like it I can improve my grade during the exam period.

Accidentally got into an argument regarding the importance of language (!?) tonight which made me laaate to Gym, but session-wise it went pretty good. Soreness, a premature fact.



I've been slaved by a virus for a couple of days now and I'm getting (surprise) sick of it. Go away!!

Thunder is playing around the house tonight which is cosy... Dennis is an absolute apple pie... in other I have no news. All I did today was shop for food at Interspar, cook, study, cook take a nap and study.

The coming week may not be enjoyable. Really hope for full recovery and some exercise in-between all he "fun".

Mon: clinical biochemistry
Wed: hungarian, latin
Thur: fundamental neuroscience
Fri: pathology (minimals)

Some percentage of the 4kg watermelon me and Dennis invested in.


Shiny ego

Got too many subtle compliments in the last 24 hours, don't know where to go. It's very meaningful to get positive feedback and being appreciated for something you've put effort into, and for being just who you are...

Microbiology went better than I feared, 75% so I got the exemption from the minimals by like.. 1 point haha. But I got it. Also got a 5 i psychology which was fun xD

Can't wait for next week which brings five exams in five days. I refuse being stressed about it!


Hihi hoho

The "Selected topics of immunology" elective was extremely interesting today, dealing with psychoimmunology - "The branch of medicine that studies the effects of psychological and social factors on the functioning of the immune system". I'm going to tell you what everybody knows, kids: get exercise, avoid to be affected by negative stress and stay positive.

Something else that was rather funny was that Maria and I showed up to the class wearing basically the same clothes... black top, black/white pants, black leather jacked, ankle-height shoes, red nail polish, gold necklace and earrings. Unfortunately our bags were completely different...


How to disappear a weekend

Really have to start studying pathology for the final exams, so this morning... I wanted to go to the gym first... but not a chance that I'd go without food so really had to eat something... but food had to be cooked... could hear the wind storming outside and judging by the non-amount of light passing through the curtain, certainly sun wasn't about to visit Debrecen any soon... damn the bed was magnetic... could not leave... not sure what it was that made we leave... had a really good session at the gym and Dennis and I made amazing spring rolls but I still haven't studied and it's 1.30 AM :)


What to say but that we went 100%, epic!! So thankful to have met these girls.

A funny feeling to leave the club during daylight. McDonalds closed right in front of our eyes, so we took the taxi home foodless and I could only have a banana before bed... meaning hello hangover from south. But it worth. It worth.



Going out tonight with Bendy Eleni and company wohoooo! BUT what the **** am I going to wear!???!!!?