So, first day at work tomorrow as "physician's assistant" at the hospital in Eskilstuna. I will be at the oncology clinic and don't really know what to expect of it, but I have a good feeling. Let's hope that I'm right. Very glad for the job :)

Weather's been nice but rainy today, got work done on my thesis (never endiiing) and had a little workout in the basement to comfort my poor butt that has been sitting all day.

Pics from earlier this week when I went with my father on a meeting... regarding fibre net (internet) on the countryside. As of today we're using 4G out here which isn't faster than a cucumber.



I'm having a really good flow, have been doing something active every day the past week and just feeling very strong and healthy and determined. Went to gym early this morning and got to end the evening with a calm 6 km run here on the countryside. Not a single car ye :D

This is what 80 minutes at the gym can look like for me (my workout today), aim - biceps and triceps:
- chins, 6x sets 4, 6, 8, 8, 8, 8 reps
- dips, 5x sets 12, 12, 12, 12, 10 reps
- tricep pulldowns, 5x sets 10 + 10 reps (grip switch from pronated to supinated)
- bicep curls, 4x sets 5 + 5 + 5 (wide grip - normal grip - narrow grip)
- (bonus - 5x  sets 10 of back extensions cus I forgot to do them last week)

My arms are DONE.

I can add that I also usually do narrow/tricep pushups on a triceps day, but I did those yesterday. Once a week I also do reverse bicep curls/brachialis curls but I will have to do them on another day.


A few pics that I didn't post from our lunch with the girls before I went home to Sweden. Love you all! And no Sonia there is no photo of you here haha.

Such a nice day! But I got reminded why I never eat at Belga, their food is actually really bad. Just look at my noodles at the short end of the table... or Bendy's coleslaw... yikes that was awkward.



The brightest days of the year, took these at 10 PM last night!

By the way, I finally bleached my teeth. I wanted to do it for a long time but was waiting for... not sure what exactly... but my incisors particularly had gotten so yellow that I could not stand it anymore. I'm not even a smoker! Thus ta-da --- goes quite well with red lipstick.


Take it easeyy

"This is it. It's my last food. I put everything I had. It's tasty... But this is the end. I'm out of toiletpaper too."

After having read 5 year old posts of my own blog, I can clearly state: HAHA how could I be so worried all the time!? Every single post gives a glimpse of an impending doom. Is this really the life of 1st year students... wow... I remember it was hard but my mentality has changed so much through medschool that I can barely relate to the thoughts I had at that time. Including all but the toilet paper, I can still relate to that. And how does it take more than five years for wisdom teeth to come out...? because this part of my life really hasn't changed.

Stopped by the gym this morning with my father, so nice to get it done early! Did shoulders and abs. The whole afternoon has been absolutely idyllic like agwagawegge I could not ask for a lovelier summer day.


x4 stories, true story

1. I needed stitches on my scalp twice, once when I was 6 years old and once when I was 9. But on the second occasion that doctor chose to use tissue glue instead (I think she was a student similar to myself) and I now have a thick scar on my hairline right above my face. Kids, make sure to get your stitches done.

2. I might seem strong or like I'm not so sensitive, but I actually cry really easily. I cry when I feel blissful, I cry when I'm arguing and I cry every time I see a disney movie. I basically cry with every strong emotional response that I have. I may be able to resist crying in public, but as soon as I get home I'll be sobbing the same second that I close the door. It's annoying especially when I'm arguing because I really have a hard time controling it. And if I'm almost crying, really trying not to, and someone asks me why I'm crying... there's no stopping me. Haha oh my god whyyy.

3. I drink a lot of milk. I think it's a Swedish thing... but seriously... I used to drink more than two liters a day, now I hope that I'm down closer to one liter. It's the main thing that I shop for at the grocery store. Milk has a lot of nutrients, vitamins and is very protein rich, but for a yet unknown reason high amount milk consumers have a higher overall mortality i.e. milk lovers die earlier than average consumers. Doomed :)

4. I wasn't interested in Dennis at first, he tried to kiss me after a party and I was so surprised and turned him down. Some two months later I had friends over at my house and suddenly decided that I was going to kiss him (I was tipsy of course). He wasn't the serious type back then so I was actively working hard to make him fall in love with me for over a year. I would probably do it again, sneaky like that.

Hope you liked these, haha. I felt like writing a bit tonight.



Oh my, I need to go on a run, but I will never go on a run past 9 PM again. Last time I did that I scared away 10 deers, ran aside a wheezing badger (it ran next to me for like 20 meters) and finally got stopped, by momma moose and her 500 kilogram baby. That one time was enough. Had a small home workout today after a minor viral infection and feeling ready for some gym tomorrow. Pics from this afternoon when I was avoinding finishing my thesis. Nice tan ye?

Ohh and remember the 2 kg's I gained this semester - they are gone. I'm back at 57 kg's, damn... and that's with clothes on. It just happens after every exam period....

Past week in exercise:
Wednesday: gym (biceps, triceps, abs)
Thursday: nothing
Friday: gym (back, deadlifts, abs)
Saturday: gym (chest, butt, abs)
Sunday: nothing
Monday: nothing
Tuesday: home workout with kettlebells (shoulders, squats) + abs



Back home after a fun weekend in Eskilstuna and Stockholm :) visited Matilda with Dennis and Dennis (yes, and I once upon a time met my Dennis through the other Dennis) haa and my cheeks feel sore from giggling. Now I won't see (my) Dennis for a month as he is going to Vietnam. Truly - poor me!



Aww some random selfies from today.

Guys, my technology is dying on me, all at once. The laptop screen broke in the suitcase on my way to Sweden and my phone is restarting over and over, useless... I have to turn it in for service. This will be the first summer that I will actually have money, yet at the same time none at all - because I need it all to pay the upcoming tuition fee. Because the student loans will not cover 6th year!!! And I really want to visit Eleni in Cyprus... I'm so mad. Fattiglapp for real here, sucks to be poor.



It is soooo good to be home. Went on a 9 km run today and which was PURE pleasure, it was so so refreshing, with the one exception that I got my period half way home. No mercy. Conveniently, I had spent some 20 minutes to find my black running shorts today, so my anonymity as fertile female was preserved... how tiring isn't it though that we are ashamed of our periods, when half of all people, and half of all mammals on earth were born to have their period too.