I'm quoting Eleni, last night is one of my best memories since I came to Debrecen. We started out at Bendy's place with drinks and laptop music. I think we were loud as hell. It escalated pretty fast and we left the apartment in the craziest party mood that I have ever experienced. Club Cool was poorly crowded but we had a blast.

I've been paying the price today. Hahaah... I know how to avoid being hungover in my head, if you know what I mean; the headache of a hangover originates in the meninges and is due to dehydration. You might think that you are not that dehydrated, but alcohol really extracts the fluids out of you. So before I go to bed I drink 0,5 - 0,75 liters of water. It makes me feel sick but I have NEVER woken up with a headache after a party night since I started with this. Anywhoo, I ate some strawberries this morning and my stomach actually said No. This never happened before in my life! Next time maybe I should drink just a little less... but maaen, last night was epic. Too bad I forgot my camera at home, here are some crappy phone pics.



To come home to my dear laptop and encounter Google chrome with 25+ open tabs of school material. And PDF:s and PPP:s and ALL THAT STUFF. Aaaalways the same, I leave everyghing open when I go to the test. I should stop because it makes me sick to see my computer like this. Now: no study for the whole weekend!!!!! And as for the test today (neurohistology remedial) it went alright and hopefully I'll get to know the result by tomorrow.



My nail polishes arrived today! Straight into my mailbox. It's great that I can't lock it because the mailman wouldn't have been able to fit the "parcel" in there, had it been locked. Now I don't even have to go to the post office heheeee. Shower is up next because I just got home from the gym... then I'm putting Braziliant (middle colour) straight on :D



Having been encouraged by several friends over a longer period of time, to join the Instagram train, I have now done so... however I'm not sure that I enjoy the concept. Just like "in the old days" I never got fond of the Swedish Bilddagboken ("picture diary"). So the account is there, "swerus" as for now. I have to go all in for biochemistry now but I will take a look at the program on Monday, and see if I shall become convinced to like it.

Potato gratin (L) cooking of tonite

Hobby #2198

Succesfully sun tanning through the living room window when it's kinda cold outside. Moahaha



I swear I felt like giving up last night! The tracts and nuclei and everything... it was too much to handle at once... 10 minutes before the test I was still literaly studying. The examinor gave me 16/20, it's like 80% is my thing hahah. I wish 90% was my thing. I want to improve but I haven't been to the gym for the fourth day now and for sure I rather give priority to my body than to 10% more in the exams. Finally tomorrow after the lab I'll pay a visit at the gym...

It feels good now but I can't relax, I still have the neurohistology written test on Thursday and then there's biochemistry on Monday. At 7 in the morning!! NOW WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT!?!?

Aaanyways... I better start with the histo now or I won't have time to sleep tomorrow night again... I don't have a picture from this week so I'll just put this one. It's Dennis favourite picture and the background photo on his phone hahaa.



I wish that one of the avocados in the kichen could become ripe.


omG. I have the SCT in neuroanatomy tomorrow. This material is the worst thing I ever studied... Daym. Miracle please. Uääh


Come to mama

Today I ordered these three Essie polishes HIHI. I found a seller on Ebay (beautyzone2007) who has a really good reputation, and the cheapest prices by far regarding both the polishes and the shipping. I never ordered anything to my Hungarian adress before buut it shouldn't go bad I think!? I just have to be very alert with my mailbox because anyone can open it heheeeh?!

From left to right: Cascade cool, Cute as a button, Braziliant. $8,99 each, shipping included =)))


Good day :)

Me and Bendy after the physiology lab this morning, and me at the Library. I always take a photo of myself when I'm at the library hehee.


Sugar, ohhh aw

Today there was something wrong with that bag of sugar. Why was it so sticky? Well it was sticky because it was partly covered in honey. I investigated the case further and came to realize that there was honey flow warfare in the entire larder - somehow that brand new can was lying down, leaking...

Rice paper fell to the floor - in vain tried I to save it. Honey and shattered rice paper hit my feet and I bent down to investigate the contamination of both slippers and socks. By that time my hair had escaped the support of my shoulders and it was bold enough to land right in the sticky mess. 1,5 liters of honey obedient to gravity, filled the entire larder with it's delightful scent and adhesion. Yezss why naat, why naat.

Roses @-->-- nail design

DIY, how to:

1. Assemble your colours! I think it's easier to paint if you pour out a little of them as I did in the picture.

I - China glaze Light as air. II - CG. Fifth avenue. III - Maybelline 761. IV - Maybelline Rouge couture. V - BeYu 209. VI - Konad.

2. Add the colours of the roses in droplets on top of another as seen to the left, then use some sort of tool to swirl the colours together from the centre and out in a tornado motion. A toothpick is a suiting tool.

3. You can use more or less of certain colours and swirl randomly, the roses will appear unique every time. If you want you can add more of a certain colour at specific spots as I have done to the flower on the top left.

4. Leaves! Use the light green colour to make the base and fill in a little with the darker green thereafter. Depending on the length of your nails you might prefer different versions, here are a few examples.

5. Add a topcoat to make the roses float together with the background and to make the design last longer without chipping. Finished :)))


I got 67% on the physiologi test... really didn't expect it to be that low. Now I need 93% on the comming one.

.______. riiight.



20 confessions

Why not. Especially when I have to study - if anyone cares.

- I'm shy unless I'm in a good mood
- I have excel files with statistics on parameters in my life such as milk consumption, menstrual cycle ... etc.
- I only scored 100% on a test once in my life. It was in high school at math (Matte A) haha...
- I was in love with Orlando Bloom when I was 13 and fantasised about how I was his girlfriend
- I think that I can't focus on one single thing for more than 15 minutes
- 9/10 times I can't spell "exercise" without looking it up
- I get anxious if I don't carry some sort of pocket mirror
- I like One Direction and play their Top 50 songs on YouTube sometimes
- I can't bitch. I would never win a battle hahaa
- I love myself more than anything else
- I have the general attitude that I can get any guy that I want, so if a cute guy is actually not interested I get awkwardly, internally confused and disappointed EVEN THOUGH I have a boyfriend just because the behaviour interferes with my exaggerated ego
- I want to be a vegetarian but I'm allergic to both fish egg and nuts so it's a hopeless case...
- I have been the slowest eater my whole life. I had to sit alone and eat in both kindergarden and early primary school because there was no point to wait for me to finish my food
- I only use free foundation samples because I don't want to buy one since I don't want to start using foundation (??)
- One of my essential skin care products is scotch tape
- I played almost exclusively with boys until I was 11
- If I have to throw away food I place it in the center of a huge bush when nobody sees so that some animal can eat it
- I easily cry
- I can leave worn clothes in piles on the floor for several days
- For many years, until two months ago, I set my clocks appx. 15 minutes ahead to help me arrive to places on time



Never ending rain! I hope the thunder will come closer :D I'm staying in all weekend to study... physiology, as we have our first self control on Monday morning. Kidney stuff mostly. My aim is to keep my average above 80% so I can get the written exemption for the final exam in physiology. Yeahhh... off I go.


Random #2451

Got to enjoy one of my favourite scents this afternoon. Rain-wet warm post-winter asphalt. Mh.


A splash of humor

Oh. This thing happened in the dissection room today. We were dissecting a few eyeball specimen when our teacher wanted to make a "window" into one of them... but the scissors were too dull and the brain slicer too big. So he tried the scalpel... when the scalpel finally penetrated the eye he had put so much pressure on it that the vitreous humor squirted like a fountain right up his face and hit him in both his eyes. Ohhh... that one day when something nasteyy will squirt into my eye...


Me todayy, (ignore the random vehicle please) not a very good day. I felt grumpy and I found that others did too... not because of me I hope, hahah. I'm fine now. I feel good because I got a satisfactory amount of knowledge into my head today.

I'm starting to get sore after last day's gym session, expected - as I chose to increase the load on a few of my exercises. There is a girl at the gym that has a supert butt, I was chocked when I went to the gluteus machine after her. She is a tiny person but still puts on 90 kilos of weight on that thing!! I work out with 50 at most. GOSHHH.


Ooops I cut ittt

I was showering and I got the idea that I want to cut my fringe straight sooo I did it. Hehe. I feel like having a little bit of change so I might just wear my hair like this for a while.

Like my nails? Pink base and black tips :D here's a close up:



So last night me and girls from the class met up for a dinner =) I had a really good time. Glad we found eachother <3



I'm a HAVE TO GO OUT person. Not in the party YOLO way, but in the nice weather way. I have to go out in the nice weather.

This is why I appreciate my balcony immensely. I can sit here and study and enjoy some vitamin D. Semi wind-protected, and topless if I want. Which I do want.

I could not care less if a maniac would make a binocle attempt from the top of those soviet era buildings (my exquisite view from the balcony). And why would anyone get the idea to scan my balcony in the first place!?

Plans for today: study my ASS off and have a girly dinner at Leroy 20.00. Good stuff!


I sell fish

Beautiful things. I'm such a sucker for beautiful things.
That... eye candy. Is not just eye candy.


Tip: a cheer up

Put a nice picture of your boyfriend/girlfriend as a screensaver on your phone. Preferably half naked. Be thou single so put some other half naked person whom you likest. This will cheer you up every time you press your phone even when you are only checking the clock. I was annoyingly, stupidly tired in school today... but  every now and then I could very easily press to see that picture. Mhmm. In retrospect: it was a good initiative.