Guys! I'm going to Rome with my family until Saturday.

Talk to you later. Take care =)


waaw I had an awesome session at the gym yesterday. I feel strong :D

I've gained almost 3 kg since I got home. 1,5 kg is recovery after the exam period (I always lose weight during exam periods, do you?!) and the rest is new. I've been working extra on my core + leg muscles the past month and I hope some of the weight went to those... hahaa. No but I can clearly see that my legs are stronger. But I've gained weight in general, too.

I'm 58,5 kg now. Around 58 kg I'm always like hmm I like my butt, but also around 55 kg I'm like hmm I like my waist. I prefer both!! I think I could achieve that with a "base-weight" of 55 - 56 + a super toned gluteus muscle. Ehhh?

Photo from the other day. Not arranged at all...


Trip to...

Matilda, Dennis (Dennis T), Dollal, Hayaan and I were looking around for a good deal for a trip to somewhere, maybe Greece Portugal or Cyprus... and we're gonna end up in Malta :D Yaay! I wish that a couple more of us could have gone... for instance I haven't seen Jasmine in over a year... But I'm jumping up and down about this! We booked what seems to be an awesome appartment with great location in the capital Valletta, next to the sea and just by the city centre. We're leaving on the 18th of August for a week. Can't wait!!! Until then I want to find a new bikini... red or orange or something... is what I want... If there are still bikinis out there towards the end of the summer like this!!?


Promenad :D

I've had time to be really active since I got back home, which is awesome :D Yesterday my parents and I went on a 11 km walk and today mom and I took another route of 7 km. I've also had time to get a gym card and I've been going a couple of times already.

Maybe you guys are starting to think that Sweden is nothing but forest.. haha. Actually we do have seemingly endless woods but what you see here is not really how most people live in Sweden. My parents stay at our summer residence as often as they can, during weekends and such, but especially during the summer. Of course when I'm at home I prefer to be at the countryside. Love this place more than anything!



Matilda and I visted Bazyl and Dennis (Dennis A) in Uppsala earlier this week :D <3 


Best day evaaah

OK so Dennis and I saw eachother yesterday :D I went to the gym with my dad and took the opportunity of being downtown to meet him. I'm glad that I could return to the countryside early today though, because the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. 27 degrees, a little wind and the perfect water temperature. I spent the whole afternoon by the lake with my mom. Can you see the snake in the water in the 2nd picture?? Haha!



I woke up 6AM today and yesterday which is a good start. Hate how I was awake during the night and slept through the day.. never want to live like that again -____- I realllyy can't deal with the next exam period like I did with this one. I need to plan better and be much more disciplined... At the end of the semester my plan was to go through the exam period intensively and fast, to finish around the 20 of June.. but once I started studying I felt too exhausted and decided to take it slow after all... ended up lazy and inefficient AND I didn't have time to work out properly. BLAEEH.

The trip home with Dollal and Hayaan was hilarious. I feel lucky to have these guys with me in Hungary.

NOW: I'm at the countryside with my family!! Yesterday I went on an 11 km walk with my parents in the forest around here, it was lovely. And I took my first swim in the lake when we got back to the house :D aaahhh!!!! I can't express in text how nice it was!! In the evening we grilled some chicken that I marinated the day before, and my mom made blueberry pie aaaahhhhhh!!!

I'm so happy :) constantly smiling and giggling since I got to the countryside. I miss Dennis though.. but I can handle it :P


Calm down!

Hah I'm trying to relax, but I don't know how to make the stress go away >.<
I have a looot to clean before I leave so maybe I should start.. so that I don't have to do absolutely everything tomorrow hmmmm...

Because tomorrow I also want to go to the gym. Although I feel malnourished.. still probably better for me to go than not to.

Hello 3rd year!

The last 24 hours demaned my survival skills here! I got sick (probably the same cold virus as last week because I've been so stressed) and ran out of food, milk and juice in the middle of the night. I had to be creative with what I had in my fridge and ended up drinking half a jar of raspberry jam (dissolving it in hot water) throughout the morning. It actually tastes really nice hahaha! I stayed up revising all night and managed to go through everything but half of the kidney topics, and I was just about to read clearance before they called my name for the exam. Of course one of my topics was clearance!! But my performance was enough for a grade 4.. yay :D

Me Dollal and Hayaan all finished this week and we're going home together eaaarly Saturday morning <333


write-off / fcked up

Hey guys. Don't read this if you're feeling really happy because it will probably bring down your mood.

I feel miserable, wish I could let my thoughts go. Central: I'm alone. Probably wouldn't have been this sad if it wasnt for things like that I thought my parents died last night, when I read in the news about a car accident right by my family's summer house where a man and a woman got crushed under a truck. Or like those two air plane crashes in USA, or the huge oil explosion in Canada. Or the psycho maniac in Sweden who went around pulling doorhandles to enter and stab people; a woman left the door unlocked to her appartment when she went to check the laundry and her 18 year old son, who was sleeping in his bed, got stabbed in his face and neck. He also murdered an 84 year old woman and another 43 year old man got stabbed too. Or the surgeon in Russia who got angry at his patient and hit him on his head and chest, after the patient had had an open-chest surgery. The patient died a couple of days later.

I'm especially affected by the crash in San Fransisco, because out of all the survivors, those who had the most serious injuries were sitting in the back of the plane... and I always sit in the back of the plane... I know right, wth am I thinking? And I'm scared that I'm not going to pass my physio exam this week, although a more realistic thought would be to know that I'm going to finish this semsester. I feel STUPID for being anxious when I'm not the person who's having my world being torn apart! While I'm here cramming physiology (which is a privilege) people are truly suffering and their life will never be the same. And I have everything that I could ever wish for. I hate how unfair life can be and there's nothing worse than PEOPLE actively inflicting damage to other beings.

Sorry for making you read such a depressing post. Maybe I should delete this one.
Take care. And to those of you who still have exams, best of luck.


Loot! Me: lout!

It's funny how my camera was missing for three weeks when I suddenly remembered where I'd left it. In the computer bag... I put it on charge and it remained untouched for a long time. Then, the other day I took two pictures of (surprise!) myself; and five minutes later the camera completely disappeared again. How? How? Can't find it ANYWHERE.

(didn't check with computer bag but I swear it's not there...)


My bby finished the semester with a grade average well above 4,5 and took me to dinner this Friday. He will earn a scholarship from the University due to his grades. Daym, I have to work much harder so that I can keep up with this guy!! <3


Slave of the old system

Heyy today Dennis and I woke up at 10.30, got the PE signature at Auguszta and studied at MB for a couple of hours. Needless to say I was and am tired as hell... at least I'm not sick anymore! Some cold-ish-virus struck me for a couple of days but I seem to have cured myself of that. "Good stuff". Hmm....