Doc... M

We have moved! Today - Out of the ghetto into the city, at last. Into a tiny, very cosy studio appartment right across the swimmingpool complex. Yes to that!

Perhaps even lovelier news are... That I got promoted at work (not playing the Sims) for the first time in my life. The doctors felt as I have been doing well and that I'm ready to take more responsbility at the department... So during my last three weeks at pediatrics, I am now a doctor. In Finland final year students may apply for a license, which is the reason why Dennis and I visited the Finnish embassy in Budapest this summer. I was hired as a student/assistant at first as all other students at pediatrics here, so of course I'm very flattered that my colleagues have found me capable... :)))

I felt like nothing could wipe off my stupid smile on my walk home from work this Friday. Then some idiot around the corner set off a firework and my whole body jumped and I had to search my jacket for "entry wounds", I did stop smiling from that, haha...

This is the one single photo that I've taken this week, by Eleni's command.



Minus 8! Fabulous! Even when biking to work while it's not only snowy and windy but also completely dark he he. So life goes on over here and wow, time goes fast! 6th year will be over in no time :(

Got a trip booked over Christmas somewhere warm mmm and not too rainy I hope and thennnn after that it's already time to go back to Debrecen..!! I miss Debrecen so much!!! So really excited for that because probably some friends will be around there too.

Thinking about getting botox on the glabellar area. Actually tried to schedule an appointment in Stockholm but the days that have suited me (days when I will have to go to Stockholm for other purposes) so far haven't been avaliable HMMM... I'd like to try botox within a year at least but only performed by an experienced doctor...



Geeeez! I biked to the gym tonight which takes about five minutes and arrived with my nose all RED because it's minus 8 degrees C and humid and windy. My bike was covered in frost after just two hours. But damn I had a nice session and the gym was almost empty.

Should I share today's programme? I can share it. This would be "Saturday: back, squats, abs".
- 4, 6, 8, 8, 6, 7 pull ups
- 4 x 12 face pulls
- 4 x 10 pull downs with straight arms
- 2 x (4 x 10) single arm row
- 10, 6, 6, 4, 4, 3, 3 squats (20 - 55 kg's)
- 4 x 10 front squats with just the bar
- 3 x 30 plank/crunches with TRX

So today has been a chill day. I slept until noon because I've been so sleep deprived this week and had breakfast on the balcony because it was sunny and I haven't touched any sunshine since I came here, needless to say it was freezing haha... read some neuro, took selfies and took off to gym. Wowowow what a life!!!!! And check out my new PJ's!