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We have moved! Today - Out of the ghetto into the city, at last. Into a tiny, very cosy studio appartment right across the swimmingpool complex. Yes to that!

Perhaps even lovelier news are... That I got promoted at work (not playing the Sims) for the first time in my life. The doctors felt as I have been doing well and that I'm ready to take more responsbility at the department... So during my last three weeks at pediatrics, I am now a doctor. In Finland final year students may apply for a license, which is the reason why Dennis and I visited the Finnish embassy in Budapest this summer. I was hired as a student/assistant at first as all other students at pediatrics here, so of course I'm very flattered that my colleagues have found me capable... :)))

I felt like nothing could wipe off my stupid smile on my walk home from work this Friday. Then some idiot around the corner set off a firework and my whole body jumped and I had to search my jacket for "entry wounds", I did stop smiling from that, haha...

This is the one single photo that I've taken this week, by Eleni's command.

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