Past month goldies

1. Having fun with group 11
2. Studying the skull for anatomy SCT
3. Balcony BBQ
4. Walking to a nice meal at Melange
5. Sleeping at improper hours

Me being in a good mood writing too much

Gaah.. I'm almost done over here. Lower limb and embryology on this upcoming Tuesday, and that's it sort of.

Wanna know something else that's awesome? Swimming! I went this Monday for a swim but faced some over crowded community lot, because apparently (this is how shielded I am right now from the present world...) Debrecen is holding the EU swimming championship. Heja Sverige!!

So Tuesday I caught up with Julian and he brought me to the outdoor pool around here. (and I had my first swim for this entire semester..!) 10 months has passed since my knee surgery and I can see that swimming wise, nothing has really changed. My breast stroke never lets me down, and I still suck at freestyle. Yeaa..

The feeling after a swim is unbeatable. I regret that I don't swim more often. I know I blame my stolen bike, however I'm being a huge phony, because I usually borrow my boyfriend's bike when I go to gym.. which I do once or twice a week. As you see it really doesn't make sense. Hope to find more time for swimming the next semester!



I've been mute for a while, but I want to report that the weather here is gorgeous, with 30 degrees and sunshine. These photos were taken one and two weeks ago.

Also I want to mention that we've entered into the final hell-weeks of First year.. so far I've finished Genetics and half of the Hungarian (both felt really good), only six more exams to go. I feel like I won't have time to sleep for these few weeks now... but if everything goes according to my plan, then I should be back home in Sweden again WITHIN A MONTH!!

Oh and I have not forgotten all the IB-kids in the world right now, who are taking their finals. Can't believe that's where I was too a year ago! Good luck to everyone, but especially to my dear friend Matilda :D