Best weekend ever? All inclusive, apart from nice weather. We ended up with tickets to Medicus cupa eventually, which was very conveniently hosted in Debrecen this year. I was legitly shocked when we got inside, it was so crowded! Students came from allover Hungary, it was really fun. Today Maria and I went to the thermal baths again (after my gym session, duh) it was really relaxing and we finished it with dinner at Vigado. Now I'm home and going to spend the rest of the evening with my love.

(Got this skirt and another one in black downtown this Friday, I liiike)



So imagine coming to school and parking your bike, and you park it into a bush of flowers. Because there is wild flowers growing by the bike stand like that. Can you think of a better start of a Thursday!? That class in particular was very boring but after that I had gynaecology practice and got to see not only one but TWO vaginal deliveries!! I only saw a cesarian before... almost cried, it was beautiful... yet reminded me, why can't we grow the babies in a box... and carry it around with a two meter cord. Monitor the vitals on a screen and when the baby is ready, take it out. I'm up for it no problem.

Also it was 20 degrees warm today! Looooove! 4th year is awesome.


Guess who found her keys again!!! Mahaha-maham-ahmah myemye.

Currently studying for the bioethics exam (tomorrow) and feeling relaxed... post-swimming calmness is very special.

Dennis and I booked tickets to Sweden over easter!!!! Seriously can't wait to go home for a while and stay at the countryside with my family and our silly orange cat.


Sending love

My bike keys I lost, aw how much shall this cost...
I must regain control and take you home with me, whole...
Somewhere out there they are, lying there still,
It cannot be all that far, and find them I will.

Oh dear bike, so cold areth thou standing alone outside the Educational Office tonight....

How many times can a...

Are you getting sick of my gym selfies... hope not. I sure am not! I only post a fraction here of all the numerous gym selfies that I take...

Dennis just stopped by to say he is sick of them... anyways...

Arms are feeling very heavy today after Tuan's adive on dips, I like that very much. Yesterday focused on lower back + hamstrings and chest + triceps. Today covered what I could (pullups, upper back and biceps).


Have a nice day...



Wiii! Dennis and I walked to the stadium today for an 8km run, altogether our displacement added up to 13km. Quite windy but the sun was shining all day :)))

Later Maria convinced me to join her for "a glass of wine", which of course is never just "a glass of wine". Eleni joined too so that was fun and Vanessa stopped by.

For tomorrow... I have some gym planned, and cooking and computerwork. Wow this sounds so important!! Really I'm just going to type in some lab protocols and compose a digital version of my new schedule, which is a very nice schedule.


I'm staying home!

Could you belive it... It's Friday... but I'm just going to have ice cream and crash. Couldn't relax last night so I barely slept after the exam and today was a looong nice day...

Maria and I went to the mineral water thermal baths after school which was super fun and relaxing. Needed! Of course we stayed outside in the sun for quite a bit of time so tomorrow you won't be able to make a connection between us and these two white girls...

Jaa medical school

I think the exam went okay? Not too bad, can't wait to see the results come out :)

Biked straight to gym afterwards for pullups, shoulders, leg abduction/adduction and abs. Cooked some when I got home and could literally feel the dopamins release as I was eating. Soooo satisfying. Now I'm pretty much exhausted and ready for bed. Friday is going to be fabulous I can feel it already he he.


Most at this moment

Nuclear isn't too bad, I just don't feel like studying so much... but it works. The exam is on Thursday.



Studied until late, so woke up late ~ noon and it was 19 degrees outside!! Had some yoghurt then immediately went to the track and ran. Lately I like starting softly and finishing with a couple of km of intervals, feels very "wow I'm alive" and is great for the heart apparently. Dennis stopped by after his class and we went to gym together... in shorts!! Normal people still wore their coats so it must have been very easy to spot scandinavians around here today...

Past week in exercise:

Mon: gym (hamstrings, back, shoulders, abs)
Tue: 6,3 km run
Wed: nothing
Thu: 1h yoga (university elective course)
Fri: gym (shoulders, biceps, squats, abs)
Sat: nothing
Sun: lazy and inefficient
Mon: 6 km run + gym (triceps, chest)



We had a russian party last night, the first of it's kind so that was fun! I think Maria and I went all in at the club after... and I think I saw my neighbor? looking terrified seeing me dance with a russian guy? I love dancing and it doesn't mean anything in particular to me to dance with a friend...

Got out of bed around 3PM with nystagmus and great spirit, took it easy until a dinner at Leroy with Bendy and Eleni, and also Sonia whom I brought as a surprise haha! An exam is coming up next week (Nuclear medicine) so it's time to focus on that now.



Long day but nice, especially since it ended with a freakin' FEAST! Dennis and I barely ate today which didn't exactly make the food less mesmerizing... We made "orange chicken" and had with tortillas and salad, then apple banana and icecream topped with cocoa for dessert... mmmm!! You should only know how much we cook in a month, I almost always take photos too so I will try to share a collage soon, just for the picture ;P FYI "we" means Dennis prepares and I cook.

Meanwhile some pictures of my long day: (yes my hands are quite dry)