Studied until late, so woke up late ~ noon and it was 19 degrees outside!! Had some yoghurt then immediately went to the track and ran. Lately I like starting softly and finishing with a couple of km of intervals, feels very "wow I'm alive" and is great for the heart apparently. Dennis stopped by after his class and we went to gym together... in shorts!! Normal people still wore their coats so it must have been very easy to spot scandinavians around here today...

Past week in exercise:

Mon: gym (hamstrings, back, shoulders, abs)
Tue: 6,3 km run
Wed: nothing
Thu: 1h yoga (university elective course)
Fri: gym (shoulders, biceps, squats, abs)
Sat: nothing
Sun: lazy and inefficient
Mon: 6 km run + gym (triceps, chest)

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