I hate smokers

Firstly, I have never smoked and I don't have an addiction which can be compared to that of nicotine. I have no idea what it's like to be a smoker.

I don't hate smokers by person, but every smoker is a traitor and a careless bitch.

You don't care or you don't care enough. About your own health, the health of others, air pollution, litter, cost to society. Smoking isn't even democratic, if smokers have the right to smoke then where is my right to breathe smoke-free air?

Lung cancer is the world's most common cancer and ~90% of all cases are caused by smoking. The cure is complete surgical resection of the tumor; chemotherapy has barely improved for 30 years. Maybe every person doesn't know this information, but everyone kind of knows this. Yet people still start smoking and still continue smoking.

Also you stink and you make good air stink and you force it into people's noses and lungs.

Smoking shows a complete lack of concern and negligence of responsibility.
You let everything suffer for the sake of your poor judgement and that is why I hate you...

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