I just had a deep, total nailbreak induced by another respirating creature than myself. This flipped my happy pineapple mood from white to black, in a matter of milliseconds. I'm so silly. But this happened just a brief moment after my careful filing and polishing and everything...

Yesterday we had a genetics self-control which went a bit comme ci comme ca, no grade 5 for me this time.


Nerd hehe

I used twelve different polishes to complete the look looooool.


They "were" on my food

Now I know why doctors don't eat parma ham.

Oh, you didn't know? That doctors don't eat parma ham?

Firstly, briefly, parma ham or "prosciutto" is meat taken from the posterior lower limb of a pig or boar, it is treated with salt and supplementary chemicals, and airdried in a dark chilly place for 8 - 24 months. The duration of the procedure depends on the size of the meat.

Parma ham is usually considered as a semi-delicacy;
but it also tastes exacly like they smell.

They are not something you want to grab a piece of.
They are not supposed to tickle our tastebuds and
They belong to no other surrounding than the dissection room.

Perhaps foremost, the taste of they was a part of my pizza today, due to the presence of parma ham, and so I was enlightened and reached this seemingly poorly founded conclusion. Doctors do not eat parma ham.

Blessed are thou who may find this post competely incomprehensible.



Noticing something in this last picture? Except for my new hat? Awhh YESSS my top braces are gone since a few weeks back now.
As for the (blue garbagebag) hat, I'm attempting a cosmetical trial (link).

Rubber gloves

In the last anatomy practical there was presented a pair of "brand new" formaldehyde treated, two year old bodies; however these were kept in transparent plastic bags throughout the lesson and we didn't get familiar with them. For today we were supposed to prepare by learning all the upper limb muscles, so maybe today.


Mhm so smooth

"Silk Epil"; is the name of a product that weeds out your skin with rakes of thorns and fire and acid and lava!!

 BUT, byebye-byee haairrr.


U jelly?

Brought over some pierogi (or "dumplings") to our friend and had a nice dinner. Do not be fooled by the last picture, it was taken this morning. Anyways if you're a person who enjoys cooking, making pierogi will probably take you at least two hours and this (click) is a good base for a recipie.


Starting 2/12

Back in Debrecen again.

Naturally, the night before our travel was the coldest night in Sweden this winter. So on our way (by train) to the airport a very important electric cable got exterminated in Stockholm and we had to exit the train to seek other opportunities; such as switching between commuter trains, being herringed in a mob of dreary travellers, helplessly searching for a free taxi (on phone they said the queue for a taxi was at least an hour...) and yet being awkwardly lucky to get hold of one!! A game of dice.

In the long run the worst thing that happened was the loss of my beanie... (sad).

So everyone should be happy that this is a so-what post. Hehee.