DIY hairtreatment

Conditioned hair is important for viability and shine! I do a hairmask approximately once a month. Would recommend to do it more often but I like to keep my mask in for several hours and I rarely sit home for that long... so this is how it goes.

I love my hair the most when it is sunbleached, so apart from nourishing ingredients, I sometimes add some that have the ability to lighten the hair. I made a table to illustrate. Depending on your needs, you could choose from these.

How much would the hair lighten? Compared to hairdye, barely... but after a few treatments you may see it. A year ago I did many honey masks and noticed a difference after 4 or 5 treatments. Darker hair needs more frequent treatment and for longer hours to be lightened.

Pseudoscience? I would say... a little bit of science. Honey and cinnamon contain peroxide which lyses the pigment in the hair gradually i.e. makes it lighter. I don't know the active ingredient in chamomile, but the acid is responsible for the effect of lemon juice. I would personally never add lemon because it will dry the hair out making it dull and fragile. No thanks!!

How to: pick your ingredients and mix. Today I used honey, olive oil, coconut oil, cinnamon, chamomile. Mix and wear for as long as possible. Wear over night if you can stand it! (I can't.. hehe)

1 tablespoon raw honey
1 tablespoon crystallized honey
1 tablespoon virgin olive oil
½ tablespoon organic coconut oil
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 teabags chamomile (break bag, add some hot water, add to mix)

Apply: brush through your hair, dampen a bit with some water (to ease application) and put it there, in any way that you can! To prevent the mixture from drying, take a plastic bag and sprinkle some water in it and cover your hair. Wear that, with some top that you don't care about getting stained, so nice.

Rinse out with hot water (!) and wash your hair as you normally would. I shampoo twice though because I find that it's necessary. (yes I'm using shampoo again, but free of parabens and silicones). Enjoy your shiny hair!!


Var i ous

Shitty sleep, stressful day... still love this life hehe. And it was 16 degrees warm today!!

Didn't do "heavy" squats for over a month I think, so I though it would be hard... but somehow 50 kg felt super easy today, even with my cold. Nice :) maybe because I ran intervals a few times? So my plan s to try 55 kg next week :)


Certain things can really turn your mood, just like that. Like what now what does it mean..



Dennis and I (possibly someone more) are going on a field trip on Saturday, to the Bükk national park for a hike! It will be 11,3 km long, so nothing major for a walker like me (he he) however 340 meters high so I'm expecting a nice gluteal soreness after this. Ah-ha, I am thrilled! :D

The park is in the Tokaj region, which I visited in October and the landscape was so, so beautiful...



Haaa insane weekend; feeling recovered 11 hours of sleep later. "Finally" caught that cold (after 5 virus free months!) but I'm already better, so I will go to the gym now for some hamstrings and shoulders.

Love everywhere!



Quick photo from yesterday. I really really felt like going tonight... but my schedule was smacked and I've had many postponed things to do. Despite that, still haven't registered for the semester at the education office, so will have to do that tomorrow... after which I'm heading straight to the gym. Will not exercise for at least two days as I'm going to Budapest with some friends on Friday :)

See that PCR

Sunny and beautiful weather this week! I'm re-reading some articles and making a presentation currently, to present to my research leader tomorrow. Sort of like a homework. We're also supposed to isolate some mRNA and run PCR. Excited!! Honestly a bit nervous too but... I've got high expectations on myself hehe...



It was Leonardo's birthday some weeks ago... but everyone had either travelled home or were busy with exams, so his sister arranged a surprise party. This night was hilarious to say the least.

We interrupted the party by seeing 50 shades of grey at the cinema... I expected that it could be bad already, when I think of it I did hate the book (I've read the first one) but so many bloggers praised the movie so I was excited to see it... but it was soooo bad. Too long, fastforwarded, super boring. I felt no connection to the characters. Some people even left the cinema. Kids, save your money.

Eleni and I headed to Mickey's after that. What a mess! People screaming and fighting, but I got drunk and forgot about it. I'm still smiling, it was incredibly fun and I got too many compliments... thank you my ego is flourishing...

Back on track!

Aaaah! I love spring in Debrecen, comes so early and lasts for a couple of weeks until summer starts in April. Summer for swedes, that is. But perhaps a lot of different weather(s?) may be classified as summer by a swede...

I wanted to go running for several days now and finally I went at noon today. You wouldn't recognize me if you saw me now, that's how tanned I got. Yeah.

Week in exercise:

Mon: nothing, travelled to Debrecen
Tue: gym (posterior everything, abs)
Wed: gym (shoulders, biceps, abs)
Thu: swimming, forgot to count a lot of laps but counted at least 1350 meters
Fri: nothing
Sat: hungover..
Sun: 5,6 km run (33 minutes) and gym (shoulders, triceps, abs)



Registration war is over for now, I managed to aquire all elective courses that I wanted and my first priority block practices too. Will do two weeks at Orthopaedic surgery and two weeks at "Internal Medicine B", nephrology mainly. Yay! Also excited that I got hold of the Yoga II elective, haha.

I had a sudden urge for chinese fried chicken... so I googled a bit and improvised from that. Turned out soooo well!!

In other words, I'm back in Debrecen since Monday :)



Uuuh walked 7 km today with my parents, was supposed to finish that with some at-home gym... somehow postponed it until midnight and here I am. Well at least I documented some of it hehe. This is what I did tonight and how a typical (partial) at-home session could look like during university free days. We have some weights and stuff in the basement :P

- appx. 10 minutes warm-up
- 20 - 30 minutes of air muay thai
- 4 x 12 squats
- 5 x 10 dumbbell deltoid raises
- 4 x 10 barbell shoulder press
- 5 x 12 pushups on knuckles
- 10 ab-exercises in a row, 20 reps each, no rest

Got this sport's bra at the winter sale tihihi.


Who's with me

Needed to trim my hair and went to the girl that I like here in my hometown. She is super sweet and always does a nice job. But she took off more than necessary... Like 5 cm instead of two. I would probaly never have cared if it wasn't for the disaster (link) cut that I had in Debrecen 1,5 years ago. He cut off like years of hairgrowth...

Hair math: hair grows about 1 cm per month and I cut it at a hairdresser once every six months, between that I trim it by myself twice, about 1 cm. So now that she cut off 5 cm of my hair.. that is 7 cm negative growth plus 6 cm positive growth.

I call that a lifetime standstill!!

Conclusively, life is hard.



Also want to present to you the snowman that me and my mother created today after our speedy walk hehe


Major traffic at out lot revealed by snow with no mercy. You know about Privet, well he seems to have set camp... but there are moments when he goes adventuring somewhere else, allowing our Parus Major a.k.a. Pelle to show up and stress the doorhandle (physically) for cheese. I'm not sure how it all started, feeding him cheese... but that's all he wants now and it doesn't seem as he cares very much for hypertension...

There's also the lonely deer paying a visit to out back yard at least once a day... she always finds something to snack on... and if you look out the kitchen window at night you may catch a fox snatching bird seeds... or whatever there is... fox isn't too social so we still refer to the fox as "the fox"...

We also have a squirrel visiting at times... she loves my father's socks so much that by now I'm almost convinced, they must smell amazing...

Some visitors are new, some are standard, I would even say VIP. Some are hedgehogs that get eaten by badgers...

All leaving traces and revealing their little character. Mostly, surely, this traffic by my home is very cosy.