Uuuh walked 7 km today with my parents, was supposed to finish that with some at-home gym... somehow postponed it until midnight and here I am. Well at least I documented some of it hehe. This is what I did tonight and how a typical (partial) at-home session could look like during university free days. We have some weights and stuff in the basement :P

- appx. 10 minutes warm-up
- 20 - 30 minutes of air muay thai
- 4 x 12 squats
- 5 x 10 dumbbell deltoid raises
- 4 x 10 barbell shoulder press
- 5 x 12 pushups on knuckles
- 10 ab-exercises in a row, 20 reps each, no rest

Got this sport's bra at the winter sale tihihi.

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