Yet another way of studying for finals

Meanwhile I was studying for pathology today... which is going slow, by the way... I decided to actually MAKE USE out of my NAKED2 palette. Didn't really ease my studies, but I completed my first ever smokey eye.

Being in Hungary, I would definitely say that this makeup makes me look more Hungarian. But more Russian too. So I like it. I was excited to show Dennis over Skype, he said "heyy you look pretty, but would be nicer without all that blue stuff around your eyes". Hahaha... (and no it's not blue...)


Group dinneeer

Hiyaa I arranged a group dinner for this evening :D I got a cactus from Orr for my gift exchange hahaa, it is my first plant here in Debrecen! I love it and I'm going to take care of it as if it was my baby.


This holiday sucks

My studysession slash work-out today - for being either, it was quite poor. Could be something to adapt for a habit though! And improve of course...

Check out my pink yoga mat! Dennis bought it for me as "christmas gift" :D He asked me what I wish for, I said I don't know... then I remembered I sort of need a yoga mat. "Pink or purple".

Two days later I open the door for him when he comes home, "here", gives me a pink cylinder. I think it was the 20th of December... Haha <3

The last photo is not from today, it's from September haha! I put it here because it's pink... and because I love smoothies.

Good night now xxx



Had a lovely christmas evening at Leonardo and Serena's :) thank you hosting and for the company and the yumminess-cooking. Teresa I borrowed your photos, hehe.


Late hour monkey

I'm up very late now yes... Dennis has an exam tomorrow so I helped him with ironing of his shirt and tying his tie... things as such! I'm nice. Tomorrow will be our last day together before he goes home to Sweden for christmas :( he will be gone for nine days at least huhu..

Why don't I go home too? Because when I get home, out on the country side, I turn into a relaxed pile of jelly. And I will want to spend too many hours outdoors in the nature "for my own good". And how could I possibly resist spending time with my family!? Also there's a big difference to the life of Dennis's and mine at our homes. He's a prince and can sit back and study while he has everything served for him... me not so much like that, haha. So ultimately, I would not be as efficient in my studies at home. I also have to take the immunology final exam, which he does not.

I will spend christmas at the Tieger's, looking forward to it! :)

A couple more photos from yesterday.



BST done.

Eleni and I went out clubbing. Haha, can you believe it? Around 2PM. I had such a great tiiime. Talk to you guys later.



Survided that shiet. YEAA. Everything went well. I feel like I overstudied soo much... in a way... you know studying is always good... but I was sooo over-prepared. I'm saying I should have slept more. This goes for all but HUNGARIAN which was actually hard to learn, all of it. Haha! I still got a 5 but I swear, learning all that stuff was not "piece of cake" for me.

My first final exam will be on Saturday, BST! Then some fun :D I've been relaxing this whole evening... before I start repeating for BST-final. Ahhh.


Enjoy it M


I was supposed to take the final exam in Hungarian (oral) today to get it over with, but when the alarm rang... I could only feel pain... so I didn't go. Might have been a wise decision because apparently the teacher was super moody and gave everyone the lower grade for their performance.

So next week I now have five exams.
Mon - clinical biochemistry written.
Tue - anthropology written, autopsy practical (pathology), Hungarian oral.
Wed - basic surgical techniques practical exam.

And + but, that's it for the semester!! OMG.

Yesterday I made lussebullar :D the top photo is from today when Dennis and I had lunch at the Korean restaurant.



SO I want to start swimming a bit again. Julian feels the same. We decided to go 9 AM this morning to Sport Uszoda to get a good start of this must-study-day. I was sooo tired when I woke up though.

So we went there, but stop - today there was some sort of swimming club championship so we were not allowed to swim... We watched them swim for a while... and had a coffee.

Once back home I decided that I MUST have some sleep. Couldn't fall asleep! That damn coffee! Finally after some hours in bed I fell asleep and slept until 16.30. By then I still hadn't gotten any exercise so I had to hit the gym, because I won't have time to go anywhere for two days now. Grocery shopping, shower, dinner. Finally around 10 PM I could start studying, but Dennis and I watched a movie instead.

I just finished the pathology minimals now, 3.30 AM. So much for my efficient Saturday looooooooooool.


did iiit

I went swimming :D as if it was SUCH a difficult thing to go through with!? No! But swimming is not nearly as convenient as is going to the gym. Well it was lovely anyways. My whole body feels so good. I swam 1700m (drygt) and it was tough... impossible to keep a good pace. Still OK for "never" swimming nowadays.. maybe.

In other I've spent quite some time at the library at uni... the gym as ususal... oh last weekend we girls from group 11 celerbrated Viola's birthday which was fuuuun! But I forgot my camera on charge at home grrr.. you know I like to take pictures for memory haha.

My microbiology grade average is 75%. Immuno's a fail :( I think I'm going back to studying now heh...