Late hour monkey

I'm up very late now yes... Dennis has an exam tomorrow so I helped him with ironing of his shirt and tying his tie... things as such! I'm nice. Tomorrow will be our last day together before he goes home to Sweden for christmas :( he will be gone for nine days at least huhu..

Why don't I go home too? Because when I get home, out on the country side, I turn into a relaxed pile of jelly. And I will want to spend too many hours outdoors in the nature "for my own good". And how could I possibly resist spending time with my family!? Also there's a big difference to the life of Dennis's and mine at our homes. He's a prince and can sit back and study while he has everything served for him... me not so much like that, haha. So ultimately, I would not be as efficient in my studies at home. I also have to take the immunology final exam, which he does not.

I will spend christmas at the Tieger's, looking forward to it! :)

A couple more photos from yesterday.

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