Wazzaaa. From now on, I'm going to need a stethoscope in my studies. Starting next Wednesday, until... the rest of my life!? My first stetchoscope is a raspberry pink Littmann. Me love!!

In other I had a good day today; Basic surgical techniques was really amusing, we learned how to make sutures, knotting etc. And Internal mecicine was plenty fun too! BUT I have to improve my Hungarian immensely... we have a small book that translates everything we need to say, luckily, but seriously... can't use that for the whole semester... nooobieee.

So ehm... Matilda is coming here in 14 hours :D yay!



Had a nice dinner tonight at Leroy Café :) enjoying myself a lot, but haven't studied for one single second this weekend... hmmm... can't wait until Matilda comes and visits in the coming week :D


A little party never killed nobody

Had SO much fun last night. Started out with the Norwegian girls and eventually we went downtown... to Rouge/White angel... lost eachother at some point past 3 AM... I danced without pause and finally went home around 5, all because of my feet really. Last night was a great mix of good friends and new people. I felt extra pretty too, however now dreading the pictures that will come up some day soon. I remember that I was at my peak drunkenness when they were taken and I could barely have my eyes open when the flash struck.. ehehee... here are two (iPhone) pics from when we were at Lisa's place :) The dress I bought at TopShop in Malta.

IQ: lololol

D: Hur säger man hammare på engelska?
M: Hamburger.
D: Va?
M: Hamburger.
D: Va?
M: Va??
D: Du trollar mig!
M: Hamburger!! Hamburger. Hamburger.
D: Maria, hammare!
M: Jahaa jag tyckte du sa hamburgare. Hammer.
D: Aha ja just det, hammer.

How do you say "hammer" in English? Hamburger. What? Hamburger. What? What?? You're trolling me! Hamburger!! Hamburger. Hamburger. Maria, "hammer"! Ohh, I thought you said "hamburger". It's hammer. Oh right, hammer.

Update: Dennis insists that I should add, that he only wanted to hear me pronounce the word "hammer" in English. Of course, he knows the word hammer.


Campus forest + first autopsy

привет мам! я нашла новую кофту :)
Dennis helped me take photos of me this Monday. Do I look Italian? Wearing boots in 20+? Hehe.

I had my first autopsy today (Tuesday). Nasty, but not quite as horrible as I anticipated. Phew. Saw a primary tumor for the first time... and I agree with Sonia... it looked really evil. Although the autopsy was super cool, I don't look forward to having these practicals for the whole of 3rd year. It's like I'm going to be relieved every Tuesday after I get it over with for the week. I'm thrilled about the greatgreatgreat opportunity that I have here to study diseases like this, but it's still nasty and these dead bodies were alive just some day ago and I feel like everything gets stuck into my clothes and hair :S so every Tuesday I'm going to wear simple clothes that I don't care much about...



Tonight I came home from the gym (after an awesome session!) and encountered something for the first time in several years...

Someone had cooked for me!! Dennis made tacos. It was soooo good. Unbeatable to get food served after a workout.

You may think that my parents/mom make me food when I'm at home... but in fact I'm the one who is cooking at home. I served my family food this whole summer, lol! Because cooking is a hobby of mine and I love to try new ideas and recipes when I'm at home and allowed to shop for an "unlimited" amount of groceries. No one else in my family is interested in cooking; delivering quasi-effortles attempts... and my food is pretty good if I may say so... so it's natural for me to cook. All. The. Time.

In Debrecen either Dennis and I cook together or both of us cook for ourselves... so I'm never a sit-downer on the cooking. But today I got home and the food was ready.

OK, it was me who bought the tortilla and I cut the vegetables for myself... but I could simply sit down and eat... LOVELIFE. Cute taco huh!?


Best vs Worst

Just had my worst hair-cutting experience ever, made by the same hairdresser with whom I had my best hair-cutting experience ever just a few months ago...?

I asked for a simple trim, but got some... mess. My hair looks like I tried to cut layers in it by myself or something. I didn't even want layers, it took me forever to grow out the old layers that I had in highschool. Don't know what to do now :( I wrote to him and he said that I will get the next cut for free but I will never go there again... Not only is it so much shorter, it's uneven and random.

Before the cut he asked if we could take a photo for the homepage and I said sure... but afterwards he realised he was in a hurry, we would take the photo another time (whatever it's his homepage). He asked me if I like the cut, without showing me what my hair looked from behind. I said yes but he cut it quite short... "I only cut three cm"... I look on the floor at minimum 10 cm long pieces...

So this is what I saw when I got back home... The photo to the left is after he cut my hair, about five months ago. To the right is right now. So I had a haircut, my hair grew for five months and I cut it and it's shorter than 5 months ago... I never cried over hair before...


I'm excited about tomorrow! Starting the early morning by meeting up Julian and Eleni to find the location of Basic Surgical Techniques... I'm not supposed to take the course until next semester, but asked at the Uni today if I could join a group this semester instead and there was still a free space in group 1, so yay :D

After that I have an appointment at Head office for a trim and theeen I'm going to sell some 1st year material at school, before I attend the last lecture of the week (immunology) and initiate le weekend which starts with gym, followed by party at don't know where yet... :D

Bed first!!!


monkey climb

Dennis conviced me to join him on WOD's so I had my first one yesterday... what killed me the most was the 4 x 30 push-ups... there's something wrong with one of my wrists so I must do push-ups on my knuckles. And I have to give rope climing a love-hate stamp. The first climb was like nofeetyeeeh but the remaining eleven more like... owmyhands and me = spaghetti. I'm quite sore this morning and I have a feeling that it's going to be worse tomorrow.

So far I'm enjoying being back in Hungary! I miss my parents, but living with Dennis again is lovely. We came back last Thursday so I've had time to prepare for school properly and see a couple of friends :)

Oh the first day in 3rd year was certainly interesting hehhehehe...

Photos from my last day in Sweden, which I spent with my parents. It was an absolutely amazing day, just look at the weather! Getting sentimental here...


Important Swedish things !!!

Felt weakened at the gym tonight... unexpected - no, but not what I'm used to hehe.

Earlier today I had a fika with Daniel, my korean friend from high school. It was really nice to see him.

"Fika" is a pleasant Swedish word; both a noun and a verb; can be defined as follows: "a break from have-to-do-things, including a beverage and/or light snack (unrelated to breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner) with purpose of being solely a nice and relaxing moment". Company is welcome.

As an example, I'd say that anything done at a café, which belongs in a café (but not being lunch etc.) suits in the definition of fika.

Do I have to mention how much Swedes love fika?

Any Swede reading this may help me finslipa this highly important definition of "fika". Unexpected - yes. 30% of my readers enter the blog from Sweden, yet never did anyone of you leave a comment here. Hahaha