Ahaha I was so pissed today... had to go on a walk and get rid of my animal. Now sitting here with a face mask and and some tan yeeeah, with a cup of garden tea. Recieved the clothes for my "commercial shoot" so now I just have to figure out a good location to take my photos, somewhere here at the countryside...

Dennis might come and visit Monday - Tuesday.. mahmahmah.


Feel free

Practiced some thaiboxing, but let's admit that I'm out of practice. Would like to find time for some classes this semester, at least once in a while... it's super fun and a great workout, but primarily it makes me feel a bit more safe. There have been so many assaults lately in Sweden, particularly against women. Maybe I wouldn't be able to kick someone's ass, but what if some fighting skills and strength could save me? Sadly a big part to why I work out and keep fit is so that I could possibly defend myself or escape an assault. Sadly I'm always on my watch...

Also walked 9 km yesterday and 6 today - waaw haha :)


In order

Matilda stayed over for some funtime, including Dennis and Jessica. On Sunday Dennis's family hosted a yummy BBQ... and I also went on a super short visit to Uppsala for a fika with Bazyl. What a sweet weekend!

Ohh... schedules are out... I was altering mine to make room for labwork and teaching, but now I've found out that the new professor at the immuno department said no to my teaching because I'm not a PHD-student. Huu, the disappointment. Too bad because I was going to be a great teacher...

But something funny! One of my favourite online shops contacted me and aksed if I would like to pick some clothes and promote their autumn campaign on my instagram... of course I said yes! Waiting for the clothes to arrive, will share with you next week :)



Summer practice is over and I'm back in Eskilstuna! Hurts to be here when the weather is amazing and I'm only an hour away from the countryside BUT Matilda is coming soon and I'm gathering some friends later tonight so it's totally worth iiiit.

Went to gym with my brother yesterday which was NEEDED, now I won't be able to go for a few days. My "past week in exercise" that I usually post is so boring that I don't want to share it, but here is a swing of honesty wohoo:

Past week in exercise:
Sat: at-home workout, then 6 km walk + 2km run
Sun: nothing
Mon: gym (chest, triceps, abs, deadlifts)
Tue: nothing
Wed: nothing
Thu: gym (shoulders, biceps, abs, squats)
Fri: gym (posterior everything i.e. back, hamstrings)


Tahiti tango

This was possibly the coldest, shittiest summer in my life. Is this what you get, being the word's best country at recycling? Poor full-time Swedes. But now at last, a full week of real summer! Some tan? Yeees m'am level up.


6 km walk followed by 2 km run. Regretting that I didn't time myself because damn it, I was fast.



Making my first money in my life this summer, mhm. Much needed now that the tuition fee got almost 40 000 SEK more expensive thanks to the decreasing value of the Swedish crown. Because the social democrats are running the government and no one believes in them... which I have full understanding of... but still!! Could someone please think about my wallet!?

Chillin' at the countryside, going for a walk soon. Here are some shitty phone pics from the other day... in my new kicks mahmahmah.


Training to

Infrastructure here is ridiculous. We were supposed to leave the platform 40 minutes ago and according to prognosis we're "only" expected to be 50 minutes late. Who dares to believe that anyways!?

Anyways. So happy that I went to gym last night. Only worked out three times in the past two weeks and those were not even full workouts... uhh-uh. Tried to compensate by walking a lot, which I did, but my absence literally hurt my soul.

Ahaha look at that paragraph, I started out trying to say something positive. Mehh wasted 20 minutes (50%) of my morning trying to buy this train ticket and we're not even moving!!

Anyways 3.0. I'm finally seeing Dennis next week. OH MY GOD. We've been apart for two months!



Pics from when we celerbrated Matilda this week. Got this dress recently and love it sooo much. It's organic cotton too...!? I just want to buy it again.



Finally a laptop. I've had the beeest stay at Matilda's. Still have two weeks left at the hospital but going to live alone now. Met Viola over here, yes Viola from Debrecen! So much fun :)



Heyy. Uhh I left my laptop in Eskilstuna! Barely had any free time to write anyways... or workout!? "Summer practice" is going very well. I'm mostly observing, or performing super simple procedures, and the remaining time goes to studying.

Had an awesome weekend, photos from that. Love!