Mickey cool

And it's here, the rainstorm... here to stay for a while. WELL.

You know... sometimes I'm so confused, fashion wise. Feeling like don't have a sense of style and don't really know what kind of clothes I like. I just like some stuff. Mostly I wear really simple, comfortable clothes and pull it off, seriously, ONLY because of my figure. Jeans, tights, tight tops and crop tops. My younger years were a disaster but at least I thought I had style? Haha. Now I'm confused, and aware. Being in clinics a lot doesn't help either because I don't find it hygienic to wear nice clothes in the clinic... hello super basic.

Another thing is that I spend 90% of my mornings on breakfast, I do not function properly without a good breakfast. So I'm always late for school even though it only takes me 10 minutes to walk there. Therefore I ALWAYS reach for something that I don't need to iron... meaning 3/4 of the clothes that I own remain unworn for an eternity, until that one single morning comes where I wake up "too early" by mistake and decide to iron something.

It has been like this for so long that I feel like an alien when I dress up for something. I feel afraid to wear a necklace, earrings and high heels - especially all of them at once. Yet when I see others being dressed up I never think "overdressed" about it, obviously. Mehh, problems ;)

One of my favourite t-shirts to wear, seriously, I love when I find this in my pile of clean laundry.



Noticed that I post the same kind of photos over and over... this is my life. Haha...

Taking a rest day today. Weather was sooo nice but the prognosis for the cominig week is dysmal. I need luck to keep my tan until I return to Debrecen.

By the way I'm so excited to go back! I love Debrecen... and the semester holds a lot for me :)


Had the beest workout today at the gym. Did shoulders, biceps and squats. Time is going fast and I'm travelling to start my "summer practice" next week already. Staying with a friend for at least the first two weeks. Iiih!


Triangl Swimwear Lulu Tahiti Tango Review

Aaa and the review everyone were waiting for... right ;P

I spent a lot of time researching what size I should get, etc... before ordering my bikini... and I barely found anything regarding the Lulu one. Which I don't understand because what, didn't anyone buy this one!? I love tie bikinis. So here's one for all confused souls out there.

Sizing - went with size S in both top and bottom. I'm a 75A and usually wear S for bottoms. Was recommended to go with XS on top but I'm glad that I didn't... as you see the coverage for the top is pretty small although S is recommended for a B cup. Go with the larger size, especially if you are tall. (I'm 172 cm)

Fit and feel - The colours of the fabric are sooo nice and I really like the fit. Bottoms are not full coverage, but also not a brazilian model so a crease will form. At least for someone with my anatomy hehe.

Swimming - the top is very stable and you can dive with it. Bottoms however... not at all for swimming as the fabric is thick and doesn't filter water. So swim slowly or they will come off :) or pair the top with stable bottoms for swimming (what I do).

Care - tricky to store it completely flat, but you must or a crease will form. If something lies on top of the bikini for a longer time there will be a mark. It goes away after some day... but I once squeezed excess water out of my bikini top after washing it and it still has faint creases from that. Sand and/or other particles get stuck in the fabric easily but just shower straight on them and they go away in a second.

Shipping - Uuugh! Ordered to Hungary which meant that Fedex were responsible for my delivery. My order got stuck in customs, which I discovered myself as my order never came. Called them, they "didn't have my email adress" and were "unable to call my cell phone". Right... how could they email me my tracking number if they didn't have my email. Apart from customs I also had to pay a sum of money to Fedex for every day that the package was stuck in customs. Plus I owed Fedex a sum worth 2,5% of the total price of my order. Be aware of this if Fedex will deliver to your country. You can find out on the Triangl website.

Overall I would never order to Hungary again but I want another bikini :PPP



Hiyaa. Went on a 8 km run today which failed completely. What is a stitch really, and is it coming straight from hell? ("håll") Running was impossible and I had to set for a power walk. Felt pretty nice anyways. My mom surprised me by meeting me about halfway home so I got some company too.

I started this skin treatment now with spongila powder... Basically you're mixing powdered freshwater sponge with some oil and rub it onto your skin. Small micro fragments/needles get stuck and the body tries to repel them, so the circulation increases locally. Some needles stay so eventually the epithelium comes off. Cool no!? Stings a bit and I was very red for a few hours.. but two days later I already like the result. Ancient Russian trick here to stay.



"Hey I'm Dennis I'm a nurse in Norway". Waaah. Dedication. Thanks love for the motivation.



Woke up from thunder this morning and thought it would be that kind of thay... but not!! We've had sun all day since noon. Took a trip to the gym and set a new personal best in deadlifts at 70 kg's wohooo. Got dropped off 3 km from the house on the way home and ran that. 3 km is not much but it was my first run in Sweden this summer and I didn't get asthma, ha!! I never get asthma in Debrecen but the previous summer in Sweden was very problematic and I couldn't go on a single run without getting asthma... Maybe this summer sucked so hard that the air is basically free of pollen. Or my asthma is passé. Yeah how about that, it's passé.

Pics from yesterday's boat ride across the lake to enjoy the evening sun.



Hah! The whole hood got cut off from electricity yesterday. It's insane how dependent the modern society is on electricity, we were right back in stone age. Went on a walk with mom and saw some workers looking with binocles at pylons... seemed like they had no clue of what they were doing hahah. Finally the power came back after 10 PM, but I took the garbage out and saw that they didn't quite solve the problem... but installed a temporary diesel generator. So we're all on diesel power since then. Don't know how it can suppy 50 households with power, but it works!?

Slept sooo well tonight. You know when you just CRASH and wake up happy. Yeahh.



Julia came over yesterday which lead to some 10 hours of non-stop giggle and chatter, so much fun.

Continued painting the boathouse today and was planning to run intervals on the hill here, but now that neighbor is having a family dinner (or something) outdoors and I'm not comfortable running there... How stupid is that? I should defy myself and go running anyways.

It has been hard to be away from Dennis for so long... I'm a super honest person, especially when it comes to Dennis... I tell him everything that concerns him... but now I've managed to disappoint him and being far away certainly doesn't help that...

Also my skin sucks. Few things annoy me as much as when I break out... which is basically every month. Mehh. Feeling like I get what I deserve.



Experiment --- langos pancake = sour cream and grated cheese on a pancake = FOOD FOR A KING. Perhaps food for a peasant really, but did it live up to langos and pancakes? Damn straight it did.

A rainy day, haven't done much. Mostly ate when I think of it... yes... what a nice day!

Awaiting some more rain and a trip to the gym tomorrow.


Action day

Waaw guys, I painted the boathouse door today. Never painted houses before xD

Look... I don't want to complain because everything is so lovely here at home... but the past days we've only had about 12 degrees celcius. Today we had 19 at last. Nineteen!! Be sure that I absorbed every sunray of that.

Actually wasn't just an action day, today was an awesome day.

Add me on snapchat! goatfather9.


Mellow yellow

Hurting a bit from gym so had myself an easy home-workout today. Around 20 minutes of muay thai (long time no see...) 4 x 10 bulgarian split squats and some various sets of toes to bar, chins, pushups, situps etc.

Past week in exercise:

Thursday: nothing
Friday: 30 minutes swimming (lost count of my laps)
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: 13 km walk
Monday: gym (shoulders, chest, back, squats)
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: gym (triceps, back, deadlifts, abs)
Thursday: home workout :)

Took some photos afterwards, of course my neighbors walked by at this point.
- Oh hi Maria, are you taking photos of the cat?
- Hi! Yes yes, of course the cat...



Hey you. You charmed us all.

This is our orange cat who comes and goes. Mostly stays... but surely a nomad with business of his own.



Did you think bikini posts would be over once I got home? Sorry... my bikini-season just got started. I'm spending about 70% of my living life in a bikini as long as I'm here at the countryside. Today the whole family went on a walk together, so rare, my brother usually never comes with! It was lovelyyyy. 13 km.


Bye Debrecen

5th year medical student, officially. What!? I remember 5th year kids from before... they all graduated by now. Insane. My grade average ended up at 4,47... I'm simply not meant to get the scholarship. Maybe next semester... haha...

Already home in Sweden by this writing hour. Had a hilarious last day in Debrecen, well spent with Maria V and Eleni. Barely had time to sleep a single hour before I took a taxi to the train station.

4th year was amazing, I have to say.