12 hours

So, I held the "test"-presentation last week, which went kind of bad, I then partied Friday night and got sick. Feeling recovered now a week later aaaand it's time for the real presentation, tomorrow, in 12 hours to be exact. I made quite a few improvements since last time which hopefully made it shorter and more clear, because my biggest problem is to keep it at a pace which is slow enough for the judges to understand my results... yet fast enough to keep everything below 10 minutes. Iiih! Wish me luck.



Happy Valentine's! Went to gym for chest, abs and squats while Dennis was playing football, then we had lunch at Bonita. I love bonita! So nice and chill and yummy and so cheap!? It's my new favourite... Terasz/No. 1 Bisztro used to be my favourite restaurant here but they closed down last semester :(

So we are back in Debrecen and our last semester has officially started. Last semester of medical school!! I'm happy to be back but kind of feeling chronically stressed because of my thesis and the upcoming research presentation in particular. I honestly don't understand all of my results which kills my confidence. What kind of questions will they ask? Will I even understand the questions!? I hope they keep in mind that I'm not a researcher yet. Aaah.



This is my family when it's sunny and more than 0°C: oh my god, there is SUN. I NEED NOTHING MORE IN MY LIFE *spends 2 - 4 hours outside in underwear*.


New in

If you only knew how long I waited to get these shorts! Oh my. I waited for so long that I was able to get them 50% off. It's the same ones that I have in pink, and they are ultimately flattering... but I needed something that is easier to wear, because I only have one or two tops that go with the pink ones. Also got this sports top that I'm crazy about. And a few more things... but I almost spend more time at the gym than I do at the university. And half of my workout clothes are getting worn...! Yes there are valid reasons to over-consume...



A friend wrote and encouraged me to go swimming together in the coming semester, what a great idea. Going to by new goggles later this week, since my old ones got stolen and I haven't gone swimming ever since... grrrr...

Pic from yesterday's workout (biceps, triceps, abs, squats). My muscles are sooore today... I could very well have had a rest day but I don't usually sit down this much, even on a rest day, and was feeling a bit sad from inefficient thesis writing... so decided to give myself a 30 minute home-workout with some of the stuff we have in our basement. I set the timer on my phone and had no break until the time passed... not a common setup for me but I loved it! Strength and cardio in one and very efficient; will repeat.

- Standing leg raises with ankle weights; forward, back and side, 2 x 10 reps each on each leg, no rest
- Jumping on the spot (couldn't find the skipping rope) 5 x 1 minutes, 30s rest between
- 12 pushups, starting every 60s x 5
- 12 side deltoid raises with 3 kg dumbbells, starting every 60s x 5
- 12 dumbbell shoulder press, 3kg + wrist weights, starting every 60s x 5
- 12 stiff legged deadlifts with 18 kg dumbbell, lower back focus, starting every 60s x 2


Because I should study

1. When did you wake up today? 11 AM heheh
2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? Father :)
3. How tall are you? 172 cm
4. The latest movie you saw? Snatch
5. How to impress you? Be really good at something or be hot and still act normal
6. What is your eyecolour? Medium brown
7. Do you like politics? I currently tend to get very frustrated by politics but used to love it
8. What is your favourite location? My family's house on the countryside
9. Which is your least favourite location? The Kenezy hospital in Debrecen haha
10. Where do you think that you are in 10 years? Omg! Probably back in Sweden
11. What scared you as a child? Imgainary burglars in our house and imaginary dinosaurs
12. What made you laugh hard recently? Privet (cat) killing the toy mouse
13. Do you sleep with clothes on? Preferrably not, but now I have to it's kind of cold...
14. Do you have any piercings? Four, in my ears
15. Which cities have you lived in? Eskilstuna, Debrecen
16. Favourite icecream? Hmmm krossad choklad, sandwich and magnum classic
17. Favourite dessert? Pancakes with jam, banana and whipped cream mmmm
18. Do you like coffee? Love it, with a lot of milk
19. What do you drink for breakfast? Coffee (with milk) and milk
20. Do you want children? Yes I can't wait to have children
21. What languages do you speak? Swedish, English, Russian, French, Hungarian
22. What do you spend your money on? Rent, food, fun, clothes - in decreasing order
23. Do you prefer calling or texting? Texting, unless it's my parents :)
24. Do you curse? It happens
25. Do you snore? Hehe yes :S
26. How many relationships have you been in? Two
27. Are you good at math? I'm good at mental calculation... that's about it
28. How often do you work out? Up to 6 days a week, 5 days a week in average
29. What is the biggest scar on your body? Knee surgery (ACL reconstruction)
30. Do you like tattoos? No... :) I like natural skin



Ohh I don't care that reds aren't in this year, I love them so much. Am I the only one getting bored from everyone posting nude lips? Today was a good lip day (fuller than usual) but shitty selfie day, hoestly I think I took over 100 photos to select these. That's almost a sad life!! Gonna try and be a little bit productive now before I go to bed.