Mustard lovers

Mustard?? I bet it was mustard. They love that stuff in this country. But why put that in the bolognese all of the sudden!? Now I don't dare having that dish ever again. It is disturbing with an allergic reaction to the esophagus like this, I do everything I can to avoid it... because I become extra sensitive for a longer period of time to things that I'm not really allergic to but more like just sensitive to... like avocado or pomme grenade. I love avocado and I bought two of them yesterday =(

At least the weather has been great. 15 degrees from noon till 4 PM. I sat in the sun for two hours and read... about Djingis Khan invading China... but whatevaah I've studied as well.


This hair

The song continues. I took this photo of myself at the lecture today... and suddenly I went straight to the hairdresser. In my gym clothes. Because the plan was to go to the gym after the lecture. (went later)

Success! Ohhh scalp massage, why don't they ever give us that in Sweden!?

So basically I chopped off 30 cm of my hair. It's just above my shoulders now... I'm not used to it I think but I like it!

Nah I'm kidding. I just trimmed my length into a U-shape and had a little variation on my fringe. I don't think anyone will notice. Love my length, love my fresh ends. What a mess my hair was this morning...

I don't think so Maria

You know how some days you feel really pretty and you're being almost amazed by the reflection in the mirrors...

You take some photos. But you look at those photos and become absolutely shocked when you see what the lens captured. What the heeell. Like today at Melange.

Supposedly you guys can't see it, but this is not what I saw in the mirrors. What a mockery against me and my vanity! cheat_aging_cease on - please?

Sleep sleep slap

Sooo close to going out this weekend, but in the end I decided not to so that I could catch up with sleep properly, not mess up my rythm any more and ultimately study in peace. I'm starting to fall behind, I can't chillax no more if I want this semester to be successful.

It is so hard to wake up for morning classes at 8!! The thought alone of waking up before 7 makes me uneasy. Blaee.

Anyways it's not like I did nothing. Friday evening we called Dollal and Hayaan in for pizza making and some local gossip, or what to call it, and I went to gym on Saturday which was sooo nice. My stamina may be comme ci comme ca, but I feel quite stong now which encourages me further. I'm thinking of going in the mornig tomorrow before the lecture but I'll base the decision on my state of well slept.



I came home from the gym now and I have very little power to start my studies... even though I SKIPPED half of the day in school today. If you ever had PMS + a physiology seminar with group 9, you would understand.

I wish I lived in the university library so I could study all the time.

My hair today: (not a hair donut, but six hairpins and an elastic)



I'm not reading tonight. No physio, no biochemi, no neuro. Not even some Djingis Khan invading China.

Maybe just a few pages of Djingis Khan invading China.

But bed, importantly.


Swedish cinnamon buns à la Hungarian ingredients

Holding a tray with kanelbullar, the first ones that I ever baked by myself. A succsess I must say! Egg free (of course). Usually my mom or brother are the producers back home. Wanna have some? Leave a request in the comments and I'll do my laziest best to transport one for you. What you see is my body weight in kanelbullar and even though those are gregarious animals I'm not merciful enough to consume all of them on my own...


Baah. Tuesday is my longest day from 08.00 - 19.00. Neuro-anatomy practical, biochemistry seminar, self study time, Hungarian and then the elective on pathological membranes... It's hard to be on top through the whole day you know!?

But I must say that even though we all basically drag ourselves to the compulsory Hungarian classes, I always giggle through them like a stupid. I'm probably prolonging my life by a decade with those classes.

If anyone from my class is reading this I'd like to say sorry, that I giggle so much at everything and you all... and that I make other people giggle with me. It is nothing personal against anyone of you! It would not matter what we do in class, I'd still make something funny of it in my head.

Peachy coral + leopard print

Back in Debrecen = back to my dear bottles of nail polish.

The base is two coats of Color Club's "coral cascade" which is a peachy orange with a touch of neon. I really like the colour but unfortunately this polish started chipping big time after only two days... not OK!

My nails are super short at the moment so to cheer them up I added leopard prints with taupe and black on both my hands as in the photo here =)

Horrible picture quality - at your service

Mixed pics from the weekend during which I had a blast!!

Restaurants, clubbing, pool, gym and ultimately baking Swedish kanelbullar. My intoxication from Friday night lasted for almost 24 hours. I did not expect this and had to go half drunk to the gym; weakened but much satisfied.


- And any restaurant that you'd like baby... but Upps has 40% off today...

Aww. Thats my Dennis 100%. LOL. Love you. And I love the frog <333
Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day =)


Today I stood in line. Then I stood in line... and yet another line

One of the most disrespectful things you can do to yourself is to go to bed too late. I was tired today and I have to say that it completely ruined my day. I feel like I didn't learn anything... and believe me there was a lot that I could have learned in those ten hours at the University.

Awh. Finally when I arrived to the gym I got into a good mood and actually enjoyed both the workout and the mirrors. UNTIL that creepy (old) guy showed up. He keeps eyeballing me... working out next to me and speaking with me in Hungarian even though he knows I don't understand what he is saying... I don't even want to know what he is saying with that sleezy look on his face... I left as soon as I saw him and luckily I was just done with my programme =/

Now what a depressing post, I can't end it like this...
Hey check out my new sports top! I bought it at the NK sale in Stockholm =)



I went swimming yesterday, yaayy! Last semester I forgot my gear in Sweden but not this time.

I wouldn't have gone if I hadn't met Julian 4 AM on the Sunday morning and made a pinky promise... Well I kinda counted on that he wouldn't make it with those circumstances, which was indeed true, but Joakim went swimming which was nice :D

If you wonder why I don't bring Dennis swimming... I try every time.

Tasty chemicals

Aaaand the semester has started. We had an introduction in neurobiology today, it's going to be so interesting!!

My first weekend here was awesome. I had girls from the class over at my house and we made some amazing drinks before we went out to White Angel, which was very crowded and I'm giving thumbs up to the DJ in that room on the 2nd floor. I had the best time!

I promise you, you want to make this drink. But be careful because the taste of alcohol somehow completely disappears.

Recipe for "rysens hallonryssare" (developed by me through trial and error for over more than a year):

1. One tablespoon of brown sugar
2. Add some 4-6 pieces of lime and squash them in the sugar
3. Add a big spoon of raspberries and squash those too
4. Ice to the max
5. Vodka! (optional)
6. Fill the remaining space with Sprite
7. Stir! Enjoy!!



I spent this evening in updating my CV and application papers for the coming summer, maybe me and some friends can work at a Hospital in Norway together, that would be so much fun. And $$$$$. Then we could go abroad on a trip together too yaaayy!

A tip if you want to earn some cashmoney in the coming summer! Find a staffing company, they will help you get a job in Norway and most of the companies provide with free living. It's a big business over there because Norway is always short on staff during the summer when people want to go on vacation. And you won't probably find better salaries anywhere in the world. I don't know if you have to speak a scandinavian language to get a job but of course it would help a lot heheh.


Good times pass by too fast..! I'm going back to Hungary on Friday already.

Now when I'm home in Sweden I feel like I was never away... but I would like to refuse going back. Next Monday school is running and my life in Sweden will start to feel like life in another world. And I will wait for four months or five to return here...

It is not that horrible in Hungary! Haha sorry. But I didn't have enough time at home. I haven't even had time to meet up with some of my friends that I would have loved to see... ohhh.. that's why I choose to work quite hard during the semester and party less during that time, so that I can go home earlier... it is quite hard to find that perfect balance I must say because you still have to leave time for things as exercise and ehh... cooking and cleaning -___-

I do look forward to the warm weather which will come at least 5 weeks earlier to Debrecen than to Sweden. I think about all the nice clothes I can start wearing again :D I miss the smell of spring... but imagine how every time it rains the ground is covered in beetles. That's part of spring in Hungary, too.

Last spring in Debrecen.

I see icy

An evening walk with my parents. We had degrees above 0 the other day so some of the snow melted down... this resulted in the roads being completely covered with ice when the temperature returned to negative. We took a walk around the hood (7km?) and returned to the house across the lake, 40cm of ice, no longer covered with snow... a walk completely on ice. Yeahh.