Tasty chemicals

Aaaand the semester has started. We had an introduction in neurobiology today, it's going to be so interesting!!

My first weekend here was awesome. I had girls from the class over at my house and we made some amazing drinks before we went out to White Angel, which was very crowded and I'm giving thumbs up to the DJ in that room on the 2nd floor. I had the best time!

I promise you, you want to make this drink. But be careful because the taste of alcohol somehow completely disappears.

Recipe for "rysens hallonryssare" (developed by me through trial and error for over more than a year):

1. One tablespoon of brown sugar
2. Add some 4-6 pieces of lime and squash them in the sugar
3. Add a big spoon of raspberries and squash those too
4. Ice to the max
5. Vodka! (optional)
6. Fill the remaining space with Sprite
7. Stir! Enjoy!!

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