Sleep sleep slap

Sooo close to going out this weekend, but in the end I decided not to so that I could catch up with sleep properly, not mess up my rythm any more and ultimately study in peace. I'm starting to fall behind, I can't chillax no more if I want this semester to be successful.

It is so hard to wake up for morning classes at 8!! The thought alone of waking up before 7 makes me uneasy. Blaee.

Anyways it's not like I did nothing. Friday evening we called Dollal and Hayaan in for pizza making and some local gossip, or what to call it, and I went to gym on Saturday which was sooo nice. My stamina may be comme ci comme ca, but I feel quite stong now which encourages me further. I'm thinking of going in the mornig tomorrow before the lecture but I'll base the decision on my state of well slept.

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