Life on the edge... again. (numbers)

It occurs to me now and then, that I need to work just a little harder. Sometimes I'm lucky, but today I was not. I took two chemistry tests this morning and scored 78,6 and 57,1, which altogether gave me the final grade average of 64,3 (grade 2, which is "pass"); whereas 65,0 would have been a grade 3. But the chemistry department had no mercy with me. Fair enough... although a Grade 3 would have looked so much nicer in my little book...

Well I'm not eager enough to retake all three tests again.

There's 43 hours left till my flight, but only 14 hours till the biostatistics exam tomorrow, which I AM retaking to improve my grade. I coudn't fall asleep at all last night and I'm totally exhausted, but I shall make this... Though I'm quite sure that I might be just on the edge. "Haha".



This is it. It's my last food. I put everything I had. It's tasty... But this is the end. I'm out of toiletpaper too.

Learning it the hard way-ayy

... that Hungarians do not mind starvation on the 26th of December as NOTHING IS "NYITVA" TODAY EXCEPT A FEW GAS STATIONS WHERE YOU MAY BUY WATER SODA CANDY AND MOTOR OIL. AND GAS!!!

Kthxbye have a nice day and I'm studying sooo...



Those who saw me after the Biophysics exam yesterday probably thought that I'd failed the course or something, because the reult ate my mood. I got a 4. It's a fine grade but yeahh...

Now I have five days to prepare for the chemistry exam. Five days is not too much as I'm retaking both General chemistry and Inorganic chemistry, but it should be just enough for a decent grade in chemistry too.

Need to do some grocery shopping but it's the day before X-mas and I wonder if there's anything left in the supermarket hahah...



I want to paint my nails so badly in HeliYum (link) but I'm out of nail polish remover and I hate wandering around with chipped nail polish and I refuse to scratch nail polish off because it damages the nail...


A great forehead picture, and a great day because:

  • I've studied today!
  • The final episode of Grey's Anatomy season 4 was awesommme!!
  • I sliced a pomegranate open and it splashed me with red juice all over EXCEPT on my top, +++ it was delicious +++ I used to be allergic to pomegranate but now I'm apparently not!!
  • I got a good result on the statistics test! Well, it was a 3, so this is the grade I'm offered for the course unless I want to take the final exam. But thing is, I never saw the entire last page of the test, which would have completed my score to a 5. So I only look forward to the final exam! It won't delay my arrival to Sweden anyways!!



Oh my god. I don't want to study. I don't want to study!! I want to go out and dance and have fun.

Can't believe I'm going to be here all alone for an entire week...


And as,

Oh and not that I expected to get a good result on the SCT for inorganic chemistry today, but I can only pass by chance, and luck, which is awful, statistically unfavorable and ass and we have to study our asses off.

And I will remember for a very long time how that Very terrified seeming Norwegian girl clarified to her friend that there's a BIG---asssss---lång---kööö outside the Education's Office. "Kö" means queue. I regret that this scene made an impression on me since the moment that it occured. It hurt me in many psychological ways. But this was in August and I've talked to the girl once since then and I excuse her...

Not that it's related but unfortunately her words also say a lot about the Education's Office...


"I did everything I could"

Aloha accident. Spilled milk on Dennis laptop.
Acted quickly as to save it. Tried to save it.
All that was left was to wait for it to dry.
Dennis came home and blow-dried the keyboard but ended up melting a few keys.
I'm very sorry.
Evident milk stain on the top corner of the screen. Seems to be dry, but it's milk, so it's there.
Hardware in function, but keyboard obviously not serving. I'm sorry. Continuosly redeeming.
Hopelessly cramming chemistry. Drinking milk.


Crazy stuff

Registration for final exams opened today at 20.00. For each test session there are 40 - 150 exam slots (i.e. seats for students) avaliable, depending on the subject. I was online 19.55. I registered for my first subject at 20.00.01. I failed to register my second subject at 20.00.08 because by then ALL 100 SEATS WERE TAKEN. In 8 seconds. Anyways I managed to fixxx the everything so that I at least can go home before 2012! Wohooo!!

 Pic from Halloween..




Fantastic, the last biophysics test went well and I can probably go home to Sweden a week earlier than I expected! Also I have had a nice session at the gym today; then I got home and put together some home made hamburgers. Aaahhwhwh.



A nice day! Dennis and I went shopping for a few hours, and now we're going to cook something. And I have been on Skype with a dear friend. Nice day! Relaxation spoils me I think...


Went out dancing with Bendy last night and wooo we had so much fun!!
Can't wait till the christmas holidays. Can't wait till I go home to Sweden and see my famiy and my friends!


Avoiding people

Do you also actively avoid someone?

I don't want to study by myself anymore, where I used to prefer to study... so annoying!! And I feel like I can't even disguise all the discontempt that falls over me as "the it" occurs in front of me again and again.

In my head I'm being unusually rude but I can't ask someone to leave me alone for the rest of my life, when they are just trying to be nice.



I was (becoming) late for the chemistry seminar but desired a toilet visit, so outside the library there's only one out of three toilets that has a hook to hang stuff on, exactly, so I'm very much thinking about that specific door to the toilet. Next up, the entire ladies room appears quiet and empty and I simply pull the door open, to encounter that poor girl sitting there. Though she was smiling and said it's okay. I sorrysorrysorry ran out of there.


I just wanted to blow my nose before I went out of the changing room (into the gym), so next up, the entire ladies room appears quiet and empty and I simply pull the door open, to encounter yet a girl sitting down, smiling "it's okay".

Claustrofobic girl, girl that forgets, girl that likes company, weak door, strong me, Hungary?
Is this enough to draw a conclusion?


What is waste

Clashing together, good things in high doses making a nasty mess, and people tend to be too proud. So anyways I'm glad that it's my hobby think a lot because sometimes someone might need a second opinion and I always, always for some reason have one.

Today I have not even been out of the house, except when I was tanning in the midday sun at the balcony, which doesn't count, so yeah this obviously feels comme si comme sa. Maybe I should go grocery shopping or something but I don't really need to, I only need to study, but that's also not true because I don't NEED to sit down all day like this.


Home number current

 There! As I have carried this good mood for some week, I shall now be sensible enough to provice my curious blog visitors with the ("promised") detail of my nest. Please observe that I took these photos more than a month ago. Nowadays everything is orange and... on the ground.

 The front side of the building. (I REMOVED THIS PHOTO). That gate makes an awful lot of noise.

Stairs (inside the building).

 Kitchen. Apparently it is all IKEA.

Living room. Never tidy like this, don't belive what you see.

 Bathroom. Laundry.

My bike. It is locked. No, it is not, I mean, from that place.



This catfriend of mine is Bendy. So glad that I met this girl. Oh and she actually also went to the International Baccalaureate for High School, only in Ghana.

This was our first holiday since summer, two days off, except that its really one day as we have to attend school at saturday to make up for the lost lectures. Ahahahah...



Long time!

I will follow up for you; I passed. But did not score a lot more than so. Can't wait until the Latin scores are put up, I think these will cheer me up.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? I would have felt like it if it wasn't such a burden to figure out an alright costume, which is cheap. I'm such a poor, cheap student!

This was a very nice week in other. My family was here. I miss them. Love you so much!



I was planning to bake a cake today in the new oven, as for celerbrating my success in the Biophysics test.

The paper was exactly what I wanted it to be, so what is my problem.

How could I be stupid enough to spontaneously change all these answers supporting β-decay into α-decay, just like that, erase and replace, without thinking twice. Why not finish the long essay question instead? Even if I had an impulse of doubt, acing the long essay would actually be reasonable since it was worth more points.

In five minutes I basically trashed my 5 (top grade is 5) into a 2 (pass) on the essay section.

I'm immensely disappointed and I can't handle this very well because I'm also ashamed. I hate that my boyfriend will get his 5 whilst I will not.

Of course he should have a 5, but I should too, that's how I feel and I can't repair this.

Tomorrow I have to feel really pretty in school. And I have to score full points in Latin on Wednesday. I'm seriously the most eager Latin student. Anyways I still bought the ingredients today for the cake so I'm going to bake it now...



Tannul Tannulok Tannultok

Study. Study, study... study and study.

And cook some food, and then again, one is obliged to study. Should definitely study.

The freshmen's prom is today but no one is going because the Biophysics control is on Monday morning. Whoever decided to make this kind of prom arrangement clearly preferred keeping the prom as a private event.


Torr constant

By the way, did you notice the dryness of the grass in my previous post? (obviously not since I put it up just ten minutes ago...) Debrecen has actually been fed with less than one day of rain since I got here, the 16:th of August.

Autumn is approaching but from noon till evening we still have temperatures above 20 degrees Celcius - in case you were curious about the weather. Personally I'm genuinely enthusiastic about weather so.......

Melting backpack

I'm looking for a new backpack. The one I currently carry is 20 years old, half dead and too small for transportation of school material.

And I must complain!! My search has not been nearly succesful. Basically, I want a douplet, but slightly bigger, cannot find...

Please have indulgence with my procrastination here, as I'm preparing for the chemistry exam that takes place the next monday.



I shall introduce you to my home! Bit by bit; starting with the back side, also known as the sunny side, as well as the one side of our appartment's windows and balcony.

As the reader might assume with the aid of the two photos below, our appartment building was erected during the 20:th century (unwanted) communist era of Hungary. Assumingly the building is around 45 years old.

One of the balconies is yellow, this is our balcony, third level.

You may notice how the windows are barricated at the ground floor. Swedish window burglers have few business opportunities in Debrecen.

The majority of our neighbors seem nice and friendly, but they don't like it how I shut the house gate, so I adapt and truly pet it into place. I agree it should not oscillate more than necessary, that awfully musical gate...


There there

I re-found my keys. That's right, they were out of sight for a monent which partly explains my last post. Heh-heh.

I studied chemistry all day long. First there was a chemistry lecture, then a chemistry seminar, and then I sort of remained in school and studied chemistry until now. On monday we have our first self-control. Aahhh. Good scores for self-controls gives exemptions from final exams!

You should have seen me today, I was really awake. No irony; a good night sleep. Again, aahhh!



I had the worst friday. I even cried. The only thing that went (kind of) well was the presentation. Ugh. I'll go and swim now to redeem my mood.



I've been feeling a bit lonely today. Nothing special really, just a few small things. Things like I didn't see this and that friend in school, I had a really short day, alone at home, missing home.

My boyfriend and I are not in the same class and after school he played soccer and now he's back in school, studying, so that he will not procrastinate by the computer at home, kind of like this... but I'm doing my presentation by the computer anyways so it would not matter to me...

Yes, I truly miss Sweden right now. Family, friends, my familys' summer cottage. I found some, also lonely, pictures from this summer.

I see ice

After a week of silent cursing over excessicve intake of ice tea and a possible caries infection, I have now come to the conclusion that they are coming; referring to my visdom teeth as they.

As if penetrating with the aid of a scalpell they perfectly slice my gum open. Looks like alien businees. So fun to follow.

At the moment I'm having ice coffee by the sunny window. Up next is preparation of a Power Point slide for Biophysics class on Friday.

I'm going to become an expert in Laser Surgery.


Too bored

Hungarian insects are intelligent

This is something I truly appreciate with Hungary; if an insect gets in through the window - it goes out again, through that window. Sometimes you don't even have to direct it.

So smart!

Evolution of insects is lagging behind in Sweden where natural selection still whips the flycatcher around.


Such a nice day!!


Chinese from now on

I picked up my lecture card today, students need it to be allowed to sit exams.

By the registration desk they ask me to take a seat. I do, and they take an immediate photo. Obviously I'm doing all kinds of non-photo gestures, so a new photo is taken and they print my card.

I'm thinking like wow, service was so fast. Then I grab my card. I ask why they chose a photo where I'm closing my eyes.

- Yes, but the first one was wronger.

Nose stuffed with napkins!

Fourth time in two weeks, I went swimming yesterday. Do you know how good it is for the head, going swimming for a while? I'm also gymming now and then. It has been ten weeks since my knee surgery so I'm also officially allowed to start jogging.

The other day I was actively thinking about how great it feels to be well, healthy and fit. A conspiracy - I have been struck by a cold.

Also today I think that my white shorts got stained by every possible thing. Food dye (lab), food (lunch), coffee (mumbo jumbo walked into my cup), blood, snot. Waaah doomsday of white shorts.


As a big proportion of my readers seems to request an explaination of what a teasing comb is - I have decided upon enlightment.

The purpose of a typical teasing comb is to "repeatedly comb the hair towards the scalp, causing the hair to tangle and knot up" (quote). This should generate an illusion of volume in the hair, which I often strive towards achieving.

This is my comb's current appearance, it is not feeling well:


Süt a nap!

This week has been summer all over; today for instance we reached 30 degrees Celcius by noon.

I'm finished in school for the day. At least I have nothing until medical phsychology at 20.00. This means that meanwhile I'll devote my self to the following:

- Tanning at our balcony.
- Take a nap.
- Study biophysics...

I don't usually take "the nap" but today I carry extra fatigue. Can you believe my teasing comb broke into five pieces in one snap this morning? I've been using that comb almost every day since I bought it in Spain this summer...


Principles allover

Biophysics occupies all my study time. Ugh! I have an interest for it but I'm also getting increasingly annoyed as different sources explain the same concept in (this is how it feels at the moment) entirelly different manners. I never studied physics before...

I'm also disturbed by the mail that I recieve to this adress. Firstly, it consists of 85% shit commercial stuff. 5% is letters to me and/or my room mate. 10% is letters to someone else. Like today I collected a kepeslap:ed postcard to Nguyen Thanh. How relevant is that!!

And it stings my existence, that no one recycles around here. Like all this shit commercial stuff - no one keeps it, it goes straight down the trash can, of which the content is carelessly emptied at some garbage mountain around a suburb area, where it stays until human life decays. There's no system and obviously no one cares enough to do anything...



I still haven't got my own computer here. Well, I do have one, but we simply can't fix it with the internet. It bothers me a lot and I think it bothers my room mate too, since what I do not have I must borrow. Hehe.

Turning engines up

Sooo med. school has started! So far we've had biostatistics, biophysics, medical chemistry and latin... It's all quite fun. Like most of the students I got a 5 in basic Hungarian. Here we're given grades on a scale between 1 - 5; "passing the course" is a 2 and requires around 60-70%. A 5 is usually 85-90%.

Last weekend we went out clubbing at some average place, it was fun though, as a starter we had a wii-moment at Patricks'!


Come together right no-o-ow

114 words in Hungarian that I cannot translate direclty, now that I count them...


One more week

To bed at six, then at six thirty and six again. Clubbing in Debrecen is approved. We also watched this movie where this guy pulled the trigger of his gun with a carrot... he killed eight men in his bedroom, carrying his brothel girlfriend around his waist, actually having sex with her at the same time. Needless to say, the film was interesting.

Since I got to Hungary I didn't take one single photo lol why??



Though at the moment I am very lonely. All the guys went away playing soccer.

My recent knee surgery is not the issue here.

When I say guys, I mean guys as in men. Seriously, my new acquaintances are nearly all male. Ah how nice huh. It's not like I don't appreciate their exsitence, but it has struck me that I seriosly need to find a good girlfriend around here.



So I finally got connected to the internet today. Or at least my room mate did... Gonna have to solve that...

I really like it here in Debrecen so far. The weather is oven like and will continue to be, as I understand, for quite a while until it suddenly transforms into a freezer state. People are friendly and good looking, the University Campus is impressive and food prices are wonderfully low.

I found and moved into a great apartment the very same day that I arrived (will show some photos). Bank account, SIM card, everything is settled. I can't see that I miss much more than a bike and some ice cream.


Rewards are for those who work hard

I'm currently comparing my IB component grades to the grade boundaries for exams in May 2011.

I'm 2% away from a higher grade in math, 2% away from a higher grade in Economics, come on... I'm also 3% below the upper grade in chemistry.

And my grade in English is a mystery. It has been slaughtered by a grade 4 for my paper 2. How could that paper be worthy of only a 4!? I swear I thought that piece of carbon and ink was the best paper 2 I had ever written for English.

Did you know I did not get a single 7? I scored sevens in Biology and Swedish but these ended up as sixes anyways.

My advice to those of you who are not yet graduates of the IB; you must study more than you think, that you think that you have to study.


I will miss the most


Ahh, I made a taco pie and now I barely feel like walking. But I must share with you that today has been the nicest day of the entire summer!! I have been by the lake with my family the whole day. I will miss them so much...


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Second gesture

This is a very recent photograph of me, it's from yesterday morning. I took it myself as you see. It represents my facial appearance.


August brings clouds of poofy moisture to swedish summer skies, why an individual being situated outdoors may frequently shift between physiological states of shivering and melting. One of my greatest concerns this day was whether I should make my coffee hot or with ice.

How nice is not that for a major concern of the day.

So this being my first post on this blog; please feel welcome to become absorbed by my linguistic incorrectness as I plan to proceed this project in written english; being a native speaker for swedish and russian solely and profoundly passionate about creative use of language.

In 96 hours I'm leaving home with an airplane to Hungary, to start my five year long medical studies there.

Now all of you espionaging foxes should find it easy to follow me, you see the content here is very public. Please do not hesitate to ask me any question that I could possibly answer. Nice to have you here.