New bikini

FINALLY the panties arrived as well. More is less is more... Also cut my hair yesterday heheh.


100 km

Amazing weather and the longest walk so far this summer, 14 km which makes it at least 100 kilometers of walking in August. Not too bad if I may say so myself. Bedtime shall come early this evening hahaa I surely feel that......

Summer training

My workout plan this summer was based on more free time = more time for exercise. I wanted to make running a great part of it and run a quarter marathon in September, but I've given up on this due to asthma. I've been getting a pretty massive asthma about 1,5 km into my runs, even with a-blocker... which is very disappointing and a surprise since I never get asthma in Debrecen. I'm guessing that I developed an allergy against something in the air here as a child and that there has been a lot of that in Sweden this summer. Since I haven't been running I've been walking a lot with my parents, counting the walks I remember right now adds up to 86 km.

Apart from the week when I was sick my dad and I have gone to Eskilstuna to the gym exactly twice a week. I've also been doing some small stuff at home some days like pushups, airsquats and situps.

Summer summary until now:
lower body +
upper body 0/-
stamina -
weight 1 kg +


Would you

If someone asked me what I would really like to do in my life, I wouldn't primarily chose to be a doctor. I would be a wife, a mother, and an author. I would live somewhere beautiful where the air is fresh and I would type my words.

English is something I've learned, it's in my brain... I use it to communicate the best that I can. But typing in Swedish... there's this sense that I have and I use it with pleasure... to manipulate, if you like... language to evoke feelings and thoughts... laughter... Not a unique, but special ability that I've aquired solely by growing up into being me, with all the things that contributed to that. I not only want to, or think that I should, but feel as if it is my pursuit to pedantically write things down before I perish one day.

Daily do I feel inspired to save away phrases for my future novel. I don't know anything about it... really nothing, except that I'm going to write it. These are just fragments; incidents, similies or dialogues... But I don't write them down, I'm postponing something and nothing, and my ideas are lost to probably never be re-thought of. I'd like to spend my time and thoughts more wisely, and have a something with me always where I can easily write my ideas down. My phone would be something, wouldn't it? I'm too lazy to type it there! Please me, work with me.

Meanwhile, I'm becoming a doctor. A profession which I've chosen based on purpose, personal interest and economical security. Something I want to become, almost as much as a spouse, a mother and an author. The amazing part is that things just have to be done, in order to be done. And that if I want, just as anyone, I could achieve all of it.

Question for my readers, what is your dream?



Two more countryside photos! ;) from today's 6,5 km walk with my mom. Basically countryside is all I've done this summer. It's also what I look forward to the most, while staying in Hungary.

Dennis and I bought tickets and will be returning on the 6th of September wohoo I'm excited to go back!



"Shitty weather" for over a week but a few rays found their way down here today. Went on a long countryside walk with my dad!!

Heading over to Eskilsuna tomorrow for some gym, AND I've ordered about 10 pairs of shoes... and they finally arrived... so tomorrow is the day for those and hopefully a pair will fit me. My feet are quite small and slim but it's very hard for me to find shoes because of my heel... not particular in any way, except that it's not fit for shoes...

I also have this plan to buy take-away at Mandy Thai... oh yes. Every visit in Sweden, for as long as Mandy Thai exists...



Gym at last, after a week of virus and recovery. This feeling is the best.

Afterwards had food at "Korean House" with Dennis A. and his sister. This is another Dennis that I've known since primary school. I had bibimbap (without egg, obviously) and it was mmmm' I just want to eat it again right now!!

We also went to see Dollal sleeping in his car at a parking lot near downtown. He would have joined us for some Korean if it wasn't for his 24 hours 0 sleep. Besides, he had already eaten a "pommestallrik". I took some photos but he would mind me publishing these. Hehe.



Jasmine, Matilda and Jessica came over here <3 We basically ate and played games and ate and went fishing and ate HAHA team M.M. for the win!


what, whaat?

Just painted my nails. What a nice idea to have them dry a bit on the balcony, in the sun and the wind.

Yes very nice, this is so efficient. But wait... I was breathing nailpolish for almost 15 minutes. At least 10 minutes... that's not good. I should cough.

Attempting two loud and violent coughings. I spit on the ground. Well done Maria.

Then! Straight down, in front of the stairs, from absolutely nowhere...!!
"Oh, don't mind me I was just walking by..!" *Old man waving with bouquet of flowers*

I try to hide behind the handrail to conceal myself... discretely as he might not have noticed yet, that I'm topless... judging by the angle I'm not really able to hide...

"I didn't see you..." says I...
"What, whaat? Can't hear you!" *walking closer to hear better*
"Oh! Yes I'm going now... just walking by... from house 33!"

Firstly no one ever walks there... only my neighbor is allowed to... also it's impossible to see someone standing at the balcony except from ONE spot on that road, the one where he was standing... and had I not coughed neither me nor him would have noticed eachother...

Well... let's say that I've been on the lookout ever since...

When weather cannot decide!

OK, so, conclusion: there's nothing as fun as a bath in pouring rain. Nothing else is needed but the lake and the rain. I'll admit that I was wearing a bikini... but it's not needed really.

Haha the grill... is out of order. Yours sincerely.


Take that, cold

Such a special feeling, when you beat a virus. Ah-ha-ha! Yes a happiness indeed. Back to business, doing... absolutely nothing :)



Articles and sidebars flashing "Selena Gomez got a boobjob!?" Actually me too, I do think of it as a big deal. Another young female has admitted that she will not be truly beautiful without a larger bosom.

I'm getting so sick of silicone boobs. I see one "fitness icon" after the other, for instance on instagram, post their new sports bra or bikini suddenly filled up with silicone. These are girls that seemingly strive towards being strong and healthy, but then simply cannot stand how their breasts decrease in size along with the emergence of a fit body.

I was not blessed with a lot of breast tissue. Since I got into my twenties I've been very proud of my body, but growing up I was every so often self-concious regarding this matter. It didn't help that one of my best friends (guy) advised me to seriously consider having a boobjob unless they grew any bigger. Really, it's important he said. His honest opinion at the time. I also remember girls approaching me with good intention, with the tip that their boobs grew a lot since they started with birth control pills...

Even if I feel content today I obviously think about these things. I prefer wearing high-neck tops because it gives a fuller apperance. I buy padded bras. But then occasionally I see a flat-chested woman wearing a deep V-neck and I think it is so, so beautiful. I admire these women for exposing how truly beautiful they are, as they are. To me they glow of confidence. I salute Keira Knightley for not giving a crap about the rest of Hollywood, even when her breasts are constantly retouched into a bigger size in advertisement.

Sure me too the idea of augmentation has struck me. But then the thought of being insecure to such an extent, to go through anesthesia and surgery in order to feel... what is it, complete as a woman? To wear and carry foreign objects inside your body wherever you go. Relearn how to do push-ups with a couple of hundred mililiters minimum placed placed behind the pectoral muscles. Some girls can't lift their arms for weeks after the surgery because the muscle has been destroyed. Always a risk of leakage or bursting. And then having those changed every 10th year and go through the recovery process again, with possibility of complications such as infection or loss of sensation. Did you know the body has created a thick fibrous capsule around the implants by the time they are taken out, to protect the body from the foreign material?

All of it just to appeal more to others, to be a 10/10. I refuse. I wish more young women could do the same. Why are they not happy about themselves until they succumb to this ideal, even with all sacrifices that breast implants come with...



So this guy is going on a trip through Europe with a few friends from primary school. For three weeks. Uääuäwä..... he stayed here at the countryside with me this week which was our goodbye so to say. Will miss a lot.

Dennis caught that pike which was re-planted into the water; followed by a pike perch, the latter slaughtered for dinner. With smirking remorse did he swallow his first hunt.


I know what pear tastes like, and Swedish pear ice cream is nothing like it... but it's awesome.



Good thing about suddenly going all in, is that you have 1. the best time in a long time and 2. probably at least six weeks free of alcohol. Had a BLAST at my Matilda's "house cooling party". Went to Stockholm with Jasmine. Nausea-Saturday = WORTH IT. Much love!!!!!!!

On our endless search for Matilda's house xD