Summer training

My workout plan this summer was based on more free time = more time for exercise. I wanted to make running a great part of it and run a quarter marathon in September, but I've given up on this due to asthma. I've been getting a pretty massive asthma about 1,5 km into my runs, even with a-blocker... which is very disappointing and a surprise since I never get asthma in Debrecen. I'm guessing that I developed an allergy against something in the air here as a child and that there has been a lot of that in Sweden this summer. Since I haven't been running I've been walking a lot with my parents, counting the walks I remember right now adds up to 86 km.

Apart from the week when I was sick my dad and I have gone to Eskilstuna to the gym exactly twice a week. I've also been doing some small stuff at home some days like pushups, airsquats and situps.

Summer summary until now:
lower body +
upper body 0/-
stamina -
weight 1 kg +

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