what, whaat?

Just painted my nails. What a nice idea to have them dry a bit on the balcony, in the sun and the wind.

Yes very nice, this is so efficient. But wait... I was breathing nailpolish for almost 15 minutes. At least 10 minutes... that's not good. I should cough.

Attempting two loud and violent coughings. I spit on the ground. Well done Maria.

Then! Straight down, in front of the stairs, from absolutely nowhere...!!
"Oh, don't mind me I was just walking by..!" *Old man waving with bouquet of flowers*

I try to hide behind the handrail to conceal myself... discretely as he might not have noticed yet, that I'm topless... judging by the angle I'm not really able to hide...

"I didn't see you..." says I...
"What, whaat? Can't hear you!" *walking closer to hear better*
"Oh! Yes I'm going now... just walking by... from house 33!"

Firstly no one ever walks there... only my neighbor is allowed to... also it's impossible to see someone standing at the balcony except from ONE spot on that road, the one where he was standing... and had I not coughed neither me nor him would have noticed eachother...

Well... let's say that I've been on the lookout ever since...

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