So I'm back home in Sweden. Walked 12,9 km with my parents today. Went to gym with my dad yesterday and walked 13,3 km the day before that. Phew!!


Had the time of my life when I got home from the walk. The water is very warm now after two weeks of 30 degrees... I was jumping and diving and it started raining and I couldn't stop smiling.


DIY body chain

YES! Free time = DIY time.

Body chains are quite pricy and it's hard to find the perfect fit, why I decided to design and construct my own. How to below!

What you need to make the same chain as me:
- 2 - 3 meters of gold chain. I ordered mine from UK through Ebay.
- Jumprings to connect the chain pieces
- 2 lobster clasps or corresponding
- a pair of small pliers of some sort
- something to cut the chain with
- optional, rough thread to construct a prototype

1. Optional. Construct a prototype using the thread to make the chain customised to your body. I used crochet thread. Tie threads in front of a mirror to achieve the look you like.

2. Take your prototype off. Trace thread along the prototype to create the pieces that you will use as template for the chain.

To make my body chain this is what I used. I'm 172 cm (5'8'') tall and wear european size 34/36 XS/S.
- two pieces (right and left) that will go around the neck (30 cm each)
- one front-piece (6 cm)
- one back-piece (30 cm)
- two short waist-pieces (41 cm) these are the top two on the prototype
- two long waist-pieces (51 cm) the lower two

3. Measure the gold chain against the template strands and cut the gold chain accordingly.

4. Connect the chain using jumprings! Use the pliers to open and close the jumprings. There will be one jumpring at every place that strands of chain meet. I used 4 rings, plus 4 more for the lobster clasps.
Taking the prototype off, I noticed that the "short waist-pieces" passed very tightly over my shoulders so this is where I decided to use the lobsters to prevent the chain from breaking when I take it on/off. I placed the clasps at the end of the short waist-pieces to be connected in the back.

5. Finito! Wear it :D


Someone call a doctor!


Laughed so much this weekend!

Got there at 5 PM and started off with a rip-off dinner at Buddha bar followed by a night out at Peaches and Cream. The latter I really recommend if you are a student and looking for clubbing in Budapest! We managed to wake up early on Saturday and spent the whole day exploring. Left at noon on Sunday.


Oh yeah!

waaaw I feel good. Got a 4 yesterday so I'm happy with that! Officially a 4th year medical student :D

Up early today because I'm so excited! Just had breakfast and soon on my way to the gym. Then at 14 going to the pool with Eleni. And some running around for lecture books and what not.

Going to Budapest Friday - Sunday with Bendy Sonia and Viola!

Speaking of fun stuff, checked my resting pulse tree times and it's 50 beats per minute! Haven't been this good since I was 14 haha.

The photo below is from before the pathology exam. Le top is an old sweater from H&M that I cut off because the sleeves shrunk in the laundry hehe. I like it.


RA and that

First day of summer practice - was nice!

We came in at 8 AM which was a bit too early and left us feeling ignored and confused for about half an hour. But! Got taken care of all of the sudden, by very nice staff, were given patients for history taking and examination (the usual) and that was it for the day. How niice. Tomorrow we're doing rounds with the doctor.

We = Dennis and I, and another girl for now. Practicing at the department of Rheumatology.

In other I'm still studying for the microbiology final which is on Wednesday. It's the last day so no I can't postpone it anymore hahah.



Just kidding, no frikin way that I can take micro on Thursday. Simply can't study fast enough.

OK, in theory, I'm able to study fast enough. But I refuse! A normal life please, because it works. Whatever-extra because I'm staying in Hungary for the summer practice anyways.

Went to gym today in the lovely storm and felt awesome in general.


33 degrees = go to the beach! But since it's Debrecen, = go to the (one, single) outdoor pool. Went with Leo, fun :D getting to the pool was an adventure itself, starring burglars and perilious trails.

Yes Dennis was invited but he decided to stay home and study.

Slowly but surely been studying microbiology which will be my last exam. Yes!! Taking it on Thursday morning.

I got a new black bikini hehe.. my first black ever actually.



It felt like a never ending examination. Probably took at least fourty minutes, but I don't actually know... I wanted to say that infarction of the heart isn't hemorragic but accidentaly said "non-coagulative", after that moment (five minutes into my exam) it turned into a total slaughter. In the end mr Molnar gave me a 2, pass. Haha fml...

Slept 10 hours last night but still feel quite exhausted.

Pic from this evening when we said goodbye to Marianna who finished her erasmus and is going back home to Italy.



Will have done my exam within 48 hours. The ususal feeling... how!!?!?!?