Past week

Monday: 40 minutes running, squats, triceps
Tuesday: chest, abs
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: back, abs, 35 minutes running
Friday: nothing
Saturday: shoulders, abs
Sunday: biceps, squats, leg press (left leg only) PS was supposed to be hamstrings-day but my hands/grip was exhausted from chin-ups...


Upper lobe

The sky was incredibly beautiful the other day when I went downtown for a one-week check-up on my new ear piercing. I don't know if you happened to notice that I got a second hole on both of my ears, hehe. The first one a month ago. I wanted more ear piercings for so long..! Got a helix piercing in second year that I had to take out due to infection... and since then I've been weary... but finally hihi.


Current and a comment


"Maria works out so much without getting any muscles", yes I'm getting stronger without having a major increase in muscle volume... this is the case for most white females I think... and I'm very pleased with my tiny muscles thank you. I don't think that protein supplements would "help" me and even if they would I'm not interested in ingesting a powdered, dissolvable product full of artificial additives. I'm sure that the world incidence of kidney stones is increasing due to the high consumption of protein shakes...

"Maria has too much muslces" (it's funny how I get such a variety of opinions :D ) I think you should reconsider what is important in life. I'd rather have wider shoulders (and a much nicer posture) than be weak and unhealthy and contract chronic diseases at middle age. Arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, hypertension, ischaemic heart disease; only a few examples of what you can prevent or postpone with regular exercise. And what if the house you're in is on fire and you need to climb out the window? If you don't find a strong body visually appealing at least think of these things...

In 1st year of medical school I only "had time" to exercise 1 - 2 times a week, which I don't think was "bad" in any way because it was what I could handle then; the level that made me the least stressed. I gradually found more time for exercise because it became more important for me. You shouldn't feel restrained or forced to diet or exercise! Do something that amuses you, something you look forward to doing again. I like gym because it's versatile and allows you to sculpt your body. I also like mirrors.

 You have every reason in the world to work out, just find a level that you like.



Hard to pinpoint everything that I'm feeling. Sad, furious, scared... in shock.

What is happening?

Can't express enough how sorry I feel for the dead and injured, the people in Paris and France and everyone who lost someone today, because of terrorism.

Dennis and I might not travel to Paris over christmas... it is a christian holiday and I don't know if we could enjoy our time there in fear of further attacks... this is how I feel right now...



Everyone's left and right sides of their faces are different... but mine are really different. I like both sides, they have their pros, but seriously!

Left - right - left.


Like that yes

Nails painted and ready for a new week; the last week with classes this semester. So... I'm skipping psychiatry tomorrow. Hah!! No offense, it is an interesting subject, but if you only knew how torturous the classes have been... on one hand we can't communicate with the patients well enough and are dependent of continuous translation for 1,5 hours, on the other hand I can't look at the doctor because of the weird faces he makes when he is listening to the patient. He looks like an alien is hatching inside of him and that it tickles... thus despite the boringness of the class I can't help myself from laughing when I see him. And this is really bad because the patient probably thinks that I'm laughing at him/her, so I have to suppress it, which is physically painful. Conclusively, psychiatry has been utter torture.

The weekend was great. Got quite drunk but stopped drinking at the right time. Wasn't able to convince my friends that it was a good idea though haha... well we all survided until today.


Red + true story

I only wear this lipstick when my skin is nice, and when I do... I like it a lot... this one is matte and the perfect cold red, a.k.a Rubywoo by MAC.

My mother has told me, several times (...) that bright lipsticks are evening-lipsticks and that wearing these in daylight looks cheap and tasteless. I've kind of understood what she's talking about and analyzed the appearance of a lot of girls wearing bright lips... and mostly, yes, I do agree and a light colour would have come off so much classier. But I still don't agree to 100% because a few girls can really pull it off... like Kenza, she really can.... aaanyways... I still used to wear a bright lipstick to the university occasionally...

Some semesters ago I had issues with lymphnodes on my neck and investigated that a bit. Some day realised that I had a few hours free and decided randomly to see the doctor again to discuss my blood tests. I happened to wear a bright orange/red lipstick that day (didn't on the first visit). He went through everything and said the tests were all negative... looked up, wrinkled his forehead, said we should also check for toxoplasma. And HIV. He said it like "HIIIV, HIIV", 3 - 5 times...

I was like... no... they uh, test us every year at the university... and haven't felt like wearing a bright lip during the day again...

Världens godaste sockerkaka! Äggfri duhh

OK, guys, you have to bake this shiet. "Sockerkaka" literally means sugar cake in Swedish... That's exactly why you have to bake it. And this one in particular because it's awesome. I put some fried apples in mine which I really recommend... trust... but you can skip of course or put something else that you like...

What you need:
- 50 g butter NOT margarine!
- 2,5 dl milk
- 4 dl wheat fluor
- 2,5 dl white sugar
- 2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
- 3 teaspoons baking powder
+ 1/2 teaspoon bourbon vanilla
+ 1/4 teaspoon kardamom

Optional filling: Peel 2 - 3 apples and cut into pieces. Fry in a pan with a little bit of butter for 5 - 10 minutes until soft-ish. Add a tablespoon of white sugar and some cinnamon while you fry.

How to:
Put the oven on 175 - 200 degrees Celsius. Mix all dry ingredients in your favourite bowl. Melt the butter and add it together with the milk. Mix and swirl until very smooth. You need a form, butter it and pour the mix into it. I added the apples after I put half of the mix inside my form. Bake for 30 - 40 minutes on the bottom of the oven. The sockerkaka is done when it has turned light brown! You may consult my photos. DO IT.


Still, did

Awkward pose much, hehe. Didn't feel like a back-session tonight but it was time for one. In retrospect I'm glad that I went! Tried to go running at first but stopped after 1,6 km with asthma... huu... the air was pretty bad with a lot of contruction going on around which probably caused it.

In case someone is curious, this is what a back session commonly looks like:
5 x 10 pull-ups (I can't always do 10)
5 x 12 seated low row
5 x 12 straight arm pulldown
5 x 12 face pull
5 x 12 posterior flyes

Also did 5 x 12 deep full ROM squats with just the bar (20 kg) followed by a superset of ab-exercises. It was well enough for today :)))

Of course I'm up studying for the forensics exam, wouldn't be sitting here for no reason haaa



Guess my costume... yees you are right. I made it myself duhh, from old stuff that I found at home. The gun holder is an old backpack, for instance. Borrowed the gun from Maytal but left in in the taxi outside the big party of course!! Haaa but this was the most fun I've had in a while. Thanks to everyone who made it special, foremost to Dennis who showed up!!! Best surprise ever.