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Nails painted and ready for a new week; the last week with classes this semester. So... I'm skipping psychiatry tomorrow. Hah!! No offense, it is an interesting subject, but if you only knew how torturous the classes have been... on one hand we can't communicate with the patients well enough and are dependent of continuous translation for 1,5 hours, on the other hand I can't look at the doctor because of the weird faces he makes when he is listening to the patient. He looks like an alien is hatching inside of him and that it tickles... thus despite the boringness of the class I can't help myself from laughing when I see him. And this is really bad because the patient probably thinks that I'm laughing at him/her, so I have to suppress it, which is physically painful. Conclusively, psychiatry has been utter torture.

The weekend was great. Got quite drunk but stopped drinking at the right time. Wasn't able to convince my friends that it was a good idea though haha... well we all survided until today.

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