Pics from today :) went on a walkabout around main building with an ice coffee, then jogged over to Dennis and watched him play football in the lovely weather. Jogged back home together. My runningshoes are so comfortable it's insane!?


Once more did I forget to wear mascara; I keep leaving it out when I'm doing my "party makeup". I mean, I understand how I do forget about it... because usually I put mascara in the morning so I'm probably sort of thinking that I'm still wearing it although I always wash my face clean before I do my makeup... but still!? Doesn't even help to actively think "not to forget the mascara".

Aaanyways! Me Maria and Marianna went to LOFT which was my first visit there and it was fun. Took a while before the place got into the right mood altogether but we had a great time and eventually others seemed to have it too. Felt goodlooking in my coral/orange dress. I love this dress but it's falling apart :( Threads are sticking out everywhere and it gets worse with every wash, unfortunately.

Met a super happy Bendy towards the end of the evening, so glad that I saw her too :D


Mon: -
Tue: Gym
Wed: Gym
Thu: 5 km run
Fri: Gym
Sat: 10+ km walk
Sun: 3 - 4 km walk

Mon: Gym
Tue: -
Wed: Gym
Thu: -
Fri: Gym
Sat: 2 x 1 km run
Sun: Gym?

These are my activites from the past two weeks that were specifically performed for exercise. Not bad huh! I'm super excited for the coming week because I'm going to join Eleni on a kickboxing session with a PT and also I'm planning to start jogging in the mornings before school. I ordered a long sleeve running top MAMA I need it and the price was 20€ with shipping!!


Best day evaah

We continued on the street past Cutler (gym) and kept going until we were I don't know where, turned right at some point... it was soo nice :D Caught some rays on the way you know. ALSO got super excited when I saw a huge snake swimming; googled it when I got home and it seams to have been a large "Dice snake" which apparently is like the most commonest snake in Europe. Haha but we don't have that version of "Snok" in Sweden okay!! This one was green and had dots and suff.

Finished the walk after three hours but extended a bit to McDonalds. Lady asked me if I want 6, 9 or 12 nuggets... I never ordered them before so I said 6. Then she said "if you order six you get another six for free!!" haha ???

Love my life.


Finished the day with histopathology and went straight to gym in jeansshorts and a sheer long sleeve. Stopped by Pepe for an ice coffee. Talked to mom in the way <3 Seriouslyyy right now I love studying here. Finished the day with Dennis and a movie. Perfect Friday :)

Thought microbiology had gone worse than it did (78%) and that clinical biochem would be significantly better (79%) , weird ha! Both were alright for the upcoming exam period, so I'm satisfied overall!

Right now I'm watching Basketball wives, gonna get "dressed" (more like undressed heheheh) in a minute and Dennis and are are going on a promenad :DDD


First run!

Crazed home from my last class today because I was in this mood that I immediately have to go jogging :D Last time was probably at home in Sweden, in like July or something!?

Thing is the more I study, the more do I realise that I HAVE TO do cardio. It's typical for me to only do cardio on the warmer part of the year, but I believe this must change.

Anyways I set the timer on my phone at 30 minutes, decided to run for that time as a start. I ran at the stadio nearby here so 400 meter laps... which added up to 5,2 km in 31 minutes. I'm satisfied with that. Was hoping to get a little tan in the gorgeous weather we had today but no, no white lines showed up below my clothes :P

Expecting soreness to dominate my being in the upcoming days.


Laughing disorder

Caught some laughing disorder.. can't stop laughing. Constantly close to laughter and giggling the past weeks. A very pleasant state to be in, and infectious too have I noticed.

In the middle of my sixth semester and I think that I'm constantly happy simply because I really like it here now. I remember first year; alienated, dissapointed in my social life and sooo much to study...

The workload - you get used to it. Yeah we still complain but hey what can I say, it works :P I appreciate my friends here bunches, have everything that I need, so I'm starting to feel like Debrecen is a part of me!? AND gaash I've realised that I could never live like I do here on my study loan if I studied back home in Sweden. Everything is so cheap here. Like spaghetti bolognese in school, 15 SEK. A glass of wine anywhere, 8 SEK.

And Dennis... gold. He has been by my side the whole time. Our relationship is so simple somehow. When someone says "relationships are haard" I feel like, no they're not!?

He has grown so much though, I can barely remember the old Dennis. Honestly I didn't expect much from him when we got here and moved in together, I was like hell, give it a try. It worked out so well that I think we're going to make babies one day. Well we'll see but.. :P ya know.



Carnival :D

We started around 19 at Tieger's last night and headed out to the "Brazilian carnival" about two hours later. Holy, I had a blast. Hyper all night :D At some point we went downtown to Bakelit and some pizza at Pomodoro. Eaarly did I go home.

When I was showering around 2AM I started having dreams, like going in to REM, finally I CRASHED into bed and (apparently) started snoring "like hell". I drank so much wine.. uggh!! yet this morning woke up feeling well rested and perfectly fine. This is terrible. But fyi, before I went to bed I had 450 ml of "natural" kefir and two glasses of water and like 5 - 7 strawberries. Try it next time you go to bed drunk!?

Somehow I took 107 photos last night, haha! Here are some :) I used pizza box, black paper, glue, nail polish and a flower stick to make my "mask" lol.



Andrew me and Sonia during hungarian class today ;P I've been chilling at home for almost an hour since I got back from the University, but going to force myself to the gym now. I'm stressed about microbiology... feels like I'm about to skip my 8AM class tomorrow and make it up on Friday. Great day in other, I laughed so much.



I think... that I don't change so much around different people. Of course I'm influenced too, but if there is a long-term balance I'm more likely to influence rather than being influenced.

I know one thing that I take on from people that I'm around though, language, way of speaking, mimic automatically... well anyways...

There's something that I really think about around others though, at least when it happens; how I do not want to be.

Like when someone starts being braggy or makes jokes "below the belt" on others behalf... or when someone is complaining too much... or blaming things on others... I'm like mah god, I hate that. I never want to be like that. I never want to appear like this person just did.

You know, someone starts bragging and you just want to smack a word in their face, "mm (fill in with your story)". I TRY TO RESIST because WHATEVER if that person thinks he/she has/is something out of the ordinary. I'd rather nod and "oh" and keep quiet. You know, good for you. If there is something special about me anyways, like so special that it's worth mentioning, others will notice eventually and mention this about me. If that fact/thing is relevant to anyone, at all.

I know I say the wrong things too... I present bad jokes and I probably appear braggy at times too... sometimes I'm like, hell, why did I phrase it like that!? But I try to think about it, and take lessons from others, and adjust; be less of a character that I do not want to be...


Sprrrringg the wrong direction

Pretty much failed this Saturday as for efficiency. Got dressed for gym this morning, then went grocery shopping, took money out for the rent, recycled some stuff... took more time than expected and then decided to go only after Ms Landlord had collected her profit. She was late. In the end, I wore my gym clothes the whole day but never went... Also only studied FOUR lectures today. Didn't even cook anything in particular. Hey, I suck.