First run!

Crazed home from my last class today because I was in this mood that I immediately have to go jogging :D Last time was probably at home in Sweden, in like July or something!?

Thing is the more I study, the more do I realise that I HAVE TO do cardio. It's typical for me to only do cardio on the warmer part of the year, but I believe this must change.

Anyways I set the timer on my phone at 30 minutes, decided to run for that time as a start. I ran at the stadio nearby here so 400 meter laps... which added up to 5,2 km in 31 minutes. I'm satisfied with that. Was hoping to get a little tan in the gorgeous weather we had today but no, no white lines showed up below my clothes :P

Expecting soreness to dominate my being in the upcoming days.

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