Bleö part two

Took a break from the studies and ran 5 km today with Vanessa. It was very hot outside!

The ear is so hard! To learn about... compared to other things I've studied in the past year. And I'm not alone to think so because we are 3/4 that have deregistered from our exam date on the day that I'm supposed to take the exam. Probably we are all thinking the same - let's wait for those who have their exam the day after to freak out... in just a few hours... and steal their spots. Moahahaha.



Took me two weeks to find these tights, in my size, without "JUST DO IT" typed allover the right leg... then another two weeks to recieve them... then another two minutes to cut away the washing instructions along with the seam, creating a hole on the middle of my butt! Despair much!? Sobbed my way to a seamstress who did an okay job... and yesterday I finally wore my beloved blue leg-a-see's made from cotton and recycled polyester. Story of my tights. Luuuv.

I got a job today as "hospital doctor" - starting from February 2017, haha. I now have 3/6 rotational practices planned for 6th year which feels very good.

Past week in exercise:
Thursday: gym (shoulders, legs quad-dominant)
Saturday: nothing
Sunday: thaiboxing
Monday: thaiboxing
Tuesday: gym (back)
Wednesday: gym (triceps, hamstrings, abs)
Thursday: nothing



Why is everyone saying that they don't care when they change their hair? I care a lot! Close up - my short hair and a silver crawler that I got a while ago. I thought it was a leaf at first... then I thought... would be nice to have a feather... So I searched for one online, only to find the sale site (link) of my own earring - turns out, it is already a feather! Me like. I'm wearing two micro studs on my other ear.


Pool days

The pool (one and only) (because it's the only one in Debrecen) has finally opened! Spent a significant amount of time there this weekend with Anastasia. Good times.

I was the only one to show up at thaiboxing tonight, so I basically had a private class. Came home with a bleeding toe and two hematomas. How awesome!


Minus a lot

I had two exams this week so unfortunately I don't have better before - and after pics, but I love the cut, and what a nice hairdresser! He really cared for exactly what I wanted and cut it just like I asked him. I don't know the name of his studio but it's at Jenö u. 17, if someone wants his number just let me know.

Both exams went great, I got a 5 in both hematology and forensic medicine and it feels so good. Now I have just one exam left in about two weeks, and then I'm done with my last semester of studies here.

Spoiling myself these past days... Sitting here chilling with a beer and checking my online orders just enjoyiiing being free of duty haha. But I also dropped 600 grams of raw chicken on the kitchen floor today and had to break into my mailbox, which a neighbor had locked for me, somehow... I don't even have a key to it myself... ANYWAYS. None of it matters. Could life get any better? Hardly.


Bye hair

That's it, I'm having my hair cut short tomorrow. Short meaning minus approximately 20 cm. I've come to a stage where I'd rather miss my long hair than have it.

Sure, my hair is long and long hair is nice, but it is actually a mess. I can't wait to get rid of my damaged layers in front that just never seem to grow out like the rest of my hair. I feel like my hair could be so much nicer, full bouncy and shiny. It has been in my face constantly for what, 8 years? Give me a short cut and two years to grow it out again, I'm ready.

RIP my beloved ponytail that I will miss the most.



I had Eurovision playing in the background while I was studying last night, luckily I didn't miss the interval act performance they had while the votes were coming in. HAHA it's so funny. I think Russia should have won but this performance was the best. And the twerking just kills me.



I've gained almost 1 kg the past months which I think I can attribute to my comeback to thaiboxing. Calves, legs in general and some more additions here and there. One kilo sounds like nothing haha but it makes a huge difference on my body! I haven't been 59 kg's since that period in high school I had where I was getting chubby from alcohol. Yes it happened to me too hehe.

A huge relief this week was my exemption from the neurology final exam, by means of the competition. I got a 4 and I'm very pleased to accept it. My next upcoming exam is hematology which isn't bad to study for at all. Hematology is interesting and immuno-like and I'm quite fond of it.

Fun fact: I bought these shorts (below) in high school and wore them to PE class, and that's how I first caught Dennis attention, apparently, when I walked across the school yard. Haha!

Past week in exercise:
Saturday: Gym (back, hamstrings)
Sunday: Gym (quadriceps, abs)
Monday: 6 km running
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: Muay thai
Thursday: Gym (triceps, chest, deadlifts)
Friday: Gym (biceps, butt, abs)
Saturday: REST


Graduation dinner

So we had our graduation dinner last night, yay. It was a bit chaotic but the venue was lovely and I enjoyed the food and my company and the entertainment was nice. We recieved small books with messages from our friends - I didn't manage to write in everyone's books, aah! I appreciate every single one of you and wish you all the best!!

Went to a house party after, to (everyone's) suprise Dennis came with me! I knoow this means he's been out twice this year already!

My dress is from ASOS, I've been ready with it for over a month haha. I really loved wearing it.


Bbb uuu d

Quick update. Had a crazy fun weekend in Budapest with Vanessa. Got a new lipliner, the perfect MLBB... lost it at the club... had a one hour balinese massage the day after. Done. Now we're all preparing for the neurology exam next Tuesday and getting ready for the graduation dinner coming up this weekend. My dress is in the colour "mink" meaning nude, so I would like to upgrade my tan tomorrow, thus I'm going to study at the pool... haha :)

Today I studied at the library for the first time this semester, truly. Then had a quick foodie with Maria and Anastasia before I went to the boxing. As for now I'm waiting for a dough to rise, perhaps I'm making my first homemade pita bread tonight... but let's just keep it at perhaps.