Graduation dinner

So we had our graduation dinner last night, yay. It was a bit chaotic but the venue was lovely and I enjoyed the food and my company and the entertainment was nice. We recieved small books with messages from our friends - I didn't manage to write in everyone's books, aah! I appreciate every single one of you and wish you all the best!!

Went to a house party after, to (everyone's) suprise Dennis came with me! I knoow this means he's been out twice this year already!

My dress is from ASOS, I've been ready with it for over a month haha. I really loved wearing it.

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  1. Heyyy! :) I was wondering whether you knew anything about Stipendum Hungaricum that would let you study medicine in Debrecen, or anyone that you know who did. I just wanted to know the standards of the tests/ entrance exams that you're required to take.
    Thanks xx :D


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