I've gained almost 1 kg the past months which I think I can attribute to my comeback to thaiboxing. Calves, legs in general and some more additions here and there. One kilo sounds like nothing haha but it makes a huge difference on my body! I haven't been 59 kg's since that period in high school I had where I was getting chubby from alcohol. Yes it happened to me too hehe.

A huge relief this week was my exemption from the neurology final exam, by means of the competition. I got a 4 and I'm very pleased to accept it. My next upcoming exam is hematology which isn't bad to study for at all. Hematology is interesting and immuno-like and I'm quite fond of it.

Fun fact: I bought these shorts (below) in high school and wore them to PE class, and that's how I first caught Dennis attention, apparently, when I walked across the school yard. Haha!

Past week in exercise:
Saturday: Gym (back, hamstrings)
Sunday: Gym (quadriceps, abs)
Monday: 6 km running
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: Muay thai
Thursday: Gym (triceps, chest, deadlifts)
Friday: Gym (biceps, butt, abs)
Saturday: REST

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