This morning I was like oh the air is so nice outside then it started raining just a little and I was like this aint gonna bring me down but then it really started raining and I found out that I carried no umbrella in my bag... and I'm thinking that this is what you get instead of snow in Hungary. Can anyone not prefer a little pretty squeaky white snow over this... dreary gloomy WET rain!? Not me! Missing Sweden!!

Happy (names?)day :D

So it was a surprise birthday get-together for Emilie :D her bestie arranged it. We were a bunch of happy kids hahah. Here are a few photos from my camera.

Emilie and I <3

Bendy and I = tequila shots every time hahah as you see we like it a lot

I finally wore these cutiepies!! From Zara lovelovelove


Scared and motivated

Apparently my anatomy group has abnormally high grades or something like that. For this reason the head of the department is planning to be one of our examinors in the next mid term exam (abdomen and pelvis)... our teacher told us that this was discussed during a meetning.

The thing about the head of the department is that he is the head of the department. Now, I don't like to phrase it like this, but this guy has the power. And it is a power that he does not mind using.

I know a few cases where a student passed his examination...
But this professor, if any, is known to come and cut down a forest full of trees as if it was made of toothpicks or cotton swabs. His examinations are like areyouagoodmedicalstudentareyousureIdontthinkso...... I've been there.

But what can we do... we can only try to prepare. He is always somewhere... every time there is an anatomy exam at least 10/300 students have him as an examinor. We poor students can only hope that he will go to another room than ours. But for me the probability of having him as an examinor is now 33% or more... because my subgroup has very, very good results so far...

Aaanyways BE SURPRISED - I am now going to the gym. Is there anything else that I share as often? I just love going to the gym!! Lately I'm noticing a great deal of progress too. Theeen I'm going to study until 21.00 before I attend some secret... secret... hmm I shouldn't risk revealing it to her ;D


Bad news your fridge sincerely

You know this feeling... you're having an exhausting day at school and it never ends and you just can't wait to get home and have a glass of milk...

Finally I'm home from school. But I'm out of milk. Life is hard.


Can't get enough...

... of the spring rolls that we cooked this weekend. It sure was a two man job! So gooood and now it's all gone...

Today we went to forum for a few hours. Dennis finally found his football shoes and I bought a cardigan. Should I post photos of what I buy here or is that annoying? I mean I would personally be interested in reading about shopping buuuut almost all of you guys are pretty anonymous so I don't know who you are or why you are here... I just know that you keep coming back... heheheh 



All my troubles seemed so far awayy. Started out with some studying at the library followed by baking of egg-free muffins at home. The cleaning lady was here... thank god. In the evening I joined to watch a local hockey game with the Norwegian girls; total outperformance... 12 - 1 to Debrecen, two fights and an ambulance. A nice change for my Friday evenings hahah. Afterwards we went to Bakelit, a music café/bar. I like it! I had a lot of fun. My camera was on charge so forgot it at home hehe... I wore the top that I made some time ago. It's so simple but I really like how it's chill and a little dressed up at the same time with the false necklace lining :D


Take THAT neighbor!

Shortly after Dennis and I moved to this appartment it came to our knowledge that our neighbors had complaints about how we lock the door to the common storage room. That door has two locks and someone made the observation that Dennis and I were guilty of locking only one of the two locks. This was correct. There's not much of a point to lock both locks during daytime as people frequently have business to do in that storage room... But very well, we submitted to the request from that day despite the ritual being a waste of time (five seconds) and an unnecessary evil.

Nowadays I suffer greatly when I come to unlock that door... because someone in the house is only locking ONE out of the two locks. Damn you neighbor! You make me waste five seconds of my life in the early morings. For this reason I gladly lock BOTH locks when I leave. So that when that neighbor returns to the door, he/she will try to open the door after unlocking only one lock, but nooo dear neighbor you are pulling a  locked door and it is making a horrible squeaky noise which stings your caput like a dry wooden stick on the inside of your temoral bone. Take THAT huh! Well you shouldn't mess with ME.


Very strange ginger ale

I bought a small bottle of ginger ale today. When I got home I put it in the freezer to cool it down but I happened to forget it there... so now I was like shii I forgot it in the freezer. I took it out. To my surprise it wasn't frozen and I thought oh well I guess ginger ale has a lower freezing pont but THEN it started to freeze, in my hands, from top to bottom. It took maybe 15 seconds and it was all frozen. Very cool but I can't explain it? I can imagine it fell asleep in the freezer and remembered only when I was about to drink it that it was supposed to be frozen after three hours in a freezer.


8°C outside but 22 on the balcony. A nice place to chill out at in between my visits at the University. Vitamin D on the spot! I'm so white by now I can barely imagine how I'm going to become any whiter this winter. But it's gonna happen :P Like my nails?


Life or battlefield ?

I could not keep it up for one more day. I failed the histology exam this morning. But even with luck I don't think I deserved to pass the test. A serious med. student should study histology with interest and true effort and I have not been able to do this these last weeks in order to keep up with everything else.

Cosequence? I have to take an exam on this material before I am entitled to take the final exam in anatomy. Both exams are taken in the same day and you will have three chances altogether. No probleeem.

Baat no need to put myself through extra hell just because of today's defeat. I have to relax a little. Just got home from the cinema! Saw Breaking Dawn part 2 with Bendy Diana and Viola. The movie was okay I guess but Bendy and her volcano popcorn was far more enternatining. I wanted to go for drinks afterwards but no one would go with meee



I don't usually get above 90% in written exams, but I did for lipid metabolism in biochemistry! Dennis is not at home and I can't figure from the codes if he got the same result as me or 100%. Hahah come home NOW!!
Uptade: oh sorry kids the total score was higher than I thought, so I got 86% heheh... maybe next time... And Dennis had 95% ^^

What excites receptors excites

There's something in these Magnun icecreams that make me stare, at the icecream and beyond it, even though I can't see through the ice cream. We know icecream is not that transparent. I'm saying, there's something in these Magnum icecreams. I'm saying Magnum double chocolate and Magnum infinity make me go awowa. It is not a metaphor, it's an observation, I made it just now.

(Taking a break from szövettan a.k.a. histology).



Going to the gym... going to the gym... I should study but I'm going to the gym :D

New colour

I went on a small shopping spree after school this Friday and one thing I captured was this nail polish. I've craved for a colour like this for a while... gray/mauve captured on photo but it's definitely taupe, a lighter cappuccino. Yeah any guy reading this is probably shaking his head... or actually he already stopped reading... anyways I'm fond of the colour. But I know that two years ago it was probably the ugliest colour I could think of. That's what fashion and trends do to your head :S

I put a colour overlay on this last photo which is very close to the real colour. everybodycaresomuch :D


Parallel conversations are funny

Dollal, D, M and me, walking home from school:

D: We have to study this and this....
Dollal: Yeah... shit...
D: ... and we need to put away some time to write that essay.
Dollal: Oh man I almost forgot about that one...

M: Hey Dollal wait we need to buy toothpaste.
M: !!?! ... it's toothpaste!?



I'm completely exhausted. I don't even know if I have enough energy to go to the gym. I really really want to but I don't feel too good you know!? I think I slept for less than 10 hours in three days, the feeling... it's like I'm hungover... except I all I did was to study... uääk.

I'm able to gladly report that I got a 10/10 on my anatomy exam today.

Ohhh I don't know if I should go to the gym...
Update 19:16: I went. Yeahh :D that was nice
Update#2: yes I changed one of the photos here... I just looked too tired on the other photo, haha.

I took a new route home by accident. Usually I only come half way on this street before I walk through a gate and trespass until I reach my own street. Well I had the pleasure to walk even further at this photographed occasion as that old gate got exchanged for another with bars and barbed wire. Was that really necessary? ... so maybe they didn't like me heheeh



... but I still have a lot to learn before the anatomy exam on Thursday so there's not much time for chillin. We got the results back from the physiology today and I got 82% so at least I'm alright with that =)


How to: scallop top! DIY

Sad and excited about this! My favourite gym t-shirt in neon orange... I had the chance to wear it only twice before some crazy black stain of unknown origin attacked it. I tried the everythiiin in my power to get it off but in the end the stain remained and a significant amount of colour was lost around it. If this ever happens to one of your favourite t-shirts, do not throw it out! Chop it! Or if you have a top that you never wear, or if you just feel like creating something super cute then chop!!

You can make this:

From this!

You need:

The top, the first thing you must do is to immediately turn it inside out! Rulers. A fabric pen or something like that, I don't have one so I used a cheap white eyeliner from H&M. You also need a couple of fine scissors but I forgot to include these in the photo heheh.

Step 1:
Decide how short you want your top to be, at this level you will draw a line across the top. To make the line perfect (you want to do this!) - measure the distance from the bottom of the top and plot dots at this level across the top, then intersect the dots.

Step 2:
Figure out how many scallop "steps" you want in the front and back. My conclusion was 14 (2x7). Measure the distance across the top at the line that you created. Divide this distance by the number of scallops you prefer, this value is the lenght of one scallop - where it starts/ends. Eg. my t-shirt was 45,5 cm across, I wanted 7 scallops so I made a mark at every 6,5 cm (45,5/7).

Be precise with the marking! You need to be able to fully trust your marks once you start to cut the fabric or you will be tempted to adjust the cutting while you are cutting and the result will likely turn out asymmetrical and not nice!!

Step 3:
We want demilunes or half circles to make the scallop, right, so from every mark that you made you will now create a half circle. If you find a round object which is in good size with your scallops you should use this as a guide to create uniform scallops. It will turn out sooo nice! I used a candle.

Step 4:
Cut! I recommend fine scissors to get a nice edge. I used manicure scissors. Cut slowly; depending on the fabric of your top it might be hard to make a perfect cut, we don't want mistakes and extra job. I have a lot of lines on my t-shirt because I changed my mind a bit half way through heheh.

Aaand you're DONE! So cute! I wanted a scallop top for so long now . If you want to you can also scallop the sleeves or make a t-shirt into a tank top, I decided not to for now because I want to keep the length of the sleeves =) Enjoy your unique cute tops!!


Intresseklubben antecknar

Something is dancing... in my mouth... oh it's the food that I made ababwawaa

Just now I also produced probably the world's "cutest" home made cappuccino. I made an attempt to transport it to my study area but obviously the mushroom started to flood and I drank half of what was left with my body curved at a right angle yeahh some of us have style



I was just about to watch the new episode of Grey's Anatomy when there's "suddenly" no new episode. Google aids me to find out that the next air date is November 8. Whaaaat I hate when they do that... this means I will spend the next hour studying too...

Want to know what else is annoying? I can't open the sunny window and let my skin absorb some rays... because for some reason there's a swarm of bugs outside the window. They look like lady bugs but they are NOT! A month back I opened the sunny window and what happened was that within 10 seconds this big (fake!) lady bug entered the house. I opened another window to try to let it out but then BAM  five more huge pretend lady bugs came into the living room. I looked outside and there was an infinite number of them swarming around eewwww!

Since then they have decreased in numbers but as soon as there's a sunny day outside they like to fly outside my windows and prevent me from having some fresh air and sunlight on my skin =(