Take THAT neighbor!

Shortly after Dennis and I moved to this appartment it came to our knowledge that our neighbors had complaints about how we lock the door to the common storage room. That door has two locks and someone made the observation that Dennis and I were guilty of locking only one of the two locks. This was correct. There's not much of a point to lock both locks during daytime as people frequently have business to do in that storage room... But very well, we submitted to the request from that day despite the ritual being a waste of time (five seconds) and an unnecessary evil.

Nowadays I suffer greatly when I come to unlock that door... because someone in the house is only locking ONE out of the two locks. Damn you neighbor! You make me waste five seconds of my life in the early morings. For this reason I gladly lock BOTH locks when I leave. So that when that neighbor returns to the door, he/she will try to open the door after unlocking only one lock, but nooo dear neighbor you are pulling a  locked door and it is making a horrible squeaky noise which stings your caput like a dry wooden stick on the inside of your temoral bone. Take THAT huh! Well you shouldn't mess with ME.

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