How to: scallop top! DIY

Sad and excited about this! My favourite gym t-shirt in neon orange... I had the chance to wear it only twice before some crazy black stain of unknown origin attacked it. I tried the everythiiin in my power to get it off but in the end the stain remained and a significant amount of colour was lost around it. If this ever happens to one of your favourite t-shirts, do not throw it out! Chop it! Or if you have a top that you never wear, or if you just feel like creating something super cute then chop!!

You can make this:

From this!

You need:

The top, the first thing you must do is to immediately turn it inside out! Rulers. A fabric pen or something like that, I don't have one so I used a cheap white eyeliner from H&M. You also need a couple of fine scissors but I forgot to include these in the photo heheh.

Step 1:
Decide how short you want your top to be, at this level you will draw a line across the top. To make the line perfect (you want to do this!) - measure the distance from the bottom of the top and plot dots at this level across the top, then intersect the dots.

Step 2:
Figure out how many scallop "steps" you want in the front and back. My conclusion was 14 (2x7). Measure the distance across the top at the line that you created. Divide this distance by the number of scallops you prefer, this value is the lenght of one scallop - where it starts/ends. Eg. my t-shirt was 45,5 cm across, I wanted 7 scallops so I made a mark at every 6,5 cm (45,5/7).

Be precise with the marking! You need to be able to fully trust your marks once you start to cut the fabric or you will be tempted to adjust the cutting while you are cutting and the result will likely turn out asymmetrical and not nice!!

Step 3:
We want demilunes or half circles to make the scallop, right, so from every mark that you made you will now create a half circle. If you find a round object which is in good size with your scallops you should use this as a guide to create uniform scallops. It will turn out sooo nice! I used a candle.

Step 4:
Cut! I recommend fine scissors to get a nice edge. I used manicure scissors. Cut slowly; depending on the fabric of your top it might be hard to make a perfect cut, we don't want mistakes and extra job. I have a lot of lines on my t-shirt because I changed my mind a bit half way through heheh.

Aaand you're DONE! So cute! I wanted a scallop top for so long now . If you want to you can also scallop the sleeves or make a t-shirt into a tank top, I decided not to for now because I want to keep the length of the sleeves =) Enjoy your unique cute tops!!

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