So I think I'm going to do one of these thingies. Because I (being a spy) would appreciate it as a reader... and I'm aware of that I'm not feeding you (anonymous readers) well on this blog, so I'm making it now like so:

I will install in five posts, five things that:

- (random) you probably didn't know about me
- Increases and decreases my interest in a male
- (random) I love so much!
- I do not understand
- Annoy me but that I would not utter...

Five is an alright number I think!


Back in nature!

Now I'm at the countryside! My dad went grocery shopping and dropped me and my mom off on the way, eight kilometers from home.


Grattis Camilla och Dennis till studenten! We celerbrated two of my friend's graduation followed by some travel by foot across town to some various destinations... like some appartment full of computer screens and a 40+ age kareoke bar. lol fun!!



So, there's only one true story to what has happened since my last post here - is that I finished the semester on 29:th of May and saw my rainy mainland already at noon on 1:st of June.

I'm now temporarily nearsighted and completely at ease. Ten minutes ago I finished a novel picturing the early raids of Djingis Khan and at this late hour I can't help but to feel a slight amusement of being his ascendant (as my relatives in Russia sometimes like to claim [based on tracking of "our" family name]). It's more a play of thought than something that I actually believe. Also as ascendant I would merely be one out of thousands according to the found spread of his Y-chromosome across Asia.

Bla-bla-ANYHOW I crossed the finish line with a grade average of 4. It is not higher than such as I didn't improve my grade 2 (pass) in cell biology that I earned from exemption, also I settled with an average of 87% (grade 4) in molecular biology. In Anatomy I earned a solid 4. As for the rest (less significant) courses I had 5'ves. My darlingo came home with me and he had a grade 5 in everything. (I know!)!

I have a lot of fun things that I'd like to share with you that happened since I got home but I just have to go to sleep now, tomorrow morning me and Dennis are donating blood.