So, there's only one true story to what has happened since my last post here - is that I finished the semester on 29:th of May and saw my rainy mainland already at noon on 1:st of June.

I'm now temporarily nearsighted and completely at ease. Ten minutes ago I finished a novel picturing the early raids of Djingis Khan and at this late hour I can't help but to feel a slight amusement of being his ascendant (as my relatives in Russia sometimes like to claim [based on tracking of "our" family name]). It's more a play of thought than something that I actually believe. Also as ascendant I would merely be one out of thousands according to the found spread of his Y-chromosome across Asia.

Bla-bla-ANYHOW I crossed the finish line with a grade average of 4. It is not higher than such as I didn't improve my grade 2 (pass) in cell biology that I earned from exemption, also I settled with an average of 87% (grade 4) in molecular biology. In Anatomy I earned a solid 4. As for the rest (less significant) courses I had 5'ves. My darlingo came home with me and he had a grade 5 in everything. (I know!)!

I have a lot of fun things that I'd like to share with you that happened since I got home but I just have to go to sleep now, tomorrow morning me and Dennis are donating blood.

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