I've been feeling a bit lonely today. Nothing special really, just a few small things. Things like I didn't see this and that friend in school, I had a really short day, alone at home, missing home.

My boyfriend and I are not in the same class and after school he played soccer and now he's back in school, studying, so that he will not procrastinate by the computer at home, kind of like this... but I'm doing my presentation by the computer anyways so it would not matter to me...

Yes, I truly miss Sweden right now. Family, friends, my familys' summer cottage. I found some, also lonely, pictures from this summer.

I see ice

After a week of silent cursing over excessicve intake of ice tea and a possible caries infection, I have now come to the conclusion that they are coming; referring to my visdom teeth as they.

As if penetrating with the aid of a scalpell they perfectly slice my gum open. Looks like alien businees. So fun to follow.

At the moment I'm having ice coffee by the sunny window. Up next is preparation of a Power Point slide for Biophysics class on Friday.

I'm going to become an expert in Laser Surgery.


Too bored

Hungarian insects are intelligent

This is something I truly appreciate with Hungary; if an insect gets in through the window - it goes out again, through that window. Sometimes you don't even have to direct it.

So smart!

Evolution of insects is lagging behind in Sweden where natural selection still whips the flycatcher around.


Such a nice day!!


Chinese from now on

I picked up my lecture card today, students need it to be allowed to sit exams.

By the registration desk they ask me to take a seat. I do, and they take an immediate photo. Obviously I'm doing all kinds of non-photo gestures, so a new photo is taken and they print my card.

I'm thinking like wow, service was so fast. Then I grab my card. I ask why they chose a photo where I'm closing my eyes.

- Yes, but the first one was wronger.

Nose stuffed with napkins!

Fourth time in two weeks, I went swimming yesterday. Do you know how good it is for the head, going swimming for a while? I'm also gymming now and then. It has been ten weeks since my knee surgery so I'm also officially allowed to start jogging.

The other day I was actively thinking about how great it feels to be well, healthy and fit. A conspiracy - I have been struck by a cold.

Also today I think that my white shorts got stained by every possible thing. Food dye (lab), food (lunch), coffee (mumbo jumbo walked into my cup), blood, snot. Waaah doomsday of white shorts.


As a big proportion of my readers seems to request an explaination of what a teasing comb is - I have decided upon enlightment.

The purpose of a typical teasing comb is to "repeatedly comb the hair towards the scalp, causing the hair to tangle and knot up" (quote). This should generate an illusion of volume in the hair, which I often strive towards achieving.

This is my comb's current appearance, it is not feeling well:


Süt a nap!

This week has been summer all over; today for instance we reached 30 degrees Celcius by noon.

I'm finished in school for the day. At least I have nothing until medical phsychology at 20.00. This means that meanwhile I'll devote my self to the following:

- Tanning at our balcony.
- Take a nap.
- Study biophysics...

I don't usually take "the nap" but today I carry extra fatigue. Can you believe my teasing comb broke into five pieces in one snap this morning? I've been using that comb almost every day since I bought it in Spain this summer...


Principles allover

Biophysics occupies all my study time. Ugh! I have an interest for it but I'm also getting increasingly annoyed as different sources explain the same concept in (this is how it feels at the moment) entirelly different manners. I never studied physics before...

I'm also disturbed by the mail that I recieve to this adress. Firstly, it consists of 85% shit commercial stuff. 5% is letters to me and/or my room mate. 10% is letters to someone else. Like today I collected a kepeslap:ed postcard to Nguyen Thanh. How relevant is that!!

And it stings my existence, that no one recycles around here. Like all this shit commercial stuff - no one keeps it, it goes straight down the trash can, of which the content is carelessly emptied at some garbage mountain around a suburb area, where it stays until human life decays. There's no system and obviously no one cares enough to do anything...



I still haven't got my own computer here. Well, I do have one, but we simply can't fix it with the internet. It bothers me a lot and I think it bothers my room mate too, since what I do not have I must borrow. Hehe.

Turning engines up

Sooo med. school has started! So far we've had biostatistics, biophysics, medical chemistry and latin... It's all quite fun. Like most of the students I got a 5 in basic Hungarian. Here we're given grades on a scale between 1 - 5; "passing the course" is a 2 and requires around 60-70%. A 5 is usually 85-90%.

Last weekend we went out clubbing at some average place, it was fun though, as a starter we had a wii-moment at Patricks'!


Come together right no-o-ow

114 words in Hungarian that I cannot translate direclty, now that I count them...